Episode 103.
          Elliot is offered the Clarion. 

WA:       Vincent Markham, a doctor with a world-wide reputation for 
          humanitarism, came to Peyton Place for highly personal 
          reasons.  Now, in Doctors Hospital he has been tested and found 
          to be a victim of a rare blood disease.  He has been tested 
          elsewhere and found to be a victim of pride and ego. 

Intro.    The Gazebo.  The square.  The hospital.  A nurse coming 
          through double doors. 

Written by Peggy Shaw and Michael Gleason
Directed by Walter Doniger

                                 NO ADMITTANCE

          Dr. Markham walking in the corridor.


                                 VISITING TIME 
                                   LIMITED TO 
                                 ONE-HALF HOUR

  Betty's sketch

Scene 1:  At the Information Desk, Betty is sketching a portrait on a 
          note pad as Dr. Vincent walks up.  He asks if Dr. Rossi is 
          available.  Betty phones.  Rossi is busy on the phone.  
          Betty asks the doctor how he is.  She tells Vincent that 
          his brother was here.  She says that she bets that people 
          have been confusing them for years.  Vincent asks Betty how 
          she was able to distinguish between them.  Betty mentions 
          that she had talked with Claire.  Betty says that they are 
          just friends.  She says that Steven is an attorney.  
          Vincent again advises her to marry Steven.  Betty calls 
          Rossi and tells Vincent that he can see the doctor. 

Scene 2:  Dr. Vincent Markham goes in to see Dr. Rossi.  Rossi says 
          that he had been trying to call him.  Vincent asks if Rossi 
          would like to go back to Peru with him.  Vincent says that 
          he is not concerned about his health.  He is concerned 
          about his work.  Dr. Rossi talks about a 110,000 dollar 

Scene 3:  It is 5:00 o'clock at the mill.  Rodney punches out on the 
          time clock.  Betty calls to Rodney and tells him that she 
          is there to pick up her mother.  Betty says that Julie is 
          impressed with what Rodney is doing.  Steven walks up and 
          joins them.  Steven asks Rodney how he is.  Rodney tells 
          Betty, "See you around."  Rodney leaves.  Steven asks if 
          she is free friday.  He says that he has been invited to a 
          buffet dinner at the Schuster house and that she is invited 
          also as his date. 
Scene 4:  Rodney finds a lunch box in the seat of his car.  Inside is 
          a hard boiled egg.  Allison appears.  Rodney asks her if 
          she wants to split the egg with him.  He thanks her and 
          gives her a kiss.  He says he wants to take her out to 
          celebrate when he gets his first pay check. 

Scene 5:  Allison goes in the Clarion office to see Matthew.  He had 
          left her a note.  Allison looks at the framed copy of her 
          first column.  He talks about his being an observer and 
          that he is going away on a vacation.  He is going 
          everywhere.  He says he has been a good newspaper man.  He 
          has printed the news without coloration.  He says he has 
          observed, recorded and printed.  He tells her that he is 
          going away.  Everywhere.  As soon as he finds someone to 
          take over the paper.  He  says that it will be a few more 
          weeks.  Allison is saddened that he is leaving.  Matt tells 
          her to be happy for him.  Allison hugs Matthew. 

Scene 6:  Allison comes home and is met by Elliot at the front door.  
          He tells Allison that he has something to discuss with her 
          and her mother.  Constance is having trouble getting the 
          lumps out of the gravy.  They go in the kitchen.  [The 5 
          pots are still hanging on the kitchen wall.]  Elliot tells 
          them that Matthew has asked him to take over the Clarion as 
          editor.  Allison is delighted.  She says that it is 
          wonderful.  Constance is not enthused at all.  Elliot is 
          concerned that the public will think of him as the 
          ex-convict editor of the Clarion.  He will be dispensing 
          opinions.  Elliot tells Constance not to be afraid of 
          change.  Allison excuses herself and goes upstairs.  Elliot 
          says that change is a part of life.  Constance says, 
          "You're right and I'm with you." 
Scene 7:  Rita goes in the living area of the Tavern where Ada is 
          cooking.  Rita is unusually happy.  Rita has bought herself 
          a shift with black and white stripes.  Ada asks Rita why 
          she is on cloud 9.  Ada asks what the occasion is.  Rita 
          says no occasion.  Rita starts to set the table and Ada 
          knows that something is up.  She assumes that Rita and 
          Norman have made up.  Ada is wearing a string of beads with 
          alternating 4 white and 1 black.  Rita shows Ada some 
          photos that Constance has just given her.  Rita finishes 
          eating quickly and leaves.  

Scene 8:  That night, outside on the street, Joe Chernak drives up.  
          Rita walks up the stairs to Rodney and Norman's apartment.  
          She knocks lightly twice.  She gets no answer.  Joe is 
          still watching. 

Preview:  Norman talks with Rita.  Eli talks with Matthew.  Rossi 
          talks with Claire Morton. 

          NH:  I've been thinking about going to college.  If you 
               still want me to. 
          RJ:  Excuse me.

          EC:  Don't think I'm not grateful.  
          MS:  But. 
          EC:  But if this letter is an example, then you and Elliot 
               can get in a peck of trouble. 
          CM:  It's not enough to be a doctor.  You have to work at 
               it.  You've reminded me of that, time and time again. 
          MR:  Why don't you work at being a woman?

Rodney kisses Allison.
A peck is one fourth of a bushel, or 8 quarts or 8.81 liters. 
  If this were in metric, Eli would have warned that Matthew and 
  Elliot could get into 8.81 liters of trouble.