Episode 104.
          Rita is found. 
WA:       Rita Jacks, trying to apologize to Norman Harrington, 
          retraces in her mind the stormy path of their romance.  
          Joe Chernak, anxious to cause trouble for them, because he 
          was turned down by Rita, considers his next destructive 
          move.  Neither Norman nor Rita, at this moment, have any 
          Idea what far reaching complications Joe's anger will 
          bring.  Complications that are sure to involve all of 
          Peyton Place. 

Intro:    Rita walks up the stairs to the apartment.  She gets no 
          answer.  She walks back down and gets in the car with 

Written by Lee Erwin and Sonya Roberts
Directed by Walter Doniger  

Scene 1:  Rita goes up to the apartment to apologize to Norman.  
          She asks Norman how he is.  Rita says that she can't stand 
          breaking up with him.  Rita promises no more secrets.  
          Norman says he is making a dollar an hour scraping 
          barnacles off Don Newman's boat [working for Mr. Kent's 
          boat repair].  Norman invites her to dinner.  Joe Chernak 
          has been sitting in his car watching Rita.  He drives off. 

Scene 2:  Eli comes in and looks over Matthew's shoulder.  Eli says 
          wait a minute.  What is this.  Eli Carson goes in the 
          Clarion to talk with Matthew about the letter-to-the 
          editor that Elliot wrote.  Matthew says that Elliot is 
          the perfect man for the job. 
Scene 3:  Claire Morton goes up to the Information Desk and asks the 
          duty nurse to tell her if there has been any change in Vincent 
          Markham's condition.  Dr. Rossi walks up and talks with 
          Claire.  Claire says that she will be working with her 
          father full time.  She asks Rossi to congratulate her.  He 
          congratulates her.  They chat about life and then he tells 
          her that she should work more at being a woman [and a 
          wife].  She says that her husband Vincent doesn't need 
          anybody.  Rossi allows that Markham is vulnerable.  Rossi 
          says that he is afraid that Vincent will die. 
Scene 4:  Kenneth Markham is on the phone with his agent in Philadelphia 
          talking about a business associate, Mr. Ferguson, as Dr. Rossi 
          comes in to visit with him.  They talk about Vincent and Peru.  
          Rossi tells Kenneth to give the money to Vincent.  
Scene 5:  Stella Chernak is walking on the wharf and meets up with her 
          brother, Joe, who has just returned from custody in the 
          state honor farm.  He assures tells Stella that she looks 
          great.  He has just gotten back from Boston. 
Scene 6:  Norman and Rita are wearing Chowder Pot bibs and eating 
          lobsters at the seafood eatery beneath Mrs. Hewitt's boarding 
          house.  Norman is splurging his $7.00.  It was indicated in 
          episode 103 that Norman was getting $1.00 per hour even though 
          the minimum wage was $1.25 at that point in time.  Allison was 
          being paid 80 cents per hour working at the Book Gallery. 
Scene 7:  Joe Chernak and his sister Stella are walking on the wharf.  
          He asks if she lost her job.  Stella reminds him that she is 
          a bio-chemist.  They  talk about the honor farm where Joe 
          went away to for a while.  Stella talks with Joe about his 
          stealing a car.  It appears in later episodes that the rather 
          liberal state of Massachusetts allowed him to keep the automobile 
          which he stole.  

Preview:  Doris talks with David.  Allison talks with Elliot.  Dr. Rossi 
          talks to Constance. 

          Doris: Are you saying that Elliot Carson whote that letter 
                 as a personal, vindictive attack because we fired 
                 his daughter? 
          David: You fired her, not me.

          AM:    You said that you hate David Schuster.
          EC:    Now just a minute.  That letter was not meant as a 
                 personal attack.  No more than your defense of Mr.  
                 Schuster was a personal one.

          MR:    Dr. Markham recognized the stability and gave me the 
                 opportunity to do something about it.  He wants me 
                 to go to work with him in Peru. 

Don Newman has a boat with barnacles [at Mr. Kent's].       
Joe Chernak-Don Quine.
Stella Chernak-Lee Grant.
Anna Chernak-Anna Karen.
Gus Chernak-Bruce Gordon.
In episode 38 the minimum wage was stated to be $1.25.