Episode 117. 
          The Chernak house is the scene of tragedy. 

WA:       Rodney Harrington has come to the police station to make a 
          voluntary statement about the death of Joe Chernak.  Theodore 
          Dowell, long time Harrington family attorney, has tried to 
          convince Rodney not to make the statement.  But Rodney is 
          determined.  So now they wait.  They wait for a man who will 
          have great impact on Rodney Harrington's life, John Fowler. 

Intro:    Ocean.  Square.  Two policemen walking to the courthouse and 
          going in.

Written by Michael Gleason and Rita Lakin.
Directed by Walter Doniger.

Scene 1:  Theodore Dowell says that he doesn't quite understand why he 
          was asked to wait.  Fowler says he came down to make it easier 
          for Rodney.  He tells Rodney that he is not required to make a 
          statement.  And that he may have a lawyer before he gives a 
          statement.  Fowler tells miss Wyatt to take the statement.

                    Voluntary statement of Rodney Harrington 
                    regarding the death of Joe Chernak.

                Well, tonight I went up on the wharf to see Joe 
                Chernak.  To tell him to stay away from my brother.  
                He got angry at me.  He came at me.  We started to 
                fight.  I didn't want to, but I couldn't stop him.  
                He got one of those gaffing hooks, swung it at me.  
                I got it away from him.  I threw it off the pier.  
                I guess he thought I was throwing it at him,  
                because he tried to duck, he lost his balance, and 
                he fell off the pier.  He must have hit his head 
                or something.  He got back up on the pier and he 
                started after me again.  But he dropped.  I ran 
                over to him, to help him.  He was unconscious.  So 
                I ran over to a telephone booth and called the 
                hospital for an ambulance.  When I got back . . .

                When I got back, he was dead.  I was just gone a 
                little while to call an ambulance, and he died.  
                I went back to my apartment to try and think 
                about what happened.  To try and understand it.  
                And finally, when I was able to understand it to 
                talk about it, I was about to come here when Sgt. 
                Goddard was at my front door.  And that's all.  
                And I'm just very sorry. 

                I was afraid.  I was afraid of what might happen 
                to me.  I panicked.  I didn't want to, but I 
          Fowler gives the stenographer, miss Wyatt, instructions on 
          typing up the statement.  Room E of the Town Hall.

Scene 2:  Dr. Rossi goes to visit Gus Chernak.  Gus says that Stella had 
          told him that Rodney had come by to see Joe that day.  Gus 
          shows him children's faces that he had carved.  Rossi says, 
          "Gus listen to me.  Your son.  There's been an accident.  Joe 
          is dead."  Gus says, "Stupid kid." 

Scene 3:  Miss Wyatt is typing as Elliot asks how much longer he will 
          have to wait to see Fowler.  Dowell tells Rodney not to sign 
          the statement.  

Scene 4:  Elliot finally gets to see Fowler.  The phone rings.  Goddard 
          says that he doesn't think they have a case. 

Scene 5:  Allison is waiting.  Dowell speaks to her.  Rodney asks Allison 
          if she is here for jay walking.  Rodney and Allison talk.  
          Allison says that he doesn't have to explain to her. 

Scene 6:  Miss Wyatt finishes typing Rodney's statement.  She hands the 
          original to the police sargeant and the carbon copy to Theodore 
          Dowell.  She lays the carbon paper on her desk.  [If you are 
          unsure what carbon paper really is, ask your grandmother.]  The 
          sergeant brings Fowler the typewritten statement in the
          interrogation room E.  Fowler says the press is welcome 
          in his office.  They talk about Elliot's case.  Elliot inquires 
          about John Fowler, Sr.  Fowler says his father was the best 
          prosecutor the county has ever had.  Elliot asks if there is 
          anything in it that gives Fowler any reason to question him 

Scene 7:  Anna and Stella are at home as Gus Chernak comes home.  Stella 
          offers Gus some food.  They discuss the death of Joe. 

Scene 8:  Rodney signs his statement and is allowed to leave.  He walks 
          across the square to the stairs up to his apartment. 

Preview:  Steven talks with John Fowler.  Sgt. Edward Goddard talks with 
          Betty.  Rodney talks to Norman. 

          SC:  Surely you don't think young Harrington killed him?  
          JF:  Criminal proceedings are something no one would initiate 
               if he had a choice. 
          SC:  But, sometimes there isn't any choice.  Right Mr. Fowler?

          EG:  Did Rodney mention he wanted to go to the police?
          BA:  I can't answer that.
          RH:  How many ways can I say it?  He slipped.  He fell off the 
               pier.  I am not a murderer.