Episode 116.
          Allison has a strange midnight destination. 
WA:       The evil spirits that rode the night leaving death and 
          dispair in their wake, have long since vanished into 
          folklore.  But for Rodney Harrington the spirit of Joe 
          Chernak is haunting and real. And the thought of his 
          tragedy forces Rodney to seek escape in the rigid routine 
          of his life.  

Intro:    Betty gets out of the car and walks up the stairs to the 

Written by Peggy Shaw and Sonya Roberts
Directed by Walter Doniger

Scene 1:  Hearing a knock, Rodney goes to the door.  He opens the 
          door as Betty has turned and is going down the stairs.  She 
          is invited in.  Betty says, "Don't make me ask, Rod."  
          Betty says that she is ready to listen.  Betty says that 
          she wants to help.  Rodney gets dressed and goes to the 
          door, just as Norman is coming in.  

Scene 2:  Norman looks at Rodney and says, "No."  Rodney says that he 
          has to go to the police, now.  Sgt. Edward Goddard shows up 
          and is told by Rodney that he was just on his way to see 
          him.  Rodney says that Betty didn't have anything to do 
          with this.  Betty leaves.  As she is about to get in her 
          car, Steven comes up and graps her hand.  Steven asks if 
          this is just a coincidence that she is visiting Rodney at 
          this time of night. The police car drives off.  Steven 
          tells her to trust him just this once.  Betty tells Steven 
          to let go of her, and drives off. 

Scene 3:  Steven goes in a phone booth and dials Mr. Dowell.  He says 
          that it is very important.  He tells Dowell that Rodney was 
          taken to the police station.  

Scene 4:  Stella leaves her mother's bedroom and talks to Dr. Rossi.  
          Rossi says that they should both get some rest.  Stells 
          says that she should go to the mill.  Elliot shows up at 
          the Chernaks and asks for a picture of Joe.  Elliot thanks 
          Anna.  She says that she will fix some tea.  Rossi tells 
          Stella that he will go to the mill.  Stella says that her 
          mother would want Elliot to write an obituary that she 
          could be proud of.  Elliot tells Stella that he doesn't yet 
          know what he will write.  Anna brings out tea. 

Scene 5:  Constance is examining and setting a clock and talking with 
          Allison.  Allison talks with her mother, then leaves. 

Preview:  Elliot talks with John Fowler.  Theodore Dowell talks to 
          Rodney.  Michael Rossi talks with Gus Chernak. 

          EC:  I want to know if there is anything in Rodney's statement 
               that would give you any reason to want to question him 
          JF:  It's too early to tell. 
          TD:  Why did you run away when you discovered Joe Chernak was 
               dead?  What proof do you have that you ever intended to 
               go to the police.       

          MR:  I have some very bad news for you.  
          GC:  Stella?  
          MR:  It's your son, Joe.  There's been an accident.