Episode 101.

          Allison suffers rejection.  
WA:       David Schuster's move to Peyton Place was a gamble.  In 
          both  his career and his family life.  So far, he has 
          neither won nor lost.   
Intro:    City scenes.

Written by Michael Gleason and Peggy Shaw
Directed by Ted Post

Scene 1:  David Schuster comes home to the mansion and calls out for 
          his wife.  He greets her as she comes down the stairs.  
          They kiss.  She asks David if he had a rough day.  He asks 
          about Kim.  Doris says it is going well.  She asks again 
          about his day.  He says thathe talked with Allison on the 
          square.  He asks Doris her  reasons for telling Allison 
          that she can't visit Kim anymore.  They commence to argue.  

Scene 2:  Allison is in her upstairs bedroom as Elliot knocks and 
          comes in to chat.  He assures her that she can talk with 
          him anytime.  Allison talks with Elliot about the job she 
          lost with the Schusters.  She tells him that she had felt 
          that the Schusters were pleased with her work.  Elliot 
          beats around the bush but is trying to tell her that it 
          seems to him that David Schuster is attracted to her.  He 
          talks about seeing Schuster talk with her on the square.  

Scene 3:  Kenneth Markham enters the Colonial Post Inn and goes to 
          the  desk to register.  The desk clerk assumes that he is 
          his brother Dr. Vincent Markham.  When he is informed who 
          the guest really is he becomes flustered at dealing with 
          such an industrial tycoon.  Markham orders a suite of [two] 
          rooms and a room for Mr. Harry Fletcher, his executive 
          assistant, who will arrive the next day with his additional 
          luggage.  He requests two extra phones.  The clerk warns 
          Kenneth that the rooms cost $25 per day.  He is assigned 
          rooms 108 and 109 and is told that the two extra phones 
          will be installed in the morning.  Kenneth is told that 
          Vincent is in room 206.  Vincent walks up and the brothers 
          talk.  Kenneth asks why he hadn't been told that his 
          brother Vincent was married.  

Scene 4:  In the living quarters, back of the tavern, Rita talks with  
          her mother.  Ada asks about her day and Rita, rather 
          uncharacteristically, is sarcastic with her answer.  The 
          phone  rings and Rita jumps.  Ada tries to get Rita to tell 
          her what  is making her edgy.  Rita doesn't communicate.  

Scene 5:  It is 5:00 a.m. in the Harrington brothers apartment over 
          the  Pharmacy as the phone rings four times.  Rodney 
          finally stirs  and answers.  It is Leslie Harrington 
          calling from Switzerland.  He tells his father that he will 
          not be able to come to Europe and they had planned.  Rodney 
          says that he has gotten a job at the mill.  Leslie wishes 
          him good luck on the job, says goodbye, and hangs up.  

Scene 6:  Rodney Harrington is in Schuster's outer office as the mill  
          whistle sounds.  He is there to fill out employment papers 
          for  Julie, at his first day on the job as a loading dock 
          worker.  Julie is apparently the human resources 
          department.  Theodore  Dowell comes in to see Schuster and 
          chats with Rodney for a  moment.  Dowell tells Rodney that 
          he is foolish for taking a  loading dock job when he could 
          have done better office job.  

Scene 7:  Dowell and Steven Cord go in to talk with Schuster to warn 
          him  of the consequences of automating the mill and 
          throwing the  town's worker population out of a job.  
          Steven offers to take  Schuster's report to Peyton because 
          he is going to Boston and  can deliver it personally.  
          Schuster says that he is going to  deliver it personally.  
          Dowell and Cord leave and a troubled  David Schuster sits 
          at his desk.  

Scene 8.  Steven Cord is in his room at the Colonial Post Inn and 
          places  a station-to-station phone call to Boston, AMber 
          2-4470.  Hannah Cord answers the white phone and they 
          inquire of each  others' health.  Steven inquires of Martin 
          Peyton's health.  They have a strange conversation and 
          Hannah tells him that he  has to make his own decisions.  
          Hannah asks Steven why he  called.  She mentions that it 
          isn't her birthday.  Hannah ends  the call with "Goodbye, 

Scene 9.  Matthew Swain is typing with two fingers [a lá Paul 
          Harvey] as Elliot Carson comes in the Clarion office.  
          Matthew begins the conversation with the question, "Have 
          you ever tried to justify the fire department, to three 
          angry families whose homes have been burned to the ground?"   
          Referring to Elliot's letter to the editor, Matthew goes on 
          to  say, "This is pretty strong stuff.  You're harsh.  You 
          are  attacking Schuster for firing 15 men from the 
          factory."  Matthew reads a portion of the letter: 

               If the town is to survive Mr. Schuster's reign of  
               power, Mr. Schuster must be pried loose from the  
               safety of his paperwork castle and be made to reckon  
               with the faces and feelings of the people whose  
               lives he controls.  In the best tradition of New  
               England self government and self preservation, I  
               urge that a town meeting be held to hear the  
               grievances against Mr. Schuster and permit Mr. 
               Schuster to defend his recent actions and explain 
               his future plans.  
          Matthew comments, "As an editor, I would say there are too 
          many  Mr. Schuster's."  He goes on to tell Elliot that 
          this could spell trouble.  He refers to defamation or libel.
          Matthew tells Elliot he has received an offer from the 
          [newspaper] syndicate, and that he is going to take an 
          extended vacation.  Elliot says that Matthew deserves a 
          vacation.  Matthew offers to let Elliot run the newspaper 
          while he is gone.  He refers to the fact that Elliot ran 
          the prison newspaper and that this would be different.  
          Elliot says he will think it over carefully and give him an 
          answer the next day.    
Preiew:   Vincent talks with Kenneth.  David Schuster talks with 
          Steven  Cord.  Constance talks with Rita.  
          VM:  Thank you for the gesture.
          KM:  What's the matter?
          VM:  I'll tell you what's the matter.  If I sign that  
               agreement, I'll be working for the Kenneth Markham  

          DS:  What do you hope to get out of backing me?
          SC:  A good scrap, maybe.  In a town like Peyton Place they  
               can be few and far between. 

          CM:  If there has been trouble with Joe Chernak. 
          RJ:  Who said that?
          CM:  I don't mean to interfere, but I do think I can help 
          RJ:  Mrs. Carson, you can't help me.

Hannah Cord, Martin Peyton's housekeeper-Ruth Warrick.
Vincent Markham-Leslie Nielsen.
Kenneth Markham-Leslie Nielsen.
David Schuster-William Smithers.
Harry Fletcher, assistant to Kenneth Markham.
Mr. Ferguson on Dr. Vincent Markham's phone but for Kenneth Markham.