Episode 126.
          Allison is the victim of a hit-and-run accident.
WA:       John Fowler was elected District Attorney of Peyton County 
          by a large plurality.  The public respected him as the son 
          of a noted prosecutor who had served them well.  Now with 
          the death of young Joe Chernak, John Fowler is determined 
          to gain the public trust on his own.  Carefully, he is 
          building his case against Rodney Harrington.   

Intro:    D.A. John Fowler walking to the courthouse.  Fowler enters 
          his office, room 12, which is immediately off the booking 
          room, places his briefcase on his desk, hangs up his suit 
          coat, and sits at his desk.  He begins placing a call to 
          Stella Chernak.

Written by Michael Gleason and Sonya Roberts
Directed by John Newland

Scene 1:  Rossi is at the Chernak house, visiting with Stella, as the 
          telephone rings.  Fowler asks her how she is feeling.  He 
          says that he had been waiting for her call.  John Fowler 
          tells her it is important for her to record her statement.  
          She promises to make a statement.  The call ends.  She 
          continues to talk with Dr. Rossi about working on his 
          research project.  He offers to drop her off somewhere.  
          She asks him to drop her off at the police station. 

Scene 2:  Sound of clanking silverware in the Carson house.  
          Constance dashes into the living room to find Eli Carson 
          cleaning up the silver.  Eli says he was at the Clarion the 
          night that Rodney came in and wanted to talk with Matthew.  
          He tried to get Rodney to talk him, but he didn't try hard 
          enough.  He says that he should have encouraged Rodney to 
          go straight to the police then and there.  Eli says it is 
          partly his fault that Rodney is in trouble.  Constance 
          tells Eli not to blame himself. 

Scene 3:  Dr. Rossi drives Stella to the square and parks in front of 
          the Colonial Post Inn.  This is another view of the north 
          side of the bank building and hospital.  Rossi escorts 
          Stella along the sidewalk from the Inn to the Town Hall.  
          He tells her he knows that the experience won't be 
          pleasant.  He tells her that she should get it over with as 
          soon as possible.  He tells her that a boy's life may 
          depend on her her ability to be un-emotional and to be 
          honest.  He says that he knows that she will be.  

Scene 4:  Police Sgt. Edward Goddard is off duty so Elliot waits for 
          John Fowler in the booking room of the police station.  
          Stella comes in and goes into Fowler's office.  Elliot asks 
          the police sergeant what Stella is doing there.  She has 
          come to make a voluntary statement.  Fowler calls the 
          police stenographer [Fred] in.  Stella says that Rodney 
          Harrington came to her home and asked where Joe was.  That 
          Rodney said to give him a message, that he was going to 
          finish him off.  Fowler asks Stella if she tried to stop 
          him.  Fowler thanks Stella for her cooperation and tells 
          her that he will have her statement typed up.  The male 
          police stenographer leaves.  He says that he has heard that 
          she is a bio-chemist.  Elliot walks up and asks Stella if 
          she remembers him.  She says that she does, but does not 
          wish to talk with him.  Fowler tells Elliot that he will 
          talk to him now.  Fowler suggests that Elliot put someone 
          else on the case, someone with less personal connection to 
          the principals.  John tells Elliot not to lose his balance.  
          Elliot leaves. 

Scene 5:  Rita knocks and goes into the Harrington brothers 
          apartment.  She has brought an Italian dinner.  She says 
          that she has stopped at Guido's. 

Scene 6:  Leslie goes to the George Anderson house to visit with 
          [hit on] Julie.  He rings the chimes and 
          Julie invites him in.  She asks why he came and reminds him 
          that he didn't even say goodbye when he left.  He says he 
          wanted some information, and to see him.  He said that he 
          sat in the governor's office and told what happened in the 
          Elliot Carson case.  He did not want to return to Peyton 
          Place to face the scorn.  Julie says that he may do more 
          harm than good for Rodney.  That he isn't well liked.  
          People think he is responsible for Elizabeth Carson's 
          death.  She tells him that Gus Chernak was at the mill, 
          today.  Leslie says that Rodney cannot get a fair trial in 
          Peyton Place.  Julie says that they will do everything 
          possible to ensure a fair trial.  Leslie asks if there is 
          any chance that she would have dinner with him.  She says 
          no.  He tells her goodnight. 

Scene 7:  Dr. Rossi briefly speaks to a nurse telling her to be sure 
          to make a record in that decrease in dosage.  Rossi and Dr. 
          Morton talk in the corridor of Doctors Hospital.  Morton 
          asks where Rossi gets all his energy that late in the day.  
          Rossi says 80 cups of coffee and a stale doughnut.  Morton 
          questions the choice of Stella Chernak for his helper.  
          Rossi tells him that Stella is a tough girl.  As they are 
          talking an ambulance siren is heard.  Dr. Rossi asks Dr. 
          Morton if he has any objections to Stella.  Morton more or 
          less says no.  A nurse rushes up to the Information Desk 
          and asks the duty nurse if Dr. Rossi is on call.  She is 
          told that he is. 

Scene 8:  Dr. Rossi is called into emergency for a hit-and-run.  
          Rossi rushes to the aid of the patient who turns out to 
          be Allison Mackenzie.  Rossi says, "Allison." 

Preview:  Betty talks with Leslie.  Ada talks with Rita.  Elliot talks 
          with Dr. Rossi. 

          BA:  Nothing is over and done with, Mr. Harrington.  
               You ought to know that. 

          LH:  Betty, you haven't changed as much as I thought.
          BA:  Neither have you, Mr. Harrington.
          AJ:  We're going away until this mess with Rodney and the 
               trial is over.  Tomorrow morning, we pack. 
          RJ:  Well, you go if you want.  I'm staying.
          EC:  What are the chances?
          MR.  Too early to tell.
          CM:  May we see her?
          MR:  She won't see you or hear you.  She won't even know 
               you are there. 

Stella Chernak-Lee Grant. 
Rev. Jerome "Jerry" Bedford-Ted Hartley.
Allison takes Chris Webber to Guidos in episode 231.
In the interest of consistency, we use the term "Hit-and-run" even when
  "hit-run" is spoken by the character.