Episode 129.
          Leslie is angry.

WA:       In the matter of criminal case number 48255, the people vs 
          Rodney Harrington, another element has been added, 
          unofficially.  Allison Mackenzie has been struck down by a 
          hit-and-run car.  She lies in critical condition in Doctors 
          Hospital.  As a result Leslie Harrington and the Harrington 
          family attorney, Theodore Dowell, have been forced to 
          reappraise their planned defense. 

Intro:    Scenes around Peyton Place.  Rodney lying on the fold down 
          cot in his jail cell.

Written by Peggy Shaw and Carol Sobieski
Directed by Walter Doniger 

Scene 1:  Elliot, Leslie, Norman, and Dowell meet up on the square 
          and talk about Allison.  Leslie tells Elliot that he was 
          shocked when he heard about Allison.  Elliot and Norman go 
          to the Clarion. 

          Leslie tells Dowell they must be careful not to mention 
          Allison.  Leslie and Dowell go in the police station and 
          are ushered in to see Rodney in his cell.  Rodney greets 
          Leslie and Mr. Dowell.  Leslie tells Rodney that he wants 
          the trial moved from Peyton Place.  Rodney doesn't want the 
          trial moved.  Rodney asks about bail.  It was turned down.  
          Rodney says that he wants the trial held in Peyton Place, 
          that he doesn't want any special privileges.  Leslie tells 
          Rodney that he doesn't have to make up his mind right now.  
          Leslie says that Rodney will come around. 

Scene 2:  A car pulls up in front of the courthouse and David and 
          Doris Schuster get out.  David says that they are right on 
          time.  Doris tries to prepare Kim to talk with John Fowler.  
          They are concerned that Rossi is not there.  Rossi shows 
          up.  He asks if he has kept them waiting.  Doris inquires 
          about Allison.  They go in to see John Fowler.  Schuster 
          shakes hands with John.  John greets Kim.  Schuster 
          explains that Rossi is here because Kim is a special child.  
          Fowler has a long interview with Kim.  This would be called 
          a deposition.  A long deposition. 

Scene 3:  In the Pharmacy, a lady with a very wide-brimmed hat 
          complains to Rita that they don't have any newspapers, not 
          even a Clarion.  She says that the Book Gallery is closed.  
          Rita suggests that she try the newstand at the supermarket.  
          Norman tells her that there has been a tragedy in the 
          family, and that is why the Book Gallery is closed.  Steven 
          and Norman come in and talk with Rita.  Norman kisses Rita 
          on the cheek.  He kisses her again. 

Scene 4:  The guard admits Betty, in her hospital garb, to Rodney's 
          jail cell and relocks the door.  Rodney asks Betty if she 
          is coming from the hospital.  Rodney tells Betty that she 
          can sit on the fold down cot.  Rodney thanks her for coming 
          to the apartment the night he was attested.  He asks Betty 
          if she talked to Allison about his arrest.  Betty tells 
          Rodney that Allison is in the hospital.  He asked what 
          happened.  Betty tells him that Allison was hit by a car 
          last night.  She says it is serious, it was a hit-and-run.  
          He asked what time it was.  He tells Betty that Allison saw 
          him shortly before the accident.  Rodney asked why his 
          father didn't tell him this morning.  Rodney says that he 
          has to get out of here.  He must go see Allison.  Rodney 
          calls the guard.  Rodney says, "Dan, Dan."  The jailer 
          opens the door and Betty leaves.  The door is closed and 

Preview:  Rossi talks with Stella.  Rodney talks to Leslie.  David 
          Schuster shouts at Norman. 

          MR:  Why did you accept this job?  
          SC:  It's going to be a long cold winter.  I wanted to get 
               in out of the weather, but your roof's got a leak. 

          RH:  For the last time, I don't want the trial moved.  No 
               deals.  Understand?

          DS:  Norman, be quiet.
          NH:  This is important.  Now when he picked it up, he 
               didn't throw it at Joe, he threw it away. 
          DS:  Shut up, Norman.
          NH:  Oh, cool it.

Supermarket mentioned by Rita.
Officer Dan, guard, jailer-uncredited.
In the narration, Warner Anderson uses the phrase hit-run instead 
  of hit-and-run as would we.