Episode 128.

          Ada and Rita resolve a conflict. 

WA:       Constance Mackenzie awakens in Doctors Hospital to discover 
          that her nightmare is real.  Last night her daughter 
          Allison was critically injured by a hit-and-run driver. 

Intro:    Main entrance to Doctors Hospital.  Information desk.  
          Constance is sleeping in the hospital.  She is having a 
          nightmare.  She hears Allison's voice.  "Mother, mother." 
          Constance awakens and shouts, "Allison." 

Written by John Wilder & Jerry Ziegman and Michael Gleason.
Directed by Walter Doniger.

Scene 1:  Constance goes out into the hospital corridor.  Betty, 
          garbed as a nurse's aide, grabs her and tells her that 
          Allison is in the Intensive Care Unit.  That there is no 
          change in her condition.  Betty tells Constance that she 
          can not see Allison.  Rossi walks up and tells Constance 
          that she can't see her daughter. 

Scene 2:  Allison is under an oxygen tent in intensive care.  Betty 
          ushers Constance out.  

Scene 3:  John Fowler comes in the Tavern and introduces himself to 
          Ada Jacks.  She takes him to see Rita in the living area in 
          back.  Ada introduces Rita to John Fowler.  Ada offers him 
          coffee.  Fowler asks Ada to stay.  Fowler compliments Ada 
          on her coffee.  Fowler thanks them and leaves.  

Scene 4:  Steven go into the law office and speaks to miss Ann Nolan.  
          Her desk is in the outer office.  Dowell's office and 
          Steven's office are on opposite sides of her desk.  She 
          takes Steven's messages as well as Dowell's.  She tells 
          Steven that Leslie is in Dowell's office.  Leslie asks for 
          a match.  He says that Dowell's lighter doesn't seem to 
          work.  Leslie says that he lost every lighter that he has 
          ever had.  Leslie asks where Dowell is.  Leslie brings up 
          the concept of change of venue.  Leslie inquires of 
          Steven's experience in criminal law.  Steven worked on the 
          Murdock case. 

Scene 5:  Rodney is reading a newspaper in his cell as Norman comes 
          to visit.  Rodney speaks to Norman without seeing who he 
          is.  He says that he can recognize people by the sound of 
          their walk.  Rodney tells Norman how much Allison's visit 
          meant to him.  Norman tells Rodney that Ada wants Rita to 
          leave town til the trial is over.  Rodney says that one day 
          this will all be over.  Norman says that he is not 
          complaining.  Rodney thanks Norman for coming to visit. 

Scene 6:  Elliot is in the booking room [squad room] of the jail, 
          waiting.  Ceiling fans are revolving.  Police Sgt. Edward 
          Goddard comes in and Elliot insists on talking to him right 
          then.  Steven shouts at Fowler, "And I'm going to go right 
          on shouting."  Norman comes out and talks with Elliot.  
          Norman asks what happened to Allison.  Elliot says that 
          Allison was hit by a car and is in a coma.  Norman wants to 
          tell Rodney, but Elliot says they should wait til tomorrow. 

Preview:  Steven talks to Norman and Rita.  John talks to Dr. Rossi.  
          Leslie talks with Rodney. 

          SC:  How long do you think you can hide certain basic facts 
               from a trained attorney like Fowler?  A good lawyer 
               has to live with the facts and make the truth work for 

          JF:  The Schuster child may be disturbed.  But one fact 
               remains.  That child saw what happened on the wharf 
               that night. 

          LH:  What's right isn't always what's best, Rod.
          RH:  Sometimes.  
          LH:  Sometimes this town sends innocent men to prison. 

Sgt. Edward Goddard-Garry Walberg.
In the interest of consistency we use "Hit-and-Run" even though the 
   narrator says "Hit-run".