Episode 125.
          Joe Chernak is buried.  Norman discovers his father. 

WA:       This morning, Gus Chernak buried his son.  Virtually in the 
          shadow of the Peyton Mill, an institution that has dominated 
          Gus' life and the life of his family.  As the days passed the 
          man's grief for his son has turned to fury. 

Intro:    Marina.  Gus walks over to the mill.

Written by John Wilder, Jerry Ziegman, and Lionel E. Siegel 
Directed by Ted Post

Scene 1:  Gus goes in to talk with Julie Anderson.  She has a photo of 
          Betty on her desk.  He asks her to pick up the phone, and dial 
          214, and give him an advance.  She calls payroll and authorizes 
          an advance.  Gus says that Leslie pushed him down.  Schuster 
          comes in and asks Gus how he can help him.  Gus says that Julie 
          has taken care of it.  Schuster calls Julie into his office.  
          Schuster complains that Peyton wants him to mail in the 
          report.  The phone rings.  Julie answers.  It is Leslie 
          calling.  Leslie says he wants to come over that night after 
          work to see her.  She agrees.  Schuster asks if it was Leslie.  
          She says that it was.  

Scene 2:  The Harrington mailbox by the stairs to the apartment.  Leslie 
          climbs the stairs and finds Norman sweeping.  Norman welcomes 
          his father to the Harrington Haven on the Hill.  Norman says 
          that on a clear day you can see nothing.  Leslie observes that 
          this used to be Paul Hanley's apartment.  Leslie says that he 
          has already taken a room at the Inn. 

Scene 3:  Steven goes in the Tavern to visit with Ada.  Two "regulars" 
          are just leaving.  The juke box is playing.  She is reading the 
          paper.  Ada asks what he is drinking.  Steven says that he is 
          there to ask questions.  Ada says that she would like a month's 
          vacation from this town starting right now.  Steven tells her 
          that when the trial starts he will subpoena her and she will 
          have to testify in public.  Ada says that Stella was in the 
          Tavern the night Joe was killed.  

          Rita shows up and speaks to Steven.  Steven says that he would 
          like to talk with her.  They talk.  Steven leaves.  Ada says 
          that they must not get involved with the Harringtons.  The 
          phone rings in the living area.  Ada answers.  Rita splits.  
          Ada hangs up, no one is on the line. 

Scene 4:  Stella is walking on the wharf, dressed in black.  Rev. Jerry 
          Bedford calls to her from the Chowder Pot.  She says that she 
          didn't know that he was back in town.  He invites her for 
          coffee.  He orders two coffees from Frank.  They drink 
          their coffee and talk.  She thanks him and leaves. 

Scene 5:  Dr. Rossi goes to the Chernak house and knocks.  He writes a 
          note and then seeing Stella approaching, calls to her.  She 
          invites him in the house.  He tells her that he has gotten the 
          good news.  He has been granted the money for his research 
          project.  Rossi says he came by to ask her to do him a favor.  
          He asks the status of her job on the west coast.  She evades 
          the question by saying it was going to be a holiday.  He says 
          that the job he has for her is not too exciting.  He tells her 
          that the board of directors have granted him the money for his 
          research project.  He asks for her help.  She offers him sugar 
          and cream for his coffee.  Stella says that she hasn't decided 
          whether she is going to stay.  

          The phone rings and Stella answers it.  It is John Fowler 
          calling to ask when she can come in to make a statement.  He 
          wants her right now.  She says she will come in later when she 
          gets a chance.  The conversation ends. 

          Rossi offers Stella a job at the hospital.  Stella says that 
          she will do the favor for him.  Rossi thanks her.  Rossi tells 
          Stella that she would have to learn to make good coffee.  [At 
          that point in time a secretary was expected to make coffee.]  

          Rossi asks if he can drop her off somewhere.  She asks him to 
          take her to the police station. 

Preview:  Norman talks with Rita.  Constance talks to Eli.  John Fowler 
          talks with Elliot Carson. 

          NH:  I think your mom's just afraid to take the stand.
          RJ:  You don't.  That's not why.  She's scared, for me.

          CM:  Rodney does need our encouragement and our help.  But he 
               doesn't need useless tears.  They don't wash away 

          JF:  I don't need to see you all the time to remind me of my 
               father's mistake. 
          EC:  I think you do.  If only to keep it from happening again. 

Leslie mentions that the apartment used to be Paul Hanley's.
Frank, coffee vendor on the wharf.
Stella Chernak-Lee Grant.
Gustav Gus Chernak-Bruce Gordon.  [Untouchables]
Anna Chernak-Anna Karen. 
Jerome Jerry Bedford-Ted Hartley.