Episode 120.
          Rodney Harrington is arrested. 
WA:       There are moments in people's lives so shocking, so filled 
          with anguish and emotion, that they become milestones.  
          Such a moment has occurred in the Schuster house only a 
          short while ago.  And as a result the lives and future of 
          Doris and David Schuster will be strongly affected by it.  
          For Doris, the moment when her daughter, Kim, broke her 
          long silence marked the beginning of a new experience.  One 
          which she will not be able to share with David. 

Intro:    Residential scenes in Peyton Place.  Allison is sitting at the 
          foot of the stairs in the Schuster house.

Written by Lionel E. Siegel and Rita Lakin.
Directed by Ted Post.

Scene 1:  Allison is tending Kim.  Doris tells David that Kim's first 
          word was about Joe Chernak.  Allison tells Schuster that Rodney 
          could not kill Joe Chernak.  David says, "What a nightmare."  
          Doris says that Kim is just a child.  Doris doesn't want 
          anybody else asking Kim questions.  

Scene 2:  In Doctors Hospital, Rossi talks with Gus and Betty.  Rossi 
          tells Gus that they have to get the release signed before Joe 
          can be released.  Rossi offers to help Gus take care of the 
          arrangements.  Gus talks about bringing Joe home from the 
          hospital when he was born.  And handing out cigars.  Rossi 
          tries to calm Gus.  Gus complains about Leslie climbing to the 
          top by marrying Peyton's daughter.  They got away with murder 
          once.  They won't get away with murder again.  

Scene 3:  Stella goes into the pharmacy to get Anna's prescription 
          filled.  Rita tells Stella that Mr. Courtney stepped out for 
          just a moment.  She offers Stella a cup of coffee.  Stella 
          apologizes about the way she acted last night.  Stella gives 
          Mr. Courtney a prescription for her mother.  Steven comes in 
          and talks with Stella.  He asks of Anna.  Stella say that if 
          people had cared as much for Joey when he was alive as they 
          seem to for Anna now, that Joey would still be alive.  She 
          mentions that she went to Harvard.  Mr. Courtney tells Stella 
          that her prescription is ready.  Stella pays and leaves. 

Scene 4:  Ada goes in to visit Constance and thanks her for talking 
          with Rita.  Rita likes Allison.  Constance tells Ada that 
          Allison put a bucket full of frogs in the bass drum when 
          whe was 13.  Norman was 14.   Ada says that she can't stop 
          Rita from hurting herself.  A man comes in and says that he 
          is interested in Kenner's book on Samuel Beckett's 
          Contribution to the Avant Guard Theater Movement.
          Constance directs him to a bookshelf.  He thanks her. 

          [One can't accuse Constance of being a pushy salesperson.] 

          [Allison mentions frogs to Norman in episode 158].

Scene 5:  In the Chernak house, Stella tells Gus that she paid him back 
          for all the money he gave her to go to college.  Joey didn't 
          even finish high school.  Joey didn't mind that Gus gave Stella 
          all his savings.  There is a knock at the door.  Sgt. Edward 
          Goddard introduces D.A. John Fowler, Jr. to Stella.  Gus comes 
          in.  Stella introduces Sgt. Goddard and Fowler to her father.  
          John asks Stella about Joe's relationship to Rodney, Norman, 
          and Rita.  Stella says that Rodney Harrington hated her 
          brother.  John says that he is neither an english teacher or a 
          head hunter.  Gus says that Stella knows.  Stella says that 
          Rodney threatened to kill Joey. 

Scene 6:  Schuster is waiting in the police room in the Peyton County 
          Town Hall as Fowler and Goddard come in.  He tells Fowler that 
          his daughter says that she saw Rodney fight.  She said that she 
          saw Joe Chernak fall.  

Scene 7:  Allison runs up to the apartment to see Rodney and hugs him.  
          He calls her "Princess."  She said that she went to the 
          Schusters.  She asked the Schusters to let her talk with Kim.  
          Kim said that Rodney threw something at Joe and that made Joe 
          fall.  Allison said that she came to the apartment.  The door 
          was unlocked so she came in.  Rodney asks Allison to take a 
          walk with him.  Rodney complains that Norman doesn't lock the 
          door.  That some day he will come home and find the whole 
          apartment wiped out.  Whoever takes it, deserves it.  Rodney 
          and Allison walk down the stairs from the apartment.  They 
          cross the square to the door of the bank building, where the 
          law office is.  Police Sgt. Edward Goddard walks up, puts 
          his thumbs in his own belt, and arrests Rodney for the 
          murder of Joe Chernak. 

Preview:  Leslie talks with John Fowler.  Allison talks to Constance.  
          Betty needles and accuses Steven. 

          LH:  I was only asking Judge Webber to clarify the decision to 
               dis-allow bail for Rodney. 
          JF:  There's nothing personal, Mr. Harrington.  It's simply a 
               matter of due process. 
          LH:  But it seems a little harsh.

          AM:  I did, I did doubt in what you are thinking, may have 
               killed Joe Chernak.  Do you still think so? 
          SC:  Betty.
          BA:  Steven, you must have some opinion of it.
          SC:  You are trying to needle me.
          BA:  You'd like it if Rodney really had murdered Chernak, 
               wouldn't you?
Judge Charles E. Webber-Gene O'Donnell.
Constance tells Ada about Allison putting a bucket of frogs in the bass