Episode 112.
          Stella meets up with an old friend, Ada Jacks.  Kim runs 
WA:       To face the truth, that is young Joe Chernak's problem.  
          He must come to grips with the fact that his former girl 
          friend, Rita Jacks, has rejected him completely.  And the 
          fact is a hard pill to swallow. 

Intro:    Joe Chernak walking on the wharf toward his house.

Written by Rita Lakin and Lionel E. Siegel
Directed by John Newland

Scene 1:  Joe comes in the Chernak house and talks with Stella.  She 
          tells him that Rodney came by and talked with her.  Rodney 
          is looking for him.  That Joe beat up Norman.  And that 
          Rita Jacks is no longer his girl.  She wanted to see how 
          deep a hole he dug for himself.  

          Stella tells Joe that Gus is not his problem.  Joe tells 
          Stella that she is the one that has messed him up more than 
          anybody.  He would get a bad grade and his teacher would 
          remind him how smart his sister is.  Joe asks when he is 
          going to get a break.  She reminds him that he dropped out 
          of school and that he stole a car.  He asks her to go away 
          with him.  She asks him if he has any money.  He says, 
          "Welcome home." 

Scene 2:  Stella goes over to the Tavern to talk with Ada.  Ada 
          welcomes her home.  Ada asks Stella how it feels to be 
          back.  Ada says its good to see her.  Stella says that she 
          studied bio-chemistry.  Stella says that she came in for a 
          drink, not a testimonial.  Ada says that somebody is going 
          to have to tell Joe the score.  Stella begins to dance by 

Scene 3:  At Doctors Hospital, in the lab, Dr. Rossi is shaving as 
          Betty Anderson comes in to talk.  Betty says that it will 
          be strange to be back in that house."  She says that she 
          has been out with Steven only twice but she feels that she 
          knows him.  Rossi says that is a good sign. 

Scene 4:  At the Schuster mansion, Doris is arranging flowers, as Kim 
          sits on the main stairs and watches.  David comes in and 
          Doris runs over to hug and kiss him.  She removes his hat.  
          He goes over to the stairs and sits by Kim.  She hugs and 
          kisses him.  And gives him a flower.  David asks if he has 
          time for a drink before he gets ready.  She takes him in 
          the dining room.  She asks him what happened in Boston.  He 
          said he went to the clinic and ran into a roadblock who 
          called herself Mrs. Hannah Cord.  Doris says that it might 
          be a warning or an omen.  

          Allison arrives at the front door to baby sit with Kim.  
          Kim runs over and hugs Allison.  David and Doris leave. 

Scene 5:  At the library in the Peyton County Town Hall, miss Hunt 
          gets a book and goes over to Kim.  She tries to get Kim to 
          talk.  Allison says that Kim doesn't like to talk.  Norman 
          comes in the library and talks with Allison.  Miss Hunt 
          comes back over and speaks to Norman.  She asks if he is 
          looking for Rita.  He doesn't answer but goes over and 
          joins Allison and Kim.  Norman tells Allison that he is 
          leaving Peyton Place for good.  He starts to leave and 
          Allison runs to join him.  Miss Hunt goes over to Kim.  
          Allison asks Norman where he is going.  He says that he is 
          going to Canada to do logging.  Allison tells Norman that 
          he is selfish.  Kim runs off.  The librarian warns Allison.  
          Allison and Norman run after her, but she is no where to be 

Scene 6:  That night at the Tavern, two men leave.  Rodney is walking 
          on the wharf.  He meets up with Joe Chernak.  Rodney tells 
          Joe that they are going to see Norman and tell him the 
          truth about Rita.  Joe pushes Rodney down.  They fight.  
          [Ham's Arcade is seen in the background.]  Joe falls, 
          hitting his head.  Rodney asks Joe if he needs help.  Joe 
          expectorates at him and gets up.  Rodney begins to walk 
          off.  Joe gets up and walks over toward Rodney and suddenly 
          collapses.  Joe begins to assume ambient temperature.  
          Rodney goes over to see if he can help.  He then calls the 
          hospital from the pay phone near the boarding house.  Kim 
          is watching and has seen it all. 

Preview:  Steven talks with Betty.  Ada talks to Stella.  Rodney 
          talks on the phone with Betty at the hospital. 

          SC:  Rodney Harrington, ghost that looks like a man.  Yesterday 
               he was so brave, so sure, so ready to bury the past. 
          BA:  He can't because it is not dead. 

          AJ:  The police might come in here any minute.  And I've got a 
               kid in there who was mixed up with your brother. 

          RH:  Someone has been hurt.  Send an ambulance, please.
          BA:  Who is this calling?  Rod?  Rod? 

Joe Chernak-Don Quine.
Stella Chernak-Lee Grant.
Anna Chernak-Anna Karen.
Gustav "Gus" Chernak-Bruce Gordon [Untouchables].