Episode 127.
          Dr. Rossi has the life of a friend in his hands.
WA:       Minutes ago, an ambulance pulled up to the emergency 
          entrance of Doctors Hospital.  An everyday occurance for 
          hospitals everywhere.  A passing motorist found an 
          unconscious girl lying by the side of a beach road.  The 
          girl was Allison Mackenzie. 

Intro:    An ambulance backs up to the emergency entrance on the 
          north side of Doctors Hospital.  [It is hard to believe 
          that ambulances looked like that in 1965.  They looked like 
          station wagons.]

Written by Lionel E. Siegel and Sonya Roberts
Directed by John Newland

Scene 1:  Rossi and Morton are examining Allison.  Dr. Morton asked 
          what happened to her.  Rossi says it was "hit-and-run."  
          "170 over 100."  Rossi says that her breathing is normal.  
          And that she has some contusions.  Morton asks if the 
          Carsons have been notified.  Rossi says that he wants to do 
          that himself.  

Scene 2:  Constance is pacing the floor in the livingroom of the 
          Carson home.  The phone rings.  Eli says "Why don't you 
          answer it?"  Eli answers the phone.  Rossi asks to talk 
          with Constance and and tells his father to stand by.  Rossi 
          tells her that Allison has been injured.  He tells 
          Constance that they are already treating her.  Rossi tells 
          her to let Eli drive her to the hospital.  Elliot arrives 
          and is told that Allison has been hurt and is in the 
          hospital.  He says, "Let's go." 

Scene 3:  Leslie greets the hostess in the Colonial Post Inn 
          restaurant.  She takes his hat.  She asks if someone will 
          be joining him.  He says no.  She takes him in the dining 
          area.  He is greeted by Steven Cord who asks Leslie to join 
          them.  Leslie orders a scotch and soda.  Steven is dining 
          with Betty.  Leslie tries to make pleasant chat.  Leslie 
          tells how Hannah used to bring Steven there on his birthday 
          every year.  Betty asks Leslie if he will be staying at the 
          Inn.  Leslie asks Steven about a change of venue.  Steven 
          is called to the phone and Leslie excuses him.  Leslie says 
          that Betty is seeing Steven Cord.  Betty says that they are 
          friends.  Betty asks if it was Rodney's idea to move the 
          trial.  Leslie allows that he is happy that she is making a 
          new life for herself.  Leslie says that she has had the 
          good sense to put the past behind her.  Betty says that 
          nothing is over and done with.  Leslie tells Betty that she 
          hasn't changed as much as he had thought.  She says, 
          "Neither have you, Mr. Harrington." 

          Theodore Dowell talks with Steven on the phone.  He tells 
          Steven that Peyton blames him for Leslie's return.  

          Betty goes over to Leslie's table and asks permission to 
          sit.  She wants to continue their talk.  They chat.  Leslie 
          says that he did the best thing for Rodney.  Steven returns 
          and joins them.  Betty and Steven leave. 

Scene 4:  Elliot and Constance show up at the Information Desk at 
          Doctors Hospital and speak with miss Choate.  Sgt. Goddard 
          walks up and tells Elliot he is sorry about what happened 
          to Allison.  Constance sees Dr. Robert Morton and asks him 
          how Allison is.  Morton says that Rossi is with her.  
          Elliot walks up.  Dr. Morton says that Dr. Rossi is doing a 
          spinal tap.  

Scene 5:  Outside the Tavern, Rita stops and ponders.  Inside the 
          Tavern, Ada puts a hat on "Bill" and tells him "goodnight."  
          Bill says he wants another drink.  She tells him that she 
          is closed.  Ada and Rita chat.  Ada asks what Norman said.  
          Ada says that she knows what's best to do.  Not Norman.  
          Ada asks Rita if she thinks that Norman really cares.  Rita 
          says that she does.  Ada warns her about testifying about 
          Kitch, Joe, and the others.  Ada says that she cares more 
          about Rita than anyone else in town.  Rita goes in the 
          bedroom and shuts the door.  The phone rings and John 
          Fowler asks to talk with Rita.  Rita agrees to talk with 
          Fowler tomorrow, there at the Tavern.  She tells Ada that 
          Fowler is coming there tomorrow to ask her questions. 

Scene 7:  Steven drives Betty home.  They talk about Rodney.  Betty 
          tells Betty says, "Steven, you know I like you, but you 
          won't settle for that."  Steven says, "Why should I?"  
          Betty kisses Steven.  She goes in the house.  Steven has a 
          confused look on his face. 

Scene 8:  In the lab, Dr. Rossi is looking at a test-tube.  Dr. 
          Morton arrives.  Rossi allows, "There is a definite blood 
          tinge." Morton says her youth may bring her through.  
          Morton asks how bad it is.  Rossi says, "It looks like 
          20,000 red cells minimum."  Rossi puts an x-ray in the 
          viewer and discusses it with Dr. Morton.  

Scene 9:  Eli gets up from the bench where Elliot and Constance are 
          sitting.  Rossi and Morton walk up and talk to Elliot and 
          Constance.  Constance asks if Allison is alive.  Rossi 
          assures her that she is indeed alive.  Elliot asks how she 
          is.  Constance asks to see Allison.  Rossi tells Constance 
          that Allison is in a coma. 

Preview:  Rossi grabs and talks with Constance.  Leslie talks to 
          Theodore Dowell.  John Fowler and Elliot Carson shout at 
          each other. 

          MR:  Wait.  Wait.  Stop.  
          CM:  Oh, Mike.  Betty.  
          MR:  You can't. 
          CM:  I just want to know she's there.

          LH:  I'd like to know if I'm in the red or in the black.  
               If there's going to be a trial, I want it held on 
               neutral ground where there's absolutely no possibility 
               of outside emotion exploding in the courtroom. 

          JF:  Just the other day you were screaming for my scalp for 
               being a vengeance seeker and moving too fast on the 
               Harrington case. 
          EC:  That's right.  And I'm going to go right on shouting. 

Betty kisses Steven.          
Bill, a Tavern patron-uncredited.
Police Sgt. Edward Goddard-Garry Walberg.