Episode 130.
          Shattering news for Rodney. 

WA:       For the first time since he was charged with the murder of 
          Joe Chernak, Rodney Harrington finds his jail cell 
          intolerable. He has learned Allison Mackenzie is the victim 
          of a hit-run driver.  And Betty Anderson now carries his 
          feelings away from his cell to the outside world. 

Intro:    Square.  Police Station. 

Written by Michael Gleason and Rita Lakin
Directed by John Newland

Scene 1:  In Doctors Hospital, Betty goes through the double doors 
          and walks up to the Information Desk to asks permission to 
          make a five minute telephone call.  She goes to a pay phone 
          and calls Leslie Harrington.  [She drops in a dime and 
          immediately dials six digits, but who's counting?  Dial 
          tones were instantaneous in Peyton Place back then.]  She 
          asks for Mr. Harrington.  She tells Leslie that Rodney 
          wants to see him right away.  Leslie asks her what it is 
          about.  Betty says that Rodney had better tell him.  Leslie 
          thanks her and says goodbye. 

Scene 2:  Dr. Rossi is giving instructions to miss Choate at the 
          Information Desk as Betty walks up.  Miss Choate asks Betty 
          if she has checked the linens yet.  Betty says that she 
          will do it right away.  Choate says, "Well, good."  Rossi 
          tells Choate that he will be in miss Mackenzie's room. 

Scene 3:  Rossi walks out to the waiting room and sits with 
          Constance.  Constance says that Allison could be asleep.  
          Constance has been in the cafeteria staring into a bowl of 
          soup.  She says that she doesn't want anything.  Rossi 
          tells her to go home, that she can't do anything there.  
          Constance say that at least she can be there. 

Scene 4:  Stella comes in the reception area and introduces himself 
          to miss Choate.  Choate tells her that Rossi is expecting 
          her.  Choate asks her to fill out the personnel form.  She 
          says that Stella can bring them back tomorrow.  Choate 
          gives her condolences.  She tells Stella she would be more 
          comfortable in Dr. Rossi's office.  Betty is watching. 

Scene 5:  Betty goes in Rossi's office and talks with Stella.  Betty 
          tells her that she saw her the night that came in to tell 
          her mother about Joe.  Betty says that Stella accused 
          Rodney of killing Joe.  Betty says that Rodney did not kill 
          Joe.  Betty says it was an accident.  Rossi comes in and 
          talks with Stella.  He asked her why she accepted this job.  
          She says it's going to be a long cold winter. 

Scene 6:  Doris, David, and Kim walk over to the Book Gallery from 
          the courthouse.  Kim asks where Allison is.  David suggests 
          that they get ice cream at the drug store.  Doris 
          enthusiastically says, "I'd love some ice cream."  They 
          walk past the Les Femmes botique to the Pharmacy.  Norman 
          comes over and talks with Kim.  Kim says,"I want to see 
          Allison."  Norman asks David what happened to her.  David 
          apologizes for taking Kim to the authorities.  Kim asked 
          how he knows that KIm didn't make the story up.  Kim is 
          given ice cream and eats it.  Norman tries to put ideas in 
          Kim's mind.  David tells Norman to shut up. 

Scene 7:  Leslie goes to visit Rodney in his jail cell.  Rodney 
          complains that he wasn't told about Allison.  He says he 
          has to see Allison.  Leslie says that he can't get a fair 
          trial in this town.  Rodney says that he doesn't want the 
          trial moved. Rodney shouts, "Dan, Dan." 

Scene 8:  Outside of the bank building.  David Schuster goes to see 
          Theodore Dowell.  Schuster asks Dowell authorization to 
          spend some money.  Dowell says he can't authorize money for 
          things that Peyton hasn't approved.  Dowell says to mail 
          the report to him.  Schuster asks if this is Peyton's way 
          of easing him out.  Leslie comes in introduces himself to 
          Schuster.  He says that he needs to talk with Dowell.  
          Leslie thanks Schuster for giving Rodney the job at the 
          mill.  Schuster leaves.  Doerll has a bandage on his head.  
          Dowell had forgotten he wasn't getting in a convertible.  
          Leslie wants Rodney out of jail.  Dowell says that it will 
          probably be six figures.  Leslie says it's not important.  

Scene 9:  Elliot goes in to see Rossi.  He says that Choate told him 
          that Dr. Rossi wanted to him and Constance.  Rossi says 
          that Allison is alive and will probably stay alive.  But 
          there can be further complications.  Just outside room 212, 
          ICU, he makes detailed doctor talk.  Elliot asks about 
          surgery.  Rossi says that Allison is a healthy child and 
          that is good.  Her body is responding to the initial shock 
          of the accident.  She will be in a comatose condition for a 
          period of time.  Elliot asks for how long.  Rossi says that 
          he can't tell him.  Rossi makes a baseball analogy. 

Scene 10. Constance is looking at Allison, through an oxygen tent, as 
          Elliot and Rossi come in.  They leave.  

Preview:  Stella talks with Dr. Rossi.  Steven talks with Norman.  
          Leslie shouts at Gus Chernak.  Gus grabs Leslie. 

          SC:  I see the doctors still let their cases get to them. 
          MR:  Well, Allison is a kind of a special case. 

          SC:  When Rodney gave a statement to the police, he said quote, 
               "I had to stop Chernak from tormenting my brother." 
          NH:  You're lying, he never said that.

          LH:  I put bread on your table, for your wife, your daughter, 
               your son.  Do you understand? 

               Gus grabs Leslie's lapels.

Hit-and-run is pronounced as hit-run in the narration.