Episode 124.
          Rodney receives a visitor bearing love.

WA:       The interrogation room of the Peyton Place police station.  
          Ordinarily this room is used for the routine business for a 
          small town constabulary.  But today the room is an arena.  
          Elliot Carson and Leslie Harrington have met, at long last, and 
          must confront each other. 
Intro:    Outside of the Peyton Place Town Hall and Police Station.

Written by Rita Lakin and Peggy Shaw
Directed by Ted Post 

Scene 1:  In the interrogation room, Leslie tells Elliot that it was very 
          decent of Elliot to track him down in Europe.  Elliot responds 
          that someone had to do it.  Leslie says that Elliot is looking 
          healthy and trim.  Elliot says that men grow with 
          responsibility.  Leslie tells Elliot that he read Elliot's 
          letter-to-the editor.  He says that the sense of power makes a 
          man grow.  Elliot says he has influence, but no power.  Elliot 
          suggests accusingly that Leslie would like for him to run 
          editorials critical of John Fowler and the District Attorney's 

Scene 2:  Elliot walks out of the police station toward the Book Gallery.  
          He walks past the pillory.  A car speeds past.  Elliot looks 
          both ways and crosses the street. 

Scene 3:  In the Book Gallery, Constance is talking on the phone to a 
          nurse at the hospital, making an appointment with Dr. Morton.  
          [refer to scene 5].  Elliot comes in and says that Leslie 
          considers Rodney's problem to be a mess that needs to be 
          cleaned up.  Constance says that Allison is going to visit 
          Rodney later that day. [refer to scene 7].  Elliot tells her 
          that he thinks it would be a good idea for Allison to go away 
          for a while.  He suggests Allison go to New York City.  
          Constance says that she never quite forgave her mother for not 
          letting her come back to Peyton Place for Elliot's trial. 

Scene 4:  In front of the fireplace in the livingroom, Doris is playing 
          with Kim.  Doris is singing "This is the way we clean our 
          house."  She tries to get Kim to say "House."  They 
          are in front of a large mirror.  David comes in and tells Doris 
          to send Kim out to play.  Doris tells Kim that there is a 
          sandwich for her in the kitchen.  [The kitchen in the mansion 
          was never shown.]  Doris tells Kim that they can go downtown 
          later.  Kim indicates that she doesn't want to go out.  David 
          tells her that Fowler wants Kim to come down to the police 
          station to make a statement, the next day.  The phone rings.  
          It is Hannah Cord calling.  He asks if she told Mr. Peyton 
          about his visit.  David thanks her for calling.  He tells Doris 
          that Peyton wants the report immediately.  David says he will 
          send the report by registered mail.  He says they will take Kim 
          to Fowler, the next day.  

Scene 5:  Constance shows up at the hospital and is handed a clipboard by 
          miss Choate who is working as the duty nurse.  Constance is 
          there to see Dr. Morton.  Rossi tells her that his research 
          project has been approved by the board of directors.  Morton 
          can see her now.  Choate says that Constance can finish filling 
          out the form later.  

Scene 6:  Dowell is in his office talking to Steven as he is buzzed by 
          his secretary.  Fowler is admitted and is introduced to his 
          associate, Steven Cord.  Dowell offers Fowler a brandy.  Fowler 
          says he thought they should have a talk before the hearing.  
          John says he wants to set the ground rules.  Dowell says he is 
          not defending the town.  Steven says that Leslie will be there 
          and half the town hates him for what he did to Elliot.  Fowler 
          says he has evidence of intention. Dowell says, "No deals, 
          John."  Fowler leaves.  Steven allows that Fowler played his 
          openers well. 

Scene 7:  Allison is admitted to Rodney's second floor jail cell.  They 
          speak.  Allison throws her arm around Rodney's neck and they 
          hug.  Rodney says, "Fancy meeting you here."  He says that he 
          has all the comforts of home.  He has a view of the square.  He 
          says he has books and magazines.  Compliments of her father.  
          Allison says that she doesn't know what to say.  Rodney says 
          that he hasn't seen the other prisoners.  A barber comes in to 
          shave him.  Rodney says that he hasn't been allowed to shave.  
          He isn't allowed anything sharp.  Rodney mentions that he once 
          had talked Allison out of leaving town.  They chat for a while.  
          The jailer returns and lets Allison out. 

Preview:  Stella talks with Rev. Jerome "Jerry" Bedford.  Steven talks with 
          Ada.  Gus Chernak talks with Julie Anderson. 

          SC:  I do believe in something called justice.
          JB:  I wouldn't count too much on justice, Stella.  Very cold 
               comfort for the dead.

          SC:  When this case comes to trial, we'll subpoena you and 
               Rita.  And then you'll have to talk, in public. 
          AJ:  Leave us alone.
          SC:  I mean it Ada.

          GC:  He finished me.  And his son finished my son.
          JA:  I'm sorry.  Mr. Harrington was your friend.
          GC:  Leslie Harrington is nobody's friend.

Elliot Carson is the party who tracked down Leslie Harrington in Europe.
Rev. Jerry Bedford-Ted Hartley.