Episode 131.
          Leslie leaves to get bail instated for Rodney.
WA:       Leslie Harrington has left his attorney's office determined 
          to handle the problem of bail for his son in his own way.  
          Despite his grief over his son's death, Gus Chernak 
          has found the strength to begin to put his life together 
          again.  Gus has found this strength in the depths of his 
          hate for Leslie Harrington. 

Intro:    Square.  Courthouse.  Fire Station.  The doors to the fire 
          station are open.  A fire station rescue boat is seen just 
          south of the fire station.  Leslie walks out of the Peyton 
          Place Banking & Trust Co. building.  Dr. Rossi walks up to 
          Gus Chernak and shakes his hand.

Written by Peggy Shaw and Jerry Ziegman and John Wilder.
Directed by Ted Post.

Scene 1:  Rossi offers to give Gus a ride over to the hospital.  Gus 
          thanks Rossi for giving Stella a job at the hospital.  
          Leslie walks up.  Leslie tells Gus how sorry he is about 
          Joe.  Leslie tells Gus that Rodney didn't kill Joe.  Gus 
          tells Leslie to get away before he kills him.  Rossi asks 
          Gus if he is going to the mill.  Gus says, yes, he is going 
          to the mill. 

Scene 2:  In his room at the Inn, Leslie calls the desk and asks for 
          a cab to be waiting in ten minutes.  He says he will be 
          checking out for the night.  Gus comes in Leslie's room 
          un-announced and glares at him.  Leslie tells him that he 
          is catching the train [for Boston].  Leslie tells Gus that 
          he tried to offer his sympathy.  Leslie mentions a 
          confrontation at Freddy's Tavern.  Gus tells Leslie 
          that if they don't throw the book at Rodney, he will see 
          that Leslie gets what's coming to him. Gus says Leslie has 
          a nice suit case.  Gus says he went to Chicago to see his 
          cousin Eddie.  He put all his things in a box.  By the time 
          he got to Chicago the box had fallen apart.  Leslie tells 
          Gus that he tried to help him.  Leslie reminds Gus that he 
          kept him on the payroll.  Gus slams Leslie against the 

Scene 3:  Norman hears the disturbance.  When Leslie opens the door 
          Norman sees them.  Norman comes in and talks with Leslie.  
          Leslie tells Norman that Gus is a pitiful drunk.  Norman 
          sees the suitcases and asks Leslie if he is going 
          somewhere.  Leslie says that he is trying to get Rodney 
          released on bail.  The phone rings.  Leslie says it is 
          probably the desk.  He asks Norman to tell them he is on 
          his way.  He asks Norman if he needs some money.  He says 
          they'll have dinner whan he gets back.  He leaves. 

Scene 4:  Elliot is working in the Clarion as Eli comes in.  [The 
          PEACE newspaper is still on the wall.]  He is 
          working on the report of Allison's injury.  Eli has brought 
          Elliot some supper.  Elliot says he is not hungry.  Elliot 
          reads the item aloud: 

                    Allison Mackenzie, 18, daughter of Mr. and 
                    Mrs. Elliot Carson of 651 Seaberry Lane was 
                    struck by an automobile Monday night on Old 
                    Beach Road near Brighton point.  She was 
                    taken to Doctors Hospital where her condition 
                    is listed as critical.  Dr. Rossi, on the 
                    hospital staff, asserted that miss Mackenzie 
                    suffered a severe sub-arachnoid hemorrhage 
                    and has not regained consciousness. 

          He asks Eli to finish it.  Elliot starts to get a drink and 
          Eli asks him to get one for him, too.  Eli leaves.  

          Elliot calls Charlie [probably in White River] to give him 
          the story.  He says that it should be about three column 

Scene 5:  Dr. Rossi goes in to see Allison.  He takes her blood 
          pressure.  Betty comes in and asks how Allison is.  Rossi 
          says about the same.  Betty will be off duty and offers to 
          do anything she can.  Betty admits she told Rodney that 
          Allison was injured.  She said it just slipped out.  Betty 
          mentions that she used to wear pig tails.  She asks the 
          doctor to call her if she is needed. 

Scene 6:  Pete, the furniture mover, delivers a large file cabinet, 
          for Stella, to Dr. Rossi's office.  Stella talks to Rossi 
          about her research.  Rossi mentions the new coffee pot. 

Scene 7:  Norman goes in and talks with Steven.  He talks about 
          Leslie leaving town to get Rodney out on bail.  Steven 
          asks, "What was Chernak tormenting you about, Norman?"  
          Norman says, "Shut up." 

Preview:  Ada Jacks talks with Gus.  Steven talks with Rodney.  
          Elliot talks with officer Frank. 

          AJ:  You're not the first guy that had to come in here after 
               Harrington got through with him. 
          GC:  He's not through with me.  Not by a long shot.  And I'm 
               not through with him. 

          SC:  You don't seem to accurately judge the seriousness of 
               the spot you're in. 
          RH:  In my judgment, I've already got a lawyer whom I can 
               rely on.  

          EC:  Please give me the name and address.  That notions 
               promoter is the last one to see Allison.  I have to 
               talk to him, Frank.  Can't you understand that? 

Cousin Eddie, Gus Chernak's cousin.
Police Officer Frank-Greg Morris.  [Sometimes Gregg Morris]
Pete, hospital furniture mover-uncredited, episodes 109 and 131