Episode 123.
          Allison visits Rodney in jail.

WA:       Rodney Harrington has been held in Peyton Place jail 
          without bail, to await preliminary hearing on a charge of 
          murder.  During the two nights and one day that have passed 
          since his arrest, he has listened to the sounds of everyday 
          life coming from the outside.  Inside, there have been only 
          the sounds in his mind.  The sounds of anger and 
          self-incrimination, of fear, and frustration.  At the same 
          time, his father, Leslie Harrington, has sought to take the 
          temperature of the town. 

Intro:    Rodney in his jail cell.  Two sailing boats.  Stream.  Children 
          tossing a ball around.

Written by Carol Sobieski and John Wilder & Jerry Ziegman
Directed by Walter Doniger 

Scene 1:  Leslie goes up to Dr. Rossi's.  He actually came in to talk 
          with Julie Anderson.  Rossi tells him that Julie has gone 
          back to work at the mill as secretary to David Schuster.  
          Leslie says, "Winner take all."  Leslie talks about the 
          changes that have taken place in Peyton Place.  Rossi asks 
          how Rodney is. 

Scene 2:  The apartment buzzer buzzes and Norman tells the 
          unidentified person to go away in his own personable way.  
          Norman hollers, "Get your big fat feet off my porch, 
          whoever you are."  The person turns out to be Steven Cord.  
          Steven comes in and reminds Norman that he was invited up 
          to talk when he first came back to Peyton Place.  He says, 
          "As your brother's lawyer, may I come in?"  Steven says 
          that Rita Jacks went with Joe a while before she went with 
          Norman.  Steven tells Norman, "When Fowler comes around, 
          growl at him, immaturely."  Norman responds, "Anything you 
          say, counselor." 
Scene 3:  Betty goes to talk with Julie at the mill.  She tells her 
          mother that she had lunch with Steven.  She wanted to find 
          out what happened at the arraignment.  David Schuster comes 
          in.  Julie tells him that Mr. Harrington is back in town.  
          The phone rings, Julie answers, and says that it is Mr. Fowler.  
          Schuster tells Julie that he will take it in his office.  
          Schuster comes out to say that something has come up and 
          that he will have to go home. 

Scene 4:  Elliot comes in the Book Gallery and tells Constance that 
          Allison didn't eat a thing for lunch that day.  When Leslie 
          walked into that courtroom, Elliot had a flashback.  Elliot 
          says that all the hate came back.  He says that half of his 
          life was wasted because of Leslie.  Constance says that 
          things are different now.  "When Leslie came into that 
          courtroom, I saw him as I did 20 years ago, sitting in the 
          back.  Watching, silently, as if he were merely a 
          disinterested onlooker." 

Scene 5:  Steven Cord comes in the law office of Theodore Dowell.  
          Dowell asks Steven if he has written up his meeting with 
          Norman.  Steven gives Dowell a copy of a request for a list 
          of all persons who might have witnessed anything related to 
          the incident.  Steven allows that John has political 
          ambitions.  He has done some investigating.  Fowler was 
          Magna Cum Laude at Yale.  He worked a year for Hazard and 
          Blackmon in corporation law.  He was editor of the Law 
          Review.  John is still a Major in the Air Force Reserve.  
          He was in the Judge Advocate's Office Court.  This helped 
          get him in flight school.  When John got out of service, he 
          started with a good paying position and switched to work for 
          the state.  Dowell changes his mind and begins to think that 
          Steven could be a big help in the trial.  Fowler has been in 
          office two years.  Fowler is conservative but very thorough.  
          The phone rings.  John Fowler has called to say he wants to 
          come over. 

Scene 6:  Rodney is looking out his second floor jail cell window as 
          people and cars go by.  [Compare this with a later storyline 
          where Leslie Harrington smuggles a gun into Jack Chandler's 
          cell on the ground floor.]  Elliot Carson comes in to visit.  
          Rodney puts on his coat.  Elliot has brought some books and 
          magazines that Constance thought he would like to read.  
          Rodney asks why Elliot has come.  Elliot says that he has some 
          advice to give about surviving jail and the trial.  Elliot leaves. 

Scene 7:  In the police station squad room, Elliot walks over and 
          speaks to Leslie, and tells him that he has taken some 
          books and magazines to Rodney.  Leslie thanks him and tells 
          Elliot that he thinks it is time for them to talk with each 

Preview:  Elliot talks with Constance.  Rodney talks to Allison.  
          Leslie talks with Elliot. 

          EC:  I don't want to see Allison put through a wringer for the 
               next few weeks. 
          CM:  I don't see how we could avoid it.
          EC:  But you've never sat through a murder trial.
          CM:  There's one I wish I had.

          RH:  I do need somebody.  I'll always need you, Allison. 

          LH:  All I care about is getting Rodney out of this mess.
          EC:  The mess you talk about is called murder.

John Fowler reportedly served in the Judge Advocate Court.