Episode 113.
          Joe Chernak dies on the wharf. 
WA:       To the deaf child, Kim Schuster, the sight of violence is a 
          shocking thing.  Now having run away from Allison and coming 
          upon Rodney Harrington and Joe Chernak quarreling on the wharf, 
          she is the unseen witness to tragedy. 

Intro:    Nighttime on the wharf.  Rodney passes two men coming out of 
          the Tavern.  Joe and Rodney begin to fight.

Written by Peggy Shaw and Michael Gleason
Directed by Ted Post

Scene 1:  Joe and Rodney continue to fight.  Joe dies.  Kim watches.  Kim 
          runs away.  Rodney puts a dime in the phone by the foot of the 
          stairs up to the boarding house, and dials the hospital.  Betty 
          answers at the hospital.  He tells her to send an ambulance to 
          the wharf.  Rodney goes back over to Joe.  Rodney says, "Joe.  
          Joe.  Joe."  Rodney asks if he needs any help.  He walks off.  
          Right away, two fishermen discover Joe's body.  Not knowing he 
          has expired, one kicks him and tells him to get up.  One says, 
          "Call the police.  There's a dead guy on the wharf." 

Scene 2:  Back at Doctors Hospital.  Betty is the nurse on duty at the 
          Information Desk as the phone rings.  Steven Cord walks up.  
          Steven speaks to Betty.  He says, "You better hurry, it bites 
          on the fifth ring."  Betty answers and talks to Mrs. Kruger.  
          She redirects Mrs. Kruger to the doctor.  Another nurse comes 
          up and relieves Betty.  Steven says, "You better hurry, 

Scene 3:  Norman and Allison go aboard a boat.  They are looking for Kim.  
          They go to the wharf.  Allison says, "We've looked everywhere 
          else, she must be here."  They hear the ambulance siren.  
          Norman eventually finds Kim.  He calls to Allison.  Kim is 
          sobbing.  Allison and Norman try to comfort Kim.  Allison tells 
          Norman that Kim is shaking.  Allison tells Kim that she will 
          take her home. 

Scene 4:  Elliot and Constance have arrived at the Schuster mansion and 
          introductions are made.  Doris congratulates Elliot on his new 
          position as editor of the Clarion.  Doris asks Constance if she 
          got her wrap in Boston.  Constance reluctantly admits that she 
          got it right there in Peyton Place.  Doris says, "Really?"  
          Doris says she would like to have lunch with Constance.  Doris 
          asks Constance if she will continue to work now that Elliot has 
          taken over the newspaper.  Constance says that she hasn't 
          decided.  Doris says that she hopes that tonight will put their 
          husbands on the same side of the fence.  David says that 
          automation does not mean that everyone will lose his job.  Dr. 
          Rossi, Theodore Dowell, Andrea Dowell, Elliot, Constance, and 
          others have joined David in the livingroom. 

Scene 5:  At Ada Jacks' Tavern, a couple are dancing swing.  [At one 
          time, Ada enforced the no dancing rule.]  Stella is sitting at 
          the bar.  A man inquires of Ada if Stella is waiting for 
          someone.  [The juke-box is playing "don't get around much 
          anymore."]  A police car with siren blaring is heard driving 
          up.  The police go over to the spot where Joe's body is lying.  
          Back inside the Tavern, the party continues.  Rita comes in and 
          asks Ada what has happened.  Ada says that someone must have 
          gotten hurt.  Stella runs outside followed by Ada and pushes 
          her way to Joe.  Ada tells the police that Stella is Joe's 
          sister.  Joe is put on a stretcher and loaded in an ambulance.  
          Ada and Rita go back in the Tavern. 

Scene 6:  Meanwhile, back at the mansion Dr. Rossi talks with Anna 
          Chernak, the Schusters' maid.  Rossi says, "Why is it always 
          that when we meet you are serving me food?"  He mentions the 
          pirashki at the Chernak house.  

Scene 7:  Steven is driving Betty in his car.  Steven poses a riddle, 
          "What is green, grows and has wheels.  He says "Grass.  I lied 
          about the wheels."  That's about all the jokes and riddles he 
          knows.  Steven poses another riddle, "What walks like like a 
          man, talks like a man, but looks like a man, but really is a 
          ghost.  I'll give you a clue.  He's sitting right here between 
          us."  Steven is referring to Rodney.  He explains that Rodney 
          is a ghost that looks like a man and he is figuratively sitting 
          there between them. 

Scene 8:  Back at the Tavern, Stella drinks.  Ada asks Stella if she has 
          had enough.  Ada says that the police will be back to question 
          her.  Ada says, "I have a kid back there who was mixed up with 
          your brother."  Ada tells Rita to call Dr. Rossi and tell him 
          that Stella Chernak is in a bad way.  

Scene 9:  Again, back at the mansion, Anna Chernak takes a phone call.  
          She calls Dr. Rossi to the phone.  He tells his exchange that 
          he is on the way.  He tells Doris that he doesn't know who is 
          injured.  Rossi tells the assembled crowd goodbye and leaves.  
          Steven and Betty arrive.  Steven introduces Betty to Doris 

Scene 10: Rodney is standing and looking up at the imposing statue of 
          Samuel Peyton 1845-1912.  Samuel looks almost like the missing 

Preview:  Doris talks with David.  Ada talks with Rita.  Theodore Dowell 
          talks with Steven. 

          Doris: You mean we should let Allison soothe and comfort her?
          David: Yes, that's what I would do.
          Doris: That's what I thought you would say.
          AJ:    You listen to me.  And you listen good.  You're going to 
                 stay right here.  If Norman's got himself mixed up in 
                 this, you're in enough trouble. 
          RJ:    You sound like you know he is.
          TD:    You mean scuttle the mill all together?
          SC:    In my opinion.
          TD:    It's utterly without conscience and unethical.

Dr. Rossi mentions pirashki again.
Answering services are sometimes called exchanges.