Episode 108.
          David and Doris Schuster extend a last-minute buffet dinner 
          party invitation to the Carsons. 
WA:       Evening at a beach near Peyton Place.  For Rodney Harrington 
          and Allison Mackenzie, this warm evening offers a chance for a 
          special New England pleasure get-together.  A clambake.  
          Together with Norman Harrington and Rita Jacks.

          [Norman and Rita are no shows.] 
Intro:    Rodney and Allison are on the beach preparing for the clambake 
          for four, with Norman and Rita.

Written by Rita Lakin and 
Directed by John Newland

Scene 1:  Allison wonders aloud what happened to Norman and Rita.  Rodney 
          and Allison dance to music from a small transistor radio.  
          Rodney says that they call him "Hard-way Harrington"  on the 
          loading dock.  Rodney kisses Allison.

Scene 2:  In the Chernak house, Joe is sitting.  Rossi thanks Anna 
          Chernak for dinner.  The doctor says that they must tell Gus 
          to eat properly.  Rossi bids them "good-night."  Stella says 
          that she will walk him to his car.  Rossi says it must have 
          been a strain on her mother.  Stella says that there have been 
          other men in her life.  Rossi says he doesn't know whether she 
          is apologizing.  They had eaten pirashki.  Anna tells Joe to 
          get the doctor's bag.  Joe does.  Rossi is walked to his car 
          by Stella.  She tells him that this was a first.  Having a 
          "gentleman caller."  He tells her goodnight. 

          Anna asks Joe about the fight.  She wants to know how it 
          happened.  She says that she wants to help him.  She doesn't 
          want him to end up like his father.  He asks her to leave him 
          alone.  Anna says that Stella knows who she is. 

Scene 3:  Eli Carson and Matthew Swain have been to dinner with 
          Constance and Elliot.  Constance mentions that Matthew didn't 
          get to sample the stroganoff.  Matthew suggests that Elliot 
          has some catching up to do.  He asks Elliot to accompany him 
          to the Hospital, the Town Hall, and the Police station in the 
          morning, in preparation for becoming editor of the Clarion.  
          Constance says that Elliot has his life and she has her. 

Scene 4:  Outside the Carson home, Eli and Matthew talk about Matthew's 
          plan to take an extended vacation.  Matthew says that he is 
          not afraid of retirement.  Eli tells Matthew how much he will 
          miss him. 

Scene 5:  David and Doris are talking about the dinner party they are 
          giving the next evening.  Doris has hired a girl from the 
          college [Sheri Howard] to help by taking care of Kim.  David 
          tells her that he had a long talk with Elliot that afternoon.  
          He tells her that it would be a good idea for her to invite 
          the Carsons for dinner.  

Scene 6:  The Carson phone rings and Doris Schuster invites Elliot and 
          Constance to a buffet dinner party the next evening.  Doris 
          tells David that she would not accept a last minute 
          invitation.  Elliot tells Doris that they are available and 
          would be delighted to come.  Doris tells Elliot that she is
          pleased that they can attend.  Constance says that she would 
          have turned them down.  

Scene 7:  Norman is resting as Rita Jacks knocks on the apartment door.  
          He turns off the light.  She says that she knows he is there.  
          Rita comes in and tries to get Norman to respond.  She asks 
          what is wrong.  Rita has prepared for the clambake with Rodney 
          and Allison.  She says that Rodney and Allison are expecting 
          them.  Food and a blanket.  Norman is in a rotten mood.  They 
          talk about Joe.  Norman asks why Joe wasn't scratched up.  
          Norman asks Rita what happened in the warehouse the night of 
          the prom.  Rita leaves.  Norman asks, "Am I the biggest sap 
          that ever lived?"  Rita says that Joe kissed her, that is all.  
          Norman says that he will never mention it again.  He then asks 
          why Joe wasn't all scratched up.  Rita leaves without 
Scene 8:  At the beach, Rodney and Allison are still waiting for Norman 
          and Rita.  They have a fire going and are ready to bake the 
          clams.  Rodney talks about how irresponsible his brother Norman 
          is.  Can the "dock loader" look down on the "barnacle scraper."  
          [A barnacle is a seawater cirriped crustacean.]  Allison opines 
          that the wind is coming up.  Rodney says, "14 cents for your 
          thoughts.  Inflation prices."  Allison says that she was 
          thinking about her father.  [The special effects of the 
          Atlantic Ocean in the background are really pitiful.] 

Preview:  Rodney talks to Norman.  Doris talks with David.  Norman talks 
          to Rita and comes this close to kissing her. 
          RH:  I can't stop you, but I still have to watch.  That's the 
               price I pay for being your brother.
          DS:  I fired Allison, David.  I can't go begging her to come 
               back here.  
          DS:  Well, don't keep on having these ridiculous fantasies 
               about Allison.

          NH:  How come a face like that can be so beautiful?

Rodney refers to himself as "Hard-way Harrington." 
Rodney kisses Allison. 
Pirashki, or piroshki-Small pastry turnovers with a filling.