Episode 114.
          The homicide investigation is begun.
WA:       Death is something difficult for man to accept.  And 
          tonight, for Rodney Harrington, it is incomprehensible.  He 
          struggled with Joe Chernak on the wharf.  Joe fell.  Joe is 
          dead.  Joe's death has yet to touch the lives of everyone 
          in Peyton Place, but it will.  In a strange intuitive way 
          it has already touched one.  Rodney Harrington didn't give 
          his name when he called the hospital for an ambulance.  But 
          Betty recognized his voice and the fear in it. 

Intro:    Rodney looks up at an imposing statue of Samuel Peyton 

Written by Sonya Roberts and Carol Sobieski
Directed by Ted Post

Scene 1:  At the mansion, Anna Chernak is being congratulated on her 
          handling of the dinner party.  Norman and Allison return to 
          the mansion with Norman carrying Kim.  Doris asks what 
          happened.  Allison says that they were in the library with 
          Mrs. Hunt.  when Kim ran.  They found her on the wharf.  
          Doris asks, "Am I supposed to let Allison soothe and 
          comfort her?" 

Scene 2:  Dr. Rossi drives up on the wharf and talks with Sgt. Edward 
          Goddard.  The officer tries to question Rita.  He asks when 
          was the last time she saw Joe.  Goddard asks Rita about 
          Joe's old buddies and if she has seen them.  Dr. Rossi 
          comes in the Tavern and talks with Rita. 

Scene 3:  In the back room of the Tavern, Dr. Rossi talks with Sgt. 
          Goddard and Stella Chernak.  She says, "Go away, I don't 
          need a doctor."  She relates that Joey came to see her that 
          afternoon.  Rossi tells Stella not to blame herself.  
          Goddard leaves. 

Scene 4:  Ada goes in the bedroom to talk with Rita.  Rita comes in 
          from the porch.  Rita tells Ada that Joe was here today.  
          Ada tells her she should never lie to the police.  A patron 
          yells for Ada.  She tells him to hold his horses, that she 
          will be there.  Rita slips out the back. 

Scene 5:  Back at the mansion, Doris asks David if she can talk with 
          him.  He says, "Of course."  Doris says she had called Dr. 
          Rossi.  They discuss Kim.  

Scene 6:  Allison is tending Kim as Betty comes in.  Betty asks what 
          happened.  Allison says that they found her near the wharf.  
          Betty says that she should get back to the party.  

Scene 7:  Steven asks Schuster if he can have a few words with him.  
          Steven asks Schuster how his trip to Boston turned out.  
          Lawyer Theodore Dowell joins them.  Steven suggests the 
          scenario of letting the mill go under, and use it as a tax 
          loss.  Dowell says that it would be unethical.  Steven 

          Theodore Dowell tells David Schuster that he has met Hannah 
          Cord.  That she is formidable, or influential.  Dowell's 
          wife, Andrea, tells him that Doris has agreed to volunteer 
          at the hospital.  Rossi comes in to tell Anna that Joe is 
          dead.  She says, "Oh, no." Anna drops the platter she is 

Scene 8:  Rodney walks over to the Clarion and goes in.  He calls 
          out, "Mr. Swain."  Eli tells Rodney that Matthew is 
          probably in New York by then.  That he will be flying to 
          India.  Rodney says goodbye.  Eli asks if he can do 
          anything to help.  Eli asks if there is any chance that 
          Leslie will return.  Rodney says that he doesn't know but 
          he doesn't think so.  Rodney hurriedly leaves.  Eli tries to 
          stop him. 

Scene 9:  Rodney leaves the Clarion and goes upstairs to the apartment.  
          The phone begins ringing after he enters, but Rodney doesn't 
          bother to answer. 

Preview:  Norman talks with Rita.  Julie talks with Betty.  Police 
          Sgt. Edward Goddard talks with Stella Chernak.  Rita Jacks. 

          NH:  Why are we talking about my mother all of a sudden?  
               What's she got to do with Joe Chernak?  You really 
               believe that I killed Joe Chernak?

          JA:  Betty, where are you going?  
          BA:  Mother, you have to ask.
          JA:  I have asked.
          BA:  No, you don't.  You'll have to trust me.

          EG:  Just one more question miss Chernak.
          SC:  Why don't you talk with Rodney Harrington.  
          EG:  Rodney Harrington?
          SC:  That's right.  He came looking for Joey.

Mrs. Andrea Dowell-Heather Angel.
Allison refers to Mrs. Hunt, the librarian.