Episode 121.
          Leslie Harrington returns to Peyton Place. 
WA:       The 48 hours Rodney Harrington has been in jail have been a 
          nightmare for him and others in Peyton Place.  Now he walks 
          a frightening and unknown future.  To be arraigned on a 
          charge of murder. 

Intro:    Town Hall.  Jail.  Courtroom.  Rodney is taken from his 
          cell to the courtroom and sits with Theodore Dowell on his 
          right and Steven Cord on his left.

Written by Peggy Shaw and Lionel E. Siegel
Directed by John Newland

Scene 1:  Rodney is taken into the courtroom.  Allison walks up 
          behind Rodney and asks if he is okay.  Judge Charles E. 
          Webber is the presiding Judge.  Rodney pleads not guilty.
          Theodore Dowell asks for bail.  D.A. John Fowler asks for 
          bail to be denied.  Rodney is denied bail.  Leslie asks 
          Judge Webber if he can talk with Rodney.  The judge makes 
          his chambers available for them.  Leslie and Rodney talk.  
          Rodney tells his father that he is not a murderer.  Norman 
          explains to Leslie that Rita had gone with Joe Chernak. 

Scene 2:  In the Book Gallery, an unidentified lady purchases a book 
          and leaves.  Allison comes in to tell Constance about the 
          arraignment of Rodney.  Constance reminds Allison that she 
          had said that she hadn't had enough experiences to 
          be a writer. And now she is having them.  Allison expresses 
          guilt about forcing Kim to testify against Rodney. 

Scene 3:  Elliot comes in the Book Gallery and hugs his daughter.  
          Allison tells him that she is glad to see him.  [They had 
          been sitting side-by-side at Rodney's arraignment.] 

Scene 4:  Dr. Rossi drives a 1956 Ford up to the Chernak house and Anna 
          Chernak is helped by Gus, Stella, and Dr. Rossi.  Gus tells 
          Anna to come inside.  Stella sobs.  Gus says they shouldn't 
          waste time on tears.  They should just get even.  Stella warns 
          Rossi to brace himself, that the flood gates are about to open.  
          Stella asks Rossi to stay awile.  Anna talks about how good a 
          swimmer Joe was.  Gus talks about Joe playing football. 

Scene 5:  Rossi calls his answering service and asks if there are any 
          messages.  He tells Stella and Alma that he must leave for the 
          hospital that there is a board meeting.  Rossi mentions to 
          Stella that he has a new research project and asks if she would 
          be available for research.  She puts him off by saying she will 
          think about it.  

Scene 6:  Steven asks Betty if she is still in love with Rodney.  He 
          tells her that Leslie Harrington has come back from Europe.  
          Rodney has been booked and now he has been charged.  Steven 
          asks Betty why she went up to Rodney's apartment the night of 
          Joe Chernak's death.  Betty tells Steven that she was on duty 
          at the hospital the night of the incident.  She recognized his 
          voice when he called for an ambulance and then went up to the 
          apartment to see what was the matter.  Steven tells Betty that 
          she must trust him. 

Scene 7:  Leslie Harrington corners Judge Charles E. Webber outside the 
          courthouse and asks him why bail was denied to Rodney.  Judge 
          Webber says that if he had any personal feelings for Rodney he 
          would have disqualified himself in the first place.  Leslie 
          asks Judge Webber to clarify why he dis-allowed bail.  Leslie, 
          the judge, and D.A. Fowler walk together down the sidewalk 
          toward the Colonial Post Inn.  Judge Webber tells Fowler that 
          he understands Leslie's concern.  Leslie walks toward the Pillory.  
          Fowler talks a moment with the judge and then leaves.  Leslie 
          sits near the Pillory. 

Preview:  Theodore Dowell talks with Leslie Harrington.  Norman talks to 
          Rita.  John Fowler talks to Leslie. 
          TD:  Don't try and throw your weight around.  Not in this case.
          LH:  That's an odd remark.  If I had any influence at all I 
               would certainly used it now more than any other time in my 

          NH:  I want my father to meet you.  There's no backing out now. 
               You hear?

          JF:  If I didn't have a strong case against your son, I never 
               would have had him arraigned for murder.
Judge Charles E. Webber-Gene O'Donnell.
Exchange-exchange service-answering service.
The Peyton County Town Hall includes the library, the courtrooms, and 
  the jail.  The jail includes at least one interrogation room.
When John Fowler, Sr. was District Attorney he operated in the old