Episode 115.
          Rita and Norman grow closer. 
WA:       Until a few moments ago, the Schuster house was the scene 
          of a dinner party.  But the festive mood has been abruptly 
          shattered by the hand of tragedy.  Betty Anderson has 
          reason to be certain that whatever the tragedy, Rodney 
          Harrington is somehow connected. 

Intro:    Stars in the sky.  Outside view of the apartment.  The 
          phone is ringing but Rodney doesn't bother to answer it.

Written by Carol Sobieski and Lionel E. Siegel
Directed by John Newland 

Scene 1:  In the Schuster mansion, Doris walks over and announces to 
          the guests that Mrs. Chernak's son, Joe, has died.  She 
          tells Elliot and Constance that they found Joe dead on the 
          wharf.  Stella escorts her mother out the front door.  Some 
          of the other guests leave.  Betty tells Steven that she 
          wants to go home.  Elliot says that maybe it was an 
          accident.  Allison comes in and is told by Constance that 
          Joe Chernak has been killed.  

Scene 2:  Allison comes down the stairs and tells Doris that Kim is 
          now asleep.  Doris asks if Allison has any idea what upset 
          Kim.  David assures Allison that they are not blaming 
          her for anything.  David tells her goodnight.  David and 
          Doris go upstairs.  He mentions that Anna Chernak wanted 
          him to get Joe a job.  But he didn't.  Doris becomes 
          emotional and sobs.  David embraces her closely. 

Scene 3:  Elliot is driving Allison and Constance home.  He tells 
          Allison that they may be getting out an extra edition.

          [In real life, and in old radio shows, the expression, 
          "Extra, Extra, read all about it, was not uncommon."] 

Scene 4:  Steven tells Betty that there were no ghosts in that house 
          that night.  She tells him goodnight.  Julie greets Betty 
          in their livingroom and talk about Joe Chernak.  Betty 
          starts up the stairs.  Julie tells Betty that she has 
          always trusted her. 

Scene 5:  There is a knock on the door and Rodney says, "Come in."  
          It is Rita looking for Norman.  Rita says that she can't 
          believe that it happened.  Norman arrives.  Norman asks why 
          she is there.  She says that she wanted to see him.  He 
          says, "Here I am."  Norman asks what is going on.  Rita 
          says that Joe Chernak is dead.  Norman says that he was in 
          the library with Kim and Allison.  Norman offers to take 
          Rita home. 

Scene 6:  On the back porch of the tavern living quarters, Rita is 
          talking with Norman.  Lobster crates are seen in the 
          background.  Rita tells Norman that she never saw a dead 
          person before.  Norman says not to think about it.  Ada 
          comes out the back door and joins them.  Ada scolds Rita 
          for not staying in her room.  Norman tells Ada that he 
          didn't have anything to do with Joe Chernak's death. 

Scene 7:  Dr. Rossi is in the Chernak home with Stella.  He says he 
          has some sedatives for Stella's mother.  Police Sgt. Edward 
          Goddard knocks on the door.  He is let in and tells Stella 
          that he needs to have a list of Joe's friends.  Anna comes 
          in the living room and Sgt. Goddard introduces himself.  
          Anna tells Goddard that Gus is not there because he 
          working. Anna tells Goddard that Joey was a good boy.  
          Stella tells Goddard to talk with Rodney Harrington.  
          Goddard asks why he should talk with Rodney.  Goddard 
          thanks them and leaves.  Stella returns the pills to Rossi.  
          Rossi leaves. 

Scene 8:  Betty drives to the square, parks in front of the Peyton 
          Place Banking & Trust Co. building and walks over to the 
          apartment stairs.  She starts up the stairs. 

Preview:  Steven talks with Betty.  Stella talks to Anna Chernak.  
          Betty talks with Rodney. 
          SC:  So is it just a coincidence you're visiting Rodney this 
               time of night?  
          BA:  You're hurting my hand, Steven.
          SC:  Go back to bed, mama.
          MR:  Can't this wait til in the morning?
          EC:  Sorry Mike, but it can't.  It's not going to be any 
               easier in the morning. 

          BA:  Rod, you've got to tell the police.
          RH:  Oh, God, I know.
          BA:  Rod, I want to help.