Episode 107.
          Betty and Steven have a sudden date. 
WA:       The fight between Norman Harrington and Joe Chernak was 
          inevitable.  Norman, excitable, passionate, quick to anger.  
          Joe, brooding, embittered over the loss of his girlfriend, 
          Rita Jacks.  Norman was hurt deeply.  Joe's taunts about 
          Rita created fresh doubts in his mind.  

Intro:    Wharf.  Fight.  Norman.  Fishing net.  Joe walks away.  Sign:  
          Ed Kent.

Written by Sonya Roberts and Peggy Shaw
Directed by Ted Post

Scene 1:  Rita walks to the back door of the Tavern goes in and talks 
          with Ada.  Rita is waiting for Norman.  Rita talks about the 
          clambake that is planned with Rodney and Allison.  Rita tells 
          Ada about meeting Stella.  Ada tells Rita to call Norman.  Rita 
          calls but Rodney answers.  She wants to know if Rodney has seen 
          Norman.  Rodney says not to worry.  He says he'll pick up 
          Allison and meet them at the beach.  Ada tells Rita not to 

Scene 2:  Rodney goes downstairs from the apartment and gets in his 
          convertible which is parked in front of the Pharmacy.  The fire 
          station is seen in the background.  Norman drives up, gets out 
          of his car, and goes up to the apartment.  He looks a mess.  
          The phone is ringing as he comes in.  He doesn't answer the 
          phone.  He just lies down on the couch. 

Scene 3:  Elliot escorts Eli into the house.  Constance greets Elliot and 
          asks if Eli is coming to dinner.  Eli says, "He is, he is."  
          Constance says they are having Stroganoff.  They talk about the 
          letter to the editor that Elliot wrote.  Allison joins them.  
          Allison asks Elliot about his conversation with David Schuster.  
          Elliot assures Eli that Matt knows him and is confident that 
          Elliot can run the paper.  Eli talks about his father:  

               Martin Peyton drove up in his automobile.  A bunch 
               of kids along with Elliot gathered.  Peyton hollered 
               and said that thing is hungry and its going to eat 
               you up.  Peyton kicked his car.  Grandfather whipped 

          The door chimes ring.  Rodney Harrington has come to take 
          Allison to the clambake.  They plan to meet Norman and Rita at 
          the beach.  Allison says she has some food in the kitchen to 
          take.  Elliot says nobody has ever tried to teach him to be an 

Scene 4:  Rodney and Allison arrive on the wharf and park by the stairs 
          to the boarding house.  The Chowder Pot is under and to the 
          west of the boarding house stairs.
          They sneak over and speak to Mr. Jolly, the lobster and 
          clam man who runs the Chowder Pot.  Rodney tells him that they 
          are in the market for some lobsters and clams.  Mr. Jolly says, 
          "That makes my day."  He hands Allison a sack and tells them to 
          help themselves.  Rodney points to a lobster with little beady 
          eyes.  He asks who the lobster reminds her of.  She says Mr. 
          Segal, the librarian.  Rodney says that the lobster reminds him 
          of his great-grandpa, Sam Peyton.  They buy some lobsters and 
          clams.  This time Rodney calls him Sam.  The bill is 
          $4.00 all tolled.  Rodney pays.  Allison says, "Thank you."  
          Rodney opines that Norman and Rita are probably already at the 
          beach.  They leave and head for the beach. 

Scene 5:  Steven and Betty drive to the wharf.  Betty says, "So this what 
          you kidnapped me for?"  Steven says he wanted to visit his old 
          stomping grounds.  He refers to Squire Harrington and 
          the mysterious Allison Mackenzie.  A car drives by the 
          Shoreline Garage and near the Hiring Hall.  Dr. Rossi calls to 
          Betty and Steven.  Rossi says that he is looking for Collins 
          Street.  Betty says that it starts right behind Ham's 
          Shoreline Arcade.  He is looking for the home of the Chernak 
          family.  Betty tells him that she doesn't know where the Chernak 
          house is.  Steven and Betty get some change and go in Ham's 
          Shoreline Arcade and play an old mechanical pin-ball machine.
          Betty asks if his interest in Elliot Carson has anything to do 
          with the letter-to-the-editor he wrote ot the Clarion. 

MEL:      [This scene should be nostalgic for the old-timers, because 
          this was before all the pinball machines were computerized.  
          They usually cost a nickel.  Really.  Your reviewer went in an 
          arcade in Wichita, Kansas, in 1956, where the old pin-ball 
          machines had all been converted to operate on just a penny.] 

Scene 6:  Stella is relaxing as Rossi comes out of the back room and
          tells them that Gus has cirrhosis of the liver.  He 
          should eat properly, chicken, beef, and liver.  Rossi 
          introduces himself to Stella.  Rossi asks how she recognized 
          Gus's ailment.  She admits that she worked at a medical 
          center on the west coast.  He asks if she was a nurse.  She 
          says, "No, I'm a bio-chemist."  Rossi laughs.  She said she 
          didn't expect that reaction from him.  Stella tells him that 
          she has been away for 7 years.  She said that she picked a job 
          which had room for advancement, and paid over $10,000 a year, 
          and had status.  She asks the doctor to stay for dinner.  He 
          asks if he smells pirashki.  He does.  He accepts.  Stella 
          is surprised. 

          [Pirashki is served at the Cafe Izmir on Greenville Avenue, 
          in Dallas, Texas for $3.25.  It is described as spiced beef and 
          sautéed veggies wrapped in lavash bread and sautéed to crisp.]

          Joe comes in the house, injured.  Stella introduces Joe to Dr. 
          Rossi.  Rossi notes the cut on Joe's face.  [1966 special 
          effects.]  Joe tells Rossi goodbye.  Stella tells Joe that Dr. 
          Rossi is staying for dinner.  Joe says he will get washed up. 

Preview:  Doris talks with David.  Norman angrily talks to Rita.  Anna 
          talks, in a concerned manner, with her son, Joe. 

          Doris: David, I am not a fool.
          David: No, you're not.  But as far as Carson is concerned, 
                 that's just the chance, I'll have to take.

          NH:    Am I the biggest sap [kicks an object] that ever lived?  
                 That's why you went ape every time he phoned or 
                 honked.  What did you keep me around for?  Laughs. 
          AC:    I want to help you.  I don't want you to end up like 
                 your father. 
          JC:    (Shoving his mother) I thought I told you to shut up 
                 about my father.

Steven calls Rodney Harrington-Squire.
Mr. Sam Jolly, clam and lobster man on the wharf.
Pirashki is also spelled piroshki.
Pirashki is sold at Cafe Izmar on Greenville Avenue in Dallas, Texas.