Episode 110.
          Rodney Harringron warns Joe Chernak.
WA:       Rodney Harrington greets this morning with bitterness and 
          disappointment, for the conflict between his brother, 
          Norman, and Joe Chernak has erupted into violence.  But 
          neither Norman's defeat nor Rodney's concern will bring an 
          end to the Joe Chernak ordeal. 

Intro:    Boat pulling away from the dock.  Sea gulls in the sky.  The 
          wharf.  The square.

Written by Lionel E. Siegel and Carol Sobieski
Directed by Walter Doniger 

Scene 1:  Eli is sitting at the counter in the Pharmacy talking to Rita. 
          Eli speaks: 

                   It was the lowest tide in 30 years.  And 
                   the whole of Peyton Place went down for a 
                   clambake the likes of which you'll never see.  
                   Clams the size of hubcaps.  And they burned 
                   railroad ties to make a fire big enough. 
          Rodney comes in the Pharmacy.  Eli asks Rodney if he would 
          like a cup of coffee.  Rodney declines.  He is late for 
          work.  Eli leaves and Rita asks Rodney how Norman is.  
          Rodney tells Rita that Norman is lying upstairs beat to a 
          pulp.  Rita says that every time things are going right, 
          Joe shows up with lies. 

Scene 2:  Doris Schuster comes into the Book Gallery and speaks to 
          Allison.  She talks briefly with Constance.  She says that 
          it is ridiculous that they haven't met before.  Allison 
          asks about Kim.  Doris is nice to Allison.  Doris tells 
          Constance that she is glad Constance accepted her 
          invitation.  Doris says that perhaps they can smooth the 
          water between David and Elliot.  Her second reason for 
          coming by is to ask Allison to baby sit with Kim that 
          night.  Doris asks Constance to persuade Allison.  
          Constance says that it is for Allison to decide.  Allison 
          thinks about it and eventually agrees.  Doris says goodbye 
          and leaves.  Constance tells Allison that she shouldn't 
          have agreed to baby sit with Kim Schuster.  She explains to 
          Allison why they accepted the dinner invitation.  

Scene 3:  Elliot is talking to Matthew and tells him that his big 
          problem is small talk.  Matthew says that Peyton Place 
          is a small town, desk time is wasted time.  Mayor's office 
          twice a week.  City council.  Chamber of Commerce.  Doctors 
          Hospital.  State Highway Patrol.  Matthew says that they 
          are on a check list in the office.  They sit on a bench and 
          talk.  Elliot talks about the first day he came back from 
          prison.  George Anderson was hunched over sitting on the 
          bandstand.  George told him to dig himself a good big 
          foxhole.  Elliot says that he never felt sorry for himself 

Scene 4:  Dr. Rossi is in Dr. Morton's office talking about the $10,000 
          given to the hospital by Dr. Vincent Markham.  Rossi hands the 
          check to Morton.  Rossi says that he wants to do research.  
          Morton opines that Dr. Markham left a lasting impression on 
          Rossi.  Rossi says that Dr. Markham will probably die in Peru.  
          Morton says that Markham is brave.  Rossi says that there are 
          mountains in Peru but none in Peyton Place.  Morton says he 
          will back Rossi if he decides he wants to do research.  Rossi 

Scene 5:  Doris Schuster is putting packages through the window into her 
          car which is parked in front of the Les Femmes  botique.  She 
          goes in the Pharmacy and asks Julie Anderson, who is sitting at 
          the counter, if she can join her.  Doris complains to Julie 
          that her butcher's car broke down, and he can't deliver the 
          meat.  Doris tells Julie that David tells her that Julie is a 
          great help to him at the mill.  Doris asks Julie what she 
          thinks Peyton's reaction will be to David's plans for the mill.  
          Julie says she couldn't even guess.  Julie allows that she has 
          worked at the mill for many years and it is good to see that 
          kind of courage in an office.  Doris says goodbye to Julie and 

Scene 6:  In the Boston clinic reception, David Schuster goes to see Mr. 
          Peyton.  The duty nurse points him to Peyton's sitting room.  
          He goes in.  Hannah Cord comes down the steps and offers him a 
          cup of coffee.  She then tells Schuster that Peyton is not 
          seeing any visitors that day.  Schuster says he is not a 
          visitor, he has an appointment.  Hannah introduces herself.  
          She says that Steven Cord is her son and that she is Peyton's 
          housekeeper.  She has been with Peyton for many years.  He asks 
          to see Peyton's doctor.  She tells him that Dr. Rollins can be 
          reached on extension 173.  Hannah asks if there is any message 
          he would like her to give to Mr. Peyton.  Schuster says that 
          any message would be inadequate.  Hannah suggests that he mail 
          the report.  David says that if he wanted to mail the report he 
          wouldn't have driven all the way to Boston.  

Scene 7:  Steven goes into Julie's office at the mill and talks with 
          Julie.  Steven hands her some papers for Schuster.  She asks if 
          he knows what happened in Boston.  He mentions that he is 
          seeing Julie's daughter.  He asks if she would prefer is he 
          stopped seeing Betty.  Steven asks, "Was it so much better, 
          having Rodney Harrington as a son-in-law?" 

Scene 8:  Loading dock of Peyton Mills.  Steven Cord comes out carrying a 
          briefcase and speaks to Rodney.  Steven suggests they talk.  
          Steven says that Schuster is giving a dinner party that 
          evening.  Steven tells Rodney that he is taking Betty out.  
          Rodney asks a fellow dock worker, Don, where the Chernaks live.  
          He is told that they live down toward the wharf on Collins 
          Street.  [Earlier, Rossi had asked Betty where the Chernaks 

Preview:  Rossi talks with Stella.  Elliot talks on the phone with 
          Leslie.  Joe talks to Rita and forcefully kisses her. 

          MR:  Listen, if you will take off your boxing gloves for just a 
               minute, I might apologize. 
          SC:  Do you still want to?
          MR:  Well, frankly, no.

          EC:  Why did you call?
          LH:  To see what the climate was.  I'm glad it has gotten warmer.

          JC:  All you needed is to be reminded of it.

          Joe Chernak kisses Rita Jacks.

Dr. Rollins.
Don, a dock worker.