Episode 119.
          The Schusters make a desperate plea.

WA:       The Chernak family has lost a son.  Expressions of sympathy 
          have ovewhelmed their small home, near the Peyton Place 
          shoreline.  Perhaps the most painful condolence will come today 
          from Rodney Harrington.  
Intro:    Rodney walks over to the Chernak house.  Ladies bringing food 
          to Anna Chernak.  She silently invites him in.

Written by Sonya Roberts and Peggy Shaw.
Directed by Ted Post.

Scene 1:  Rodney goes in and tells Anna Chernak how deeply sorry he is 
          about the death of her son.  Anna tells him that they 
          won't understand his being there.  A lady knocks, is admitted, 
          kisses Anna and puts food on the table.  Stella speaks of the 
          old country to Rodney.  He says he wishes there was something 
          he could do.  She says that her mother appreciated his visit.  
          Stella speaks of Anglo-Saxon innocence.  Rodney says he came 
          over to see if there was something he could do.  She says that 
          he didn't even know her or Joe.  Rodney says it is very 
          difficult for him to sort out his feelings.  He says he hopes 
          that Stella and her parents will be all right.  He tells her 
          goodbye.  Stella says that he won't get a word from her.  

Scene 2:  In the Clarion office, Elliot tells Eli that he is writing an 
          obituary for Joe Chernak.  Eli looks over his shoulder and says 
          "very nice."  That the readers will get the impression that Joe 
          Chernak was one of the town's leading citizens.  Elliot 
          sarcastically says that he could write it so that Joe will be 
          remembered as "a school dropout, a car thief, a graduate of one 
          of our state's leading honor farms."  Eli says that would 
          be closer to the truth.  Eli says he remembers how he felt when 
          he read Elizabeth's obituary.  Calvin Hanley must have been 
          proud.  It made her a model wife and a model daughter. 

          Eli says that when Rodney came by last night looking for 
          Matthew Swain that he could have been of some help to him. 
          [Another important, well written scene.] 

Scene 3:  Elliot goes up to the apartment and is admitted by Norman.  
          Elliot says, "Rodney's not here, is he?"  Norman says, "No, he 
          went out."  Elliot came to see Rodney to give him encouragement.  
          He is Allison's father, as well as the Clarion editor.  His 
          reason to stop by to suggest that they call their father.  He 
          said that Leslie called the prvious last night and said that he 
          was headed to Greece.  Norman says that he doesn't know how 
          Rodney feels.  Elliot Carson says goodbye and then leaves. 

Scene 4:  Elliot Carson walks over in the direction of the bank, and the 
          law office.  Inside the Dowell law office Theodore Dowell talks 
          with Rodney, urging him not to talk with anyone about the case.  
          Dowell complains that Rodney signed a statement.  Dowell reads 
          from the statement.  Dowell says it is not complete.  The 
          statement leaves room for too many questions.  The statement 
          could be a weapon. Rodney says that he is not a murderer. 

Scene 5:  Norman is in the apartment as Rita knocks on the door.  He lets 
          her in and she asks if Rodney is there.  Rita says that the 
          apartment is a mess.  She asks if he doesn't ever pick anything 
          up.  Norman says he went shopping.  Rita looks at Clarion 

                              MAN FOUND DEAD 
                              Wharf is scene of 
                                mystery death.

          Below the headlines is a picture of Joe Chernak.  Norman says 
          that Rita is good for him.  Rita tells Norman that she saw Joe 
          the afternoon before Joe died.  That Joe grabbed her and kissed 
          her.  That when he left he was really mad.  Norman asks if she 
          told the police.  Rita says no, she didn't want to get mixed up 
          in it.  

Scene 6:  David is talking to Doris about the strange behavior of Kim.  
          Doris suggests that they should take Kim to the doctor.  The 
          door chimes ring.  

          David goes to the door.  It is Allison who asks to see Kim.  
          Just for a minute.  He invites her in.  Allison says that she 
          thinks Kim was on the wharf the night that Joe died.  Allison 
          tells Doris that she thinks that Kim saw the incident on the 
          wharf and that was what upset her.  Allison says that it may be 
          Rodney's only chance.  Allison asks Doris to take Kim to the 
          wharf.  Kim starts crying.  The word "wharf" terrifies her.  
          David says, "Tell daddy what happened on the wharf last night."  
          Kim says, "Norman."  Doris hugs Kim and says, "I love you so 
          much."  David tells Doris to let Allison talk to her.  Allison 
          takes Kim in the foyer.  Allison tells Kim that they want her 
          to tell the truth.  Allison asks Kim, " Were you on the wharf 
          last night?  Did you see a man get hurt?  Was the man alone?  
          Do you know who was with him?  Did Rodney hurt the man?"  Kim 
          says, "Rodney made the man fall."  He hurt the man."  Allison 
          says, "No.  He didn't." 

Preview:  Gus talks to Rossi and Betty talks to Gus.  Allison talks to 
          Schuster.  Stella talks with John Fowler. 

          GC:  Leslie Harrington pushed his way to the top by marrying 
               Peyton's daughter. 
          BA:  Whatever Mr. Harrington has done, whatever you think he 
               has done, that still doesn't make his son a murderer. 

          AM:  Rodney did not kill Joe Chernak.  It has to be a mistake. 

          SC:  He threatened Joey.  He said, he said he was going to 
               kill Joey if he ever found him. 
          JF:  You're prepared to make a formal statement to that 

Gustav "Gus" Chernak-Bruce Gordon.
Anna Chernak-Anna Karen.
Stella Chernak-Lee Grant.
Joe Chernak-Don Quine
Judge Charles E. Webber-Gene O'Donnell.