Episode 111.
          The Carsons get an overseas call from Leslie Harrington. 
WA:       For Joe Chernak, this day like any other, is empty and 
          without ambition.  For Rodney Harrington, it is a special 
          day.  A day of ultimatum.  And Joe knows it.  Knows that 
          Rodney is determined to stop him from trying to break up 
          Norman and Rita.  To be his brother's keeper is not a role 
          that suits Rodney.  Yet, the savage beating that Joe gave 
          Norman drives him to an ultimate decision.  Find Joe 
          Chernak and bring to an end the torment that he has caused. 

          Joe's every effort to make Rita his girl again has been 
          rejected.  And now the sum of those rejections becomes a 
          toilsome burden for Rodney. 

Intro:    The wharf.  Boats.  Joe Chernak walking on the wharf around 
          the corner.  In the background is Ham's Shoreline Arcade.  
          Rodney walks along past Mrs. Hewitt's boarding house, the 
          Chowder Pot [under the boarding house stairs], Ham's 
          Shoreline Arcade, Ada Jacks' Tavern, and Joe's Boat Shop.

Written by Sonya Roberts and Rita Lakin
Directed by John Newland

Scene 1:  Rodney knocks on the Chernak door and Stella answers. He 
          asks for Joe and is told that he is out.  Rodney asks if 
          she knows when he will be back.  She shakes her head, no.  
          Stells introduces herself and invites him in.  She asks if 
          Joe is in some kind of trouble.  They talk a while about 
          Joe and Norman.  Stella tells Rodney that she is not her 
          brother's keeper.  

          Presently, Dr. Rossi shows up wearing a suit and vest.  
          This is Rossi's second visit to the Chernaks' home.  Rodney 
          exchanges a few pleasantries with Rossi and leaves.  Stella 
          tells the doctor that her father, Gus, is not there.  Rossi 
          says, "If you'll take off you boxing gloves, for just a 
          minute, I'll explain that this visit wasn't entirely 
          professional."  He says that he has come to apologize.  
          Rossi says he came by to apologize.  Stella invites the 
          doctor to stay for lunch.   They are having pirashka.  He 
          says he can't.  He says goodbye. 

Scene 2:  Rev. Jerome "Jerry" Bedford is on the square and meets up 
          with Betty.  He says that he has been watching her.  They 
          walk together toward the Colonial Post Inn.  He says that 
          he called her house a half dozen times and she was always 
          out.  She says that her mother gave her the messages.  He 
          compliments her on her [blue] dress and asks if that is 
          what nurse's aides are wearing these days.  She explains 
          that she is going out later that evening.  He asks if it is 
          with Steven.  She says that it is.  He tells Betty that he 
          knew Steven when they were growing up.  He asks how her 
          mother Julie is.  He asks if he can call her again.  Betty 
          is non-committal and doesn't answer. 

Scene 3:  In the Book Gallery, Matthew talks with Elliot and 
          Constance.  Constance says that she wants to have a small 
          dinner party for Matthew and a few friends.  A bon voyage 
          party.  Matthew says that he wants to slide out of town at 
          his own speed.  Elliot says that a brass band would just 
          get in the way. 

          Allison shows up and kisses her uncle Mattew.  She says 
          that he is doing what she only dreams about.  She asks if 
          he is going to the Schuster's party.  Allison stands by the 
          LENDING LIBRARY in the Book Gallery.  She tells Matthew 
          that all she can offer is her love.  Matthew hugs Allison.  

Scene 4:  Joe Chernak walks over to the back door of Ada Jacks' 
          Tavern.  He walks around the porch looking for something or 
          someone.  He raps lightly on the door and Rita opens it.  
          She sees Joe and tries to close it, but he forces his way 
          in.  He looks in the Tavern.  Rita asks him what he wants.  
          Joe forces her down in a chair.  He then asks her to be his 
          girl again.  She says no.  He says that he cares about her.  
          She tells him to go away.  He forcefully kisses her.  He 
          kisses her again and leaves. 

Scene 5:  Norman walks by the Ships Chandlery and stops in front of 
          the Book Gallery as Allison is locking up.  [There is now a 
          boat suspended above the Chandlery sign.]   They walk 
          together in the general direction of the Colonial Post Inn.  
          Norman calls her "doe eyes".  Norman says that he heard 
          that the clambake was great.  Allison tells Norman that 
          they missed him at the clambake.  She invites him to go 
          with her and Kim to a party.  Norman invites her and Kim to 
          go with him to a dumpy circus in White River.  Allison asks 
          him to go with her and Kim to the library.  They can think 
          of something to do later on. 

Scene 6:  In the Carson bedroom, Elliot is putting on his tie in 
          preparation for going to the dinner party at the Schusters.  
          The telephone rings and Constance answers.  The operator 
          tells her that she has a long distance call.  Leslie 
          Harrington is calling from Rome, to ask about Rodney and 
          Allison.  Rodney has written that he is seeing Allison.  
          But he is vague.  Constance says that they don't see much 
          of Norman any more.  Leslie says that Constance is being 
          vague, like Rodney.  Leslie congratulates her on her 
          marriage to Elliot.  He asks to talk with with Elliot.  
          Elliot uses this opportunity to tell Leslie that Matthew 
          Swain has taken a leave of absence from the Clarion.  
          Elliot says that he will be the new editor but hasn't 
          actually taken over yet.  It turns out to be a permanent 
          leave of absence.  Elliot becomes Editor of The Clarion.  
          Matthew Swain was Editor-Publisher-Owner.  [Nothing is ever 
          said about Elliot owning the paper.  However in the sequel
          "Peyton Place, the Next Generation," he does own it.]  
          Leslie says that he is playing musical countries but he 
          hasn't seen Greece yet.  Elliot asks why he called.  Leslie 
          says that he wanted to see what the climate was.  The phone 
          call ends.  Constance observes that it is strange that 
          Leslie called just to get a weather report. 

Preview:  Rodney talks to Joe Chernak.  Norman talks with Allison.  
          Stella talks with, and shouts at her brother Joe.  

          RH:  We're going to go see Norman.  And we're going to tell 
               him the truth about you and Rita.  And we're going to 
               do it right now. 

          NH:  I guess everything is relative.
          AM:  You are the most totally selfish person I've ever met. 

          SC:  Face your problems and solve them right here in Peyton 
          JC:  For once in my life, when am I going to get a break?  
          SC:  (Shouting)  You make your own breaks.

A clambake is now defined as any large noisy social gathering.  
  Originally it was normally at the seashore.
Pirashka is again mentioned.
Leslie phones from Rome.