Episode 118.
          The Carsons are bothered by the past.
WA:       The words "voluntary" and "free" carry the illusion 
          of choice.  Tonight, Rodney Harrington has no such illusion.  
          He has just signed a voluntary statement explaining his part 
          in the death of Joe Chernak.  A statement he had to make in 
          order to live with himself.  And now he is free.  Free to 
          return to his apartment and begin the agony of facing himself, 
          and his brother. 

Intro:    Rodney walks to the square and sits on a bench not far from the 

Written by Michael Gleason and Carol Sobieski
Directed by John Newland

Scene 1:  Norman is talking on the phone to an overseas hotel operator.  
          He is told that Leslie has gone to Greece.  Norman asks what 
          Leslie is doing in Greece.  He is told Hotel Athens; Athens, 
          Greece.  Rodney comes in as Norman is placing a call.  Fran, 
          the operator comes on the line.  Norman says that he will call 
          back.  Rodney takes off his jacket.  Rodney tells Norman to 
          start slow.  Write Leslie a letter.  Rodney says that Leslie 
          can't do anything. 

Scene 2:  Outside view of the Carson home.  In the Carson home, Elliot is 
          eating breakfast.  Constance brings Elliot some toast and sits 
          down to talk.  Elliot mentions that the name of the District 
          Attorney is Fowler.  He has the impression that young Fowler is 
          trying to "skin himself" a Harrington.  Allison comes in and 
          says "Good Morning."  She looks at the paper.  The right side 
          of the front page is shown, ". . . Found Dead." Elliot 
          says that they didn't book Rodney, they only asked him to stay 
          in town.  Constance says that the most important thing for 
          everybody to remember is that Rodney is innocent.  Allison says 
          that her father was innocent, too.  And he spent 18 years in 
          prison.  Allison says that she knows Kim saw something.  She 
          must get Kim to talk.  She has to try.  Constance had to sit in 
          New York while Elliot was being tried.  Elliot says that is 
          different.  Constance says that isn't different at all. 

Scene 3:  Rita says that Rodney made a voluntary statement at the police 
          station.  Ada says that he witnessed the accident, that's all. 
          Ada tells Rita that the Harringtons can take care of 
          themselves.  She says that Rita doesn't have to get involved.  
          Rita says that Norman told her that if he had been on the 
          wharf, he would have killed Joe.  Ada tells Rita to stay away 
          from Norman for now.  Ada tells Rita to tell the truth. 
Scene 4:  Betty comes down and asks if it is too late to say, "Good 
          morning."  Betty says that she borrowed the car last night to 
          go see Rodney.  She talks about Rossi bringing Stella back to 
          the Chernak house.  Sgt. Edward Goddard came for Rodney just as 
          she was leaving the apartment.  A little later, Sgt. Goddard 
          rings the chimes at the George Anderson house.  Julie goes to 
          the door.  

          Goddard asks to talk with Betty.  She invites him in.  He says 
          he just wants to ask a few questions.  She asks if he would 
          like for her to leave.  Julie asks if he would like some 
          coffee.  He declines.  He makes small talk about Julie working 
          at the mill.  She says she is training Louise to take over for 
          her when she is out.  He says that the hospital told him that 
          Betty was on duty when the call came in.  She tells him that 
          she recognized Rodney's voice when he called in.  Goddard 
          mentions that she had once been married to Rodney.  He asks how 
          long she was there before he, Goddard arrived.  He asks a few 
          more pointed questions and leaves.  [This was an important and 
          well-written scene.] 

Scene 5:  In the Colonial Post Inn, Steven is seated by the waitress and 
          asks Fowler who won the ball game.  Fowler says that he never 
          reads the sports page.  Steven asks to borrow it.  Fowler says 
          that a good pitcher can't win without batting strength behind 
          him.  He admits that he did play a little.  Steven 
          re-introduces himself.  Fowler says he doesn't like Boston.  
          Steven says he is from Boston.  But he was born in Peyton 
          Place.  Steven brings up the Joe Chernak Case.  Fowler says, 
          "Criminal proceedings are something no one would initiate if he 
          had a choice."  

Scene 6:  Steven goes to see Theodore Dowell.  He tells Steven that 
          Rodney signed a voluntary office.  Dowell talks about Steven 
          making a lot of suggestions.  Dowell says that Steven should 
          not get ahead of himself.  Steven asks Theodore Dowell if he 
          can help with Rodney's case.  Steven says that he just had 
          breakfast with John Fowler at the Inn.  He says that Fowler may 
          have an axe to grind.  Leslie Harrington withheld evidence.  
          And Elliot Carson went to jail because of it.  

Preview:  Rita Jacks talks to Norman at the apartment.  Rodney talks with 
          Theodore Dowell.  David Schuster talks with Kim. 

          RJ:  I saw Joe yesterday in the afternoon.  He wanted me to go 
               with him again.  He grabbed me and he kissed me.

          TD:  You don't see it Rodney, but you need me.  My experience.  
               You've got to have confidence in me. 
          RH:  I'm beginning to wonder how much confidence you have in me.

          DS:  Tell daddy what you saw on the wharf.
          KS:  Norman.