Episode 102.
          Vincent turns down Kenneth's offer to sponsor him in Peru. 

WA:       Peyton Place has two important visitors, brothers.  
          Industrialist Kenneth Markham and Dr. Vincent Markham.  
          Long estranged, they are now both staying at the Inn. 

Intro:    Flagpole in the square, at the west end, near the fire 

Written by Rita Lakin and Lee Erwin
Directed by John Newland

Scene 1:  Kenneth Markham is talking to the desk clerk asking what 
          other methods of transportation are available as his 
          assistant, Mr. Harry Fletcher has not yet made an 
          appearance.  Mr. Fletcher finally arrives and gives Kenneth 
          some papers.  Kenneth has brought the agreement on the 
          foundation.  The desk clerk brings a telegram and hands it 
          to Fletcher.  It is for Dr. Vincent Markham.  Kenneth says 
          he will take the telegram to his brother. 

Scene 2:  In Doctors Hospital, Kenneth knocks and is invited in.  
          Vincent is in bed resting.  Kenneth gives Vincent the 
          telegram.  The Merriman Corporation has agreed to finance 
          his operation in Peru.  Kenneth offers an even better deal 
          to Vincent.  Vincent is suspicious.  The offer is $110,000 
          a year.  Vincent turns him down.  He doesn't want to work 
          for the Kenneth Markham foundation.  He says he doesn't 
          need Kenneth. 

Scene 3.  At the mansion, Doris is trying to teach Kim.  Kim has a 
          small blackboard.  [Not a modern greenboard.]  Doris goes 
          in the other room for a moment.  Kim adds four two digit 

          Doris returns with a surprise.  It is a tea set for Kim.  
          They set up the tea set.  The phone rings.  Mrs. Theodore 
          Dowell has called to confirm the dinner invitation for 
          Saturday.  Kim pours a cup of tea for her mother. 
          David Shuster comes in the front door and invites himself 
          to join them.  Kim serves him tea.  Doris gets ready to 
          prepare dinner so she tells Kim to put the things away.  
          David also tells Kim to put the things away.  Doris tells 
          David that Mrs. Dowell called to accept their invitation.  
          She says that she hasn't found a dinner partner for Steven 
          Cord.  David tells Doris that Dowell is not a Peyton man.  
          He isn't sure who he is and when he should jump.  David 
          says he doesn't want Dowell on the other team, but as an 
          ally he will bear watching. 
Scene 4.  Steven is in the outer office of the mill as Julie comes 
          out of David Schuster's inner office.  She tells Steven 
          that he can wait in David's office.  Schuster comes in and 
          is told by Julie that Steven Cord is waiting.  Steven asks 
          what he can do for Schuster.  Steven tells Schuster that he 
          read the report again and now agrees with him.  They talk 
          about Theodore Dowell and Martin Peyton.  Steven says that 
          in this particular case his arguments are weak.  Steven 
          says that the mill is losing money.  Steven says there are 
          several other solutions.  Steven asks what he can do to 
          help.  David Schuster invites Steven Cord to dinner Friday.  
          Schuster shakes Steven's hand and Steven leaves. 
Scene 5.  Ada is visiting Dr. Rossi in his office over the Clarion.  
          She says that she is worried about Rita.  Ada tells Rossi 
          that Rita was very upset the night that Elliot brought to 
          her home.  Rossi asks if Rita was injured.  Ada says not 
          physically, but that Rita is afraid of Joe Chernak and that 
          Rita has been acting strangely.  The phone rings, 
          interrupting them, and Dr. Rossi talks with a patient. 
Scene 6.  In the Peyton Place Park, Constance and Rita are talking.  
          Constance asks what really happened the night that Elliot 
          brought her home.  Constance says that Elliot is concerned 
          about her.  Rita says to tell him that everything is fine.  
          Constance says that she doesn't want to interfere, but she 
          would like to help Rita.  Rita tells Constance that nothing 
          happened.  Only that Joe kissed her.  Constance encourages 
          Rita not to give up on Norman. 
Preview:  Dr. Rossi to Vincent Markham.  Elliot talks to Constance.  
          Vincent Markham instructs Betty Anderson. 
          MR:  It's a toy that will alloy you $110,000 a year to cure 
               the sick.  Now, which is more important?  To cure the 
               sick or to see to it that your brother doesn't have 
               his toy? 

          EC:  Well, that's the philosophy of fear.  Don't try 
               anything. That way you can't fail.  I think we owe 
               ourselves and Allison more than that. 
          VM:  Marry him.  
          BA:  I said we were just friends. 
          VM:  You can't go wrong.  Marry him.

Mrs. Theodore [Agnes or Andrea] Dowell-Heather Angel.
Merriman Corporation.
Kenneth Markham Foundation.
Harry Fletcher, asst. to Kenneth Markham