Episode 106.
          Norman Harrington and Joe Chernak fight on the wharf.  
          Kenneth Markham returns to Pittsburgh. 
WA:       Allison Mackenzie is convinced that the attack her father 
          has launched on the new manager of the Peyton Mill, David 
          Schuster, is a highly personal one.  It took the form of a 
          letter-to-the- editor.  It appeared in the columns of the 
          Clarion, signed openly, Elliot Carson.  

Intro:    Square.  Flagpole.  Fireman washing the firetruck.  
          Children tossing a ball around. 

Written by Michael Gleason and Carol Sobieski
Directed by Ted Post

Scene 1:  Allison is returning from the Italian grocery store and 
          stops on the square to talk with David Schuster.  Schuster 
          talks with Allison about how much he loves Italian food.  
          He says he hasn't had a good italian dinner since he came 
          to Peyton Place.  Allison tells Schuster that she and 
          Rodney are going to have a clambake.  David Schuster says 
          that he wishes he could go along on the clambake.  She 
          tells him what she smelled at the grocery store.  Strings 
          of garlic, peppers, sausages, and cheeses. 

          She says they are picking up the clams on the wharf.  In 
          front of the Peyton Place Real Estate office, She 
          apologizes for her father's letter-to-the-editor.  Elliot 
          walks up and joins them.  Allison asks for her sack of 
          groceries back.  Schuster offers to carry them to the door 
          of the Book Gallery for her.  Schuster asks Elliot if he 
          has a minute, he would like to talk with him.  Elliot says 
          that he has all the time he wants. 

          They go in the Chandlery and talk.  He would like to talk 
          with him.  

                         NAVAGATIONAL CHARTS FOR SALE
          They discuss the mill and its workers.  Schuster employs 
          the perjorative phrase gold-plated migratory bird that
          Elliot had used in his letter-to-the-Editor.  Elliot tells 
          Schuster that he is going to be the new editor of the 
Scene 2:  Kenneth goes in to see Rossi before he leaves for 
          Pittsburgh.  He thanks Rossi for calling him about his 
          brother.  Kenneth allows that Vincent is a proud man.  
          Kenneth mentions the $100,000 again.  Rossi asks if he is 
          leaving by helicopter.  Kenneth borrows a pen from Rossi 
          and writes a $10,000 check to Doctors Hospital and tells 
          Rossi that he wants Rossi to determine how the money is 

Scene 3:  Dr. Vincent Markham has gone to the Morton house and is 
          talking with Claire.  Vincent tells her that he is going 
          back to Peru, that his brother is financing the project.  
          She apologizes for trying to stopping him from going back.  
          He asks her where she belongs.  She says right there in 
          Peyton Place.  She asks when he is leaving.  He admits that 
          he did receive the letter that she sent, that he knew
          she was going to divorce him.  He admits that it was the 
          letter that brought him to Peyton Place.  She mentions 
          going to his hotel room.  

          [This must be what she did in Miami.  Refer to episode 56].  

          Claire says,  "Vincent, if you could walk those 6 feet 
          now?"  He does.  They talk.  They hug.  They come this 
          close to kissing. 

Scene 4:  Stella is on the square as Dr. Rossi walks up.  He opens 
          the refuse container for her.  [He could have refused to 
          open the refuse container for her.]  She thanks him.  The 
          fire station is seen in the background.  The south doors of 
          the fire station are open but no firetrucks are in sight.  
          Two old biddies are sitting on a park bench in the middle 
          of the square. 

Scene 5:  Stella goes in the Pharmacy and orders a "Green River."  
          Rita says, "What?"  Stella explains, "A lime and soda."  
          She asks Rita, "What ever happened to Calvin Hanley, did he 
          retire?"  Rita says, "He died last winter."  [in episode 
          48].  Steven is there at the counter and asks her, "Do you 
          feel like you never left."  He recognized her immediately 
          but she didn't recognize him at first.  Then she does.  He 
          tells her that he took his degree in law.  She counters 
          that she took hers in bio-chemistry.  Steven asks if she 
          made Phi Beta.  Stella laughs.  

          Steven introduces Stella to Rita Jacks who is working at 
          the soda counter.  Steven tells them that his mother is 
          working for Peyton.  Stella says that her mother is working 
          at the Schuster house.  Stella says that Joe returned last 
          night.  Steven tells Stella that they really must have 
          dinner some time.  Steven apologizes to Rita for saying 
          that she was dating Norman. 

Scene 6:  On the wharf, Norman tries to strike up a conversation with 
          Mr. Kent, his new employer.  Norman has an idea for a 
          better scraper for scraping barnacles.  Kent isn't 
          interested.  He says he has cheap tools, cheap labor, and 
          no overhead.  He hands Norman a key and tells him to lock 
          up.  Kent says he will see Norman the next day. 

          Joe Chernak walks up and asks Kent for a job.  He suggests 
          that Joe try Atwaters Canvas.  Joe asks, "Who'd you get?"  
          Kent says, "Norman Harrington."  Kent leaves.  Joe then 
          tries to pick a fight with Norman.  Joe picks up one of 
          Norman's wrenches.  Joe begins to annoy Norman by talking 
          about Rita.  Norman orders Joe to get out.  Norman tells 
          Joe that Rita is through with him.  Norman is provoked into 
          hitting Joe.  They fight.  Norman comports himself fairly 
          well, but Joe is definately the victor. 

Preview:  Ada talks with Rita.  Stella talks with Dr. Rossi.  Betty 
          talks with Steven. 
          AJ:  Come on Rita, what is it?
          RJ:  Joe Chernak's back.
          SC:  I'm a bio-chemist.
          MR:  A bio-chemist?  [laughing].
          SC:  I didn't expect that reaction from you, doctor. 

          BA:  Storming those gates may be a tactical maneuver for 
               you, but it's a full scale war for me. 
          SC:  And you want to be warned armed with a gold-plated 
          BA:  Yes.

Joe Chernak has just come back from the state honor farm.
Dr. Vincent Markham almost kisses Claire.
Dr. Vincent Markham-Leslie Nielsen.
Kenneth Markham-Leslie Nielsen.
Mr. Kent-uncredited
Atwater's Canvas.
Joe Chernak-Don Quine.
Stella Chernak-Lee Grant.
Gold-plated migratory bird-David Schuster