Episode 109.
          Love penetrates a wall of jealousy.

WA:       Rita Jacks' romance with Norman Harrington has ended on a 
          note of suspicion and jealousy.  Rita fears what the 
          ultimate result of this jealousy could be.  

Intro:    Wharf, near the Tavern.  Norman, standing, untangles 
          himself from a fish net.  Aftermath of the fight with Joe 

Written by Peggy Shaw and Michael Gleason
Directed by Walter Doniger

Scene 1:  Norman tells Rita that he wants to talk with her.  Rita 
          says that she can't take it any more.  Rita says she 
          wonders how the clambake turned out.  Norman says, "It's 
          wild."  Norman kisses Rita.  Rita asks Norman what he was 
          thinking.  Norman says, "How can a face like that be so 

Scene 2:  Rodney returns to the apartment and takes off his shoes.  
          He asks Norman why he didn't show up at the clam-bake.  
          Rodney turns on the light.  Norman throws a pillow at the 
          lamp.  Rodney takes off his shoes and his shirt.  Rodney 
          tells Norman that he turned on the transistor [radio] 
          and danced with Allison. 

MEL:      At that point in time, the term transistor meant a 
          transistor radio.  And to a lady, an automatic meant an 
          automatic washer]. 

Scene 3:  At the hospital, Dr. Rossi speaks to Pete, a worker who is 
          in the process of moving furniture.  Dr. Claire Morton 
          Markham tells Rossi that she has decided to go back to Peru 
          with Vincent.  Rossi congratulates her.  Vincent comes in 
          and kisses his wife, Claire.  He asks Rossi if he has seen 
          Kenneth.  Rossi tells Vincent that he saw Kenneth yesterday 
          and that Kenneth had donated generously to the hospital, 
          $10,000. [A comparatively large sum in 1965.] 

Scene 4:  David, Doris, and Kim are having breakfast at the mansion.  
          David is about to leave for Boston to see Martin Peyton and 
          Doris asks when he will be back.  He says it depends on 
          traffic.  The door chimes ring and Doris admits the new 
          baby sitter, Sheri Howard.  Doris says that Sheri will 
          spend the day with her.  Sheri speaks to Kim, very slowly.  
          It would be an understatement to say that Sheri doesn't 
          come across very well.  David walks over, takes Sheri's 
          arm, pays her and ushers her out unceremoniously.  Doris 
          asks why she did that.  The phone rings.  The butcher has 
          called to tell her that his truck has broken down and that 
          she will have to go into town to get the ham and the 
          turkey.  David tells doris to call Allison to care for Kim.  
          Doris says that she can't do that after firing her.  David 

Scene 5:  Betty comes downstairs and shows Julie two dresses, one 
          red, the other blue.  Julie suggests the red one, but Betty 
          says that she prefers blue because it is more 
          sophisticated.  Betty says that she is on the late shift 
          and that Steven will be picking her up at the hospital.  
          They are going to a party at the Schuster mansion 
          immediately after she gets off work at the hospital.  Julie 
          thinks that Steven may be leading Betty into an 
          uncomfortable situation. 

Scene 6:  Norman is reclining on the bed as Rodney is preparing to 
          leave the apartment.  Rodney tells Norman that it is almost 
          9:00 a.m.  Norman had been beaten up by Joe Chernak.  
          Norman gets to his feet and recalls that his mother, 
          Catherine had killed Elizabeth Handley Carson with a poker.  
          Rodney tells Norman to let go of Catherine, their mother, 
          and hang on to Rita.  Norman puts the lamp back on the 

Preview:  In the Pharmacy, Rita talks with Rodney.  Steven talks to 
          Julie Anderson.  Constance talks with Allison. 

          RJ:  Is Norman all right?  
          RH:  No.  He is not all right.  He's lying upstairs beat to 
               a pulp.  Now I want to know why. 

          SC:  Tell me Mrs. Anderson, was it so much better having 
               Rodney Harrington as a son-in-law? 

          CM:  Are you trying to prove something?  Some point?  
          AM:  Only that I'm not afraid, either.  
          CM:  Afraid of what? 

Norman kisses Rita.
Vincent kisses Claire.
Pete, hospital furniture mover-uncredited episodes 109 and 131
Sheri Howard, temporary sitter-uncredited.
The butcher, who phoned Doris.
Clambake-A large noisy social gathering, originally on the beach. 
Claire Morton's character never developed.