Episode 122.
          Friction between Dr. Rossi and Stella Chernak.

WA:       Leslie Harrington has returned to Peyton Place.  He has 
          returned to stand by his son, Rodney, during the ordeal of 
          arraignment and pre-trial.  And possibly the trial itself on a 
          charge of murder.  The facts of Harrington's past must not be a 
          burden to him now.  For Harrington has tried to convince 
          himself the failures are behind him.  If there are any left 
          with stones, let them throw the stones.  Leslie Harrington has 
          returned and Peyton Place must react to him. 

Intro:    Clock striking XII.  Pillory.  Leslie stands up.

Written by Rita Lakin and Michael Gleason.
Directed by Walter Doniger.

Scene 1:  Leslie goes to the bank building and upstairs to see lawyer 
          Theodore Dowell.  Dowell is buzzed by his secretary.  Dowell 
          says, "Send him in."  Leslie comes in to talk.  Dowell tells 
          Leslie not to throw his weight around.  Leslie says that he was 
          never afraid of a good fight.  Dowell says that he hasn't 
          practiced criminal law for some time.  Dowell says not to fling 
          the name Harrington in their faces.  Dowell suggests that he 
          hire the best criminal lawyer he can find.  Leslie doesn't want 
          to bring in strangers, outsiders.  Leslie says that he wants 
          Dowell to do it.  Leslie asks if Dowell has personal reasons 
          for not doing it.  He read in the paper that Dowell is 
          representing Martin Peyton interests.  Steven barges comes in 
          and introduces himself to Leslie Harrington.  Leslie asks 
          Steven how his mother is.  Dowell explains to Leslie that 
          Steven is his associate.  Leslie leaves. 
Scene 2:  Norman, wearing a suit, but carrying his coat, with his necktie 
          loosened, goes into the Pharmacy to talk with Rita.  Norman 
          asks why it took the man that was in the Pharmacy so long to 
          leave.  Rita asks if he would like a cup of coffee.  Norman 
          says that they locked up Rodney.  That the streets are safe 
          now.  Norman makes up the term, guilt by wishful thinking.  
          Norman talks about the ugly business with his mother.  Norman 
          tells Rita that he wants Leslie to meet her. 

Scene 3:  At Doctors Hospital, Dr. Rossi walks over to talk with Dr. 
          Morton.  Rossi asks if there is any chance the board will turn 
          down his request for funds for research.  Morton says that 
          there is always a chance. 

Scene 4:  The board meeting begins.  The chairman inquires about Mrs. 
          Wilkerson, about one of Dr. Rossi's patients.  Rossi says that 
          she is doing well.  Getting down to business, the chairman says 
          the research sounds interesting.  They talk about the surgical 
          facility.  One of the board, Mr. Thackery, suggests that the 
          research should be done in a larger hospital.  He asks why they 
          should get into research.  Rossi says, because they can.  Rossi 
          promotes his project.  Rossi says that he feels that he is on 
          trial.  And he says that he is concerned with human life.  
          Morton talks about the time when Rossi came to town and that he 
          was the first to brand him as a hot-headed young egotist.  
          Morton recommends that the board give Rossi the funds provided 
          by Markham.  One of the board members asks if Rossi would leave 
          if he doesn't get the grant.  Rossi adroitly sidesteps the 
          question.  [Kenneth Markham had given Rossi the check for 
          $10,000 before he returned to Pittsburgh in episode 106.] 

Scene 5:  Steven knocks on the office door and goes in to talk with 
          Theodore Dowell.  He talks about Leslie.  Steven says that 
          Leslie has not mellowed.  He says that Leslie looked 
          dis-satisfied when he left.  Dowell tells Steven that Leslie 
          wants a local lawyer.  Steven says that he would like to help 
          defend Rodney.  Dowell asks why.  Steven says that he doesn't 
          let sentiment get in the way of his career.  His reason is 
          purely selfish.  Rodney is Martin Peyton's grandson.  The 
          prosecution has only one eye-witness.  They need a motive.  
          Steven says he just has a feeling.  Steven asks to join in the 
          defense of Rodney Harrington.  

Scene 6:  Gus Chernak is walking on the wharf past Joe's Boat Repair and 
          Ada Jacks' Tavern.  He goes up to talk with Stella who is 
          standing on the pier where Joe died.  She is just standing 
          staring at the water.  Gus says that a man could starve waiting 
          for her to come back with the groceries.  Gus mentions that 
          Stella hasn't had anything to eat all day.  Gus compliments her 
          on standing up for the truth.  Gus talks about Leslie 
          Harrington.  Gus reminds her that he was a loom operator.  
          Leslie demoted him to a night-watchman.  It is inferred that 
          his wages were cut severely.  Stella tells Gus to quit selling 
          the truth.  Gus asks Stella about her job in California.  He asks 
          if she is on vacation.  Gus asks her to stay with him and Anna 
          there in Peyton Place.  Gus says that he is proud of her.  Gus 
          allows that Stella could work for Dr. Rossi.  

Scene 7:  Leslie Harrington talks with John Fowler as they walk from the 
          Colonial Post Inn past the Pillory toward the Pharmacy.  Leslie 
          asks John to agree to release Rodney on bail.  Leslie asks John 
          about his father.  John says that his father, Fowler Sr., lives 
          in Arizona.  Leslie makes veiled accusations against John.  
          Leslie says, "You are prosecuting me, Fowler."  Fowler says, 
          "It has nothing to do with the Elliot Carson case."  Fowler 
          asserts that he has a strong case against Rodney. 

Preview:  Constance talks with Elliot.  Steven talks with Norman.  Rodney 
          talks with Elliot Carson. 
          CM:  As a newspaperman, you can't afford to have views.  You have 
               to be impartial. 
          EC:  Supposing I can't.

          SC:  You got off on the wrong foot.  We have to trust each 
               other, now.   
          NH:  I'm busy, Mr. Cord.

          RH:  You were tried on the facts.
          EC:  I think that was a little different, Rodney.
          RH:  Was it?

Mr. Thackery, hospital board member. 
Stella had been to a grocery store but neither a grocery store nor a 
  market was ever shown in the series.  Ada was seen returning from a 
  grocery store on foot so it must have been on or near the wharf.