Episode 105.
          The Markham brothers make a pact. 
WA:       The Peyton Place Clarion is usually more an object of local 
          pride than local controversy.  It usually waits patiently on 
          doorsteps until the men go to work, and the women sit down 
          with a cup of coffee to read the latest gossip.  But today, it 
          will rock the lives of certain people in Peyton Place. 
Intro:    From the back of a pickup truck, a newsboy is throwing papers. 

Written by Lionel E. Siegel and Rita Lakin
Directed by John Newland

Scene 1:  Elliot comes in the kitchen where Constance is reading the 
          newspaper.  Elliot says that everybody loves Don Quixote.  
          Allison comes down and tells about her dream.  
          AM:  "Morning.  Morning.
               I just had the craziest dream about uncle Matt.
               He was in Afghanistan and was climbing a mountain,
               with thousands of children following him like the 
               Pied Piper.  And they were all listening to his 
               tall tales like I used to.  I'm going to miss him." 

Scene 2:  Rodney and Norman talk.  Rodney fusses at Norman for spending 
          $7.00 on lobsters on his date with Rita at the Chowder Pot the 
          previous evening.  Norman owes Rodney money and should not be 
          splurging on Rita Jacks.  
MEL:      Rodney seems to already be aware of the gist of the book, 
          "Men are from Mars.  Women are from Venus."  In this book
          the concept that women count differently from men is outlined 
          and explained.  Women give men one point for a new Lexus.  One 
          point for a fur coat.  One point for a dozen roses.  One point 
          for a single rose.  One point for opening a door.  Men count a 
          Lexus as 40 points.  Rodney said that Rita would have 
          appreciated a hamburger just as much as the lobsters. 

Scene 3:  Dr. Rossi comes in the Book Gallery to talk with Constance.  
          He talks about Ada Jacks visiting him in his office.  Ada is 
          worried about Rita.  He asks Constance how Rita seems to her.  
          Constance says that Rita is upset, and confused.  The doctor 
          doesn't see himself as a counselor for women.  

          Rossi tells Constance that she married quite a guy.  He says 
          that he read Elliot's letter-to-the-editor.  Constance opines 
          that Elliot is quick to anger and quick to fight.  

          Dr. Rossi then talks about Dr. Vincent Markham offering him the 
          opportunity to go with him to Peru.  Vincent Markham says that 
          he considers stability to be a flaw.  Dr. Rossi leaves and 
          Julie Anderson comes in to talk with Constance about Elliot's 
          letter-to-the-editor. Julie fusses at Constance. Julie says 
          that David is a good man.  Constance says that Elliot has a 
          right to his opinion.  Julie says that she is grateful for 
          Elliot's help with George. 

Scene 4:  Kenneth Markham is dictating a letter to Harry Fletcher, his 
          executive assistant.  There is a knock on the door and Vincent 
          is invited in.  Vincent is willing to sign the agreement to get 
          the money he needs for his work in Peru.  Vincent says he is 
          begging his brother for the money.  Kenneth says, "Vincent, 
          don't kill yourself."  Kenneth lays the document down for 
          Vincent to sign.  Vincent sits down to sign.  Kenneth says that 
          he has always been proud to be his brother.  Kenneth asks if 
          Claire is returning with him.  Vincent doesn't think so.  
          Kenneth says that Claire admires him.  Vincent admits that at 
          times he has envied Kenneth, Elizabeth and the children.  

Scene 5:  Smokestack.  Doris brings a box of candy to the mill for David 
          and hands it to Julie Anderson.  Julie calls in and David comes 
          out of his office.  David tells Doris that she is not 
          interrupting.  He asks where Kim is.  Doris tells him that Kim 
          is at a party.  She then tells David about how the town is 
          talking about the gold-plated migratory bird.  He says 
          the letter is emotional not irrational.  He reminds Doris that 
          she fired Allison.  She asks why Elliot wrote the letter and 
          then she leaves. 

Preview:  Elliot talks with David Schuster.  Dr. Vincent talks with Dr. 
          Claire.  Joe Chernak talks with Norman.

          EC:  Your responsibility, Schuster, is not just to Martin 
               Peyton but to this entire community. 
          DS:  No radical change ever took place easily.  It's going to 

          VM:  I did get that letter you sent to Peru.  When I came up 
               here I knew you were going to divorce me. 
          CM:  Why didn't you tell me?
          JC:  You been getting along okay with my girl? 
          NH:  Get out Joe, or don't you have the guts to fight me 

Harry Fletcher, executive assistant-uncredited.
Matthew Swain mentions Afghanistan.