Episode 132.
          Norman is frustrated and terrified. 

WA:       Gus Chernak's son, Joe, collapsed and died here on the 
          Peyton Place shoreline.  Since that tragic moment, Gus has 
          tried to pick up the pieces of his shattered life.  But 
          this day finds him on a collision course with all his past 

MEL:      Stella Chernak begins a research project at Doctors 
          Hospital. Stella replaces Julie as the female interest for 
          Dr. Rossi. First there was Constance, then Laura Brooks, 
          then Julie Anderson.  To come, Ann Howard, Rachel Welles, 
          and Marsha and her daughter Carolyn Russell. 

Intro:    Wharf.

Written by Sonya Roberts and Lionel E. Siegel
Directed by Ted Post 

Scene 1:  Gus goes in the Tavern and asks for a drink.  Ada tries to 
          discourage him from drinking.  He says he hasn't had a 
          drink since Joey died.  Ada asks why start all over again.  
          Gus says he came in for just one.  Gus insists.  Ada 
          relents.  Gus says just one drink.  Gus says he saw Leslie 
          Harrington today.  She warns Gus about making trouble for 
          himself.  Gus sits at a table.  Ada goes in the back room.  

Scene 2:  Stella drives up to her house in her old car and hears the 
          phone ringing.  She rushes in and answers the call from 
          Ada.  Ada wants Stella to come get Gus.  She says that 
          she'll be there. 

Scene 3:  Rodney is drinking coffee in his cell as Steven arrives to 
          give Rodney an update on the work on his case.  Steven says 
          that he has been with Norman.  Steven says that Dowell 
          thinks that Steven can be of some help.  Steven talks about 
          Rodney's voluntary statement.  Steven says, "We're in 

Scene 4:  In the apartment in back of the Tavern, Rita admits Norman.  
          Norman tells about his talk with Steven.  Steven prepared 
          Norman for his court appearance.  Steven had asked about 
          Rita and Norman told him to shut up.  Norman says that he 
          wants to play the juke-box.  They go in the bar.  Norman 
          goes over to the juke-box and puts in a quarter.  Gus looks 
          annoyed.  Norman looks at Gus.  Gus says, "What are you 
          looking at?"  Norman tells Gus that he heard the threat.  
          Bus tells Ada to phone the truant officer and tell him that 
          there is a minor hanging around.  Stella comes in the 
          Tavern to collect Gus.  He asks why she is there.  He 
          offers her a drink, to celebrate.  He asks her about her 
          new job.  He asks if Rossi is good to her.  She says that 
          he is.  Gus says that Ada didn't have to call her.  He says 
          it's just a test.  Stella asks Gus why he has to test 
          himself.  He asks her who she thinks he saw today.  She 
          guesses Leslie, correctly.  Gus says he went to his room at 
          the Inn.  Stella says that Rodney is going to be sent up.  
          Stella asks what he is going to do with his drink.  He 
          deliberately tips it over.  Stella says that he just made a 
          lot of work for Ada.  She takes Gus home. 

Scene 5:  Constance goes in to Rossi's office looking for Elliot.  
          Rossi says that Elliot left about an hour ago.  They talk 
          about Allison.  Constance mentions that Allison isn't even 
          20 years old. 

Scene 6:  Elliot walks over to the Police Department.  [Good view of 
          the Fire Station.]  He goes up to officer Frank, who claims 
          he was not asleep.  Elliot says that he has been checking 
          the beach road.  Frank says that the car will show up.  
          Elliot says that the car will probably be taken to Boston.  
          Frank tells Elliot about a Mr. Timothy Banks who sells 
          needles and buttons, a notions promoter and salesman.  
          Frank gets the file.  He lives at 26 Baskin Street, White 

Scene 7:  Elliot goes to see Mr. Banks, who is a Wallace Wimple type.  
          Banks tells Allison about the blonde-haired girl.  The girl 
          was sitting looking at the ocean.  Elliot asked if 
          he followed her.  Banks said he got in his car and found 
          her lying on the road.  He says he used to have an angel 
          fish.  Leslie leaves. 

Preview:  Dr. Rossi talks to Constance.  Hannah talks with Leslie.  
          David talks to Doris. 

          MR:    Connie, look at me.  I spoke to Dr. Morton.  I 
                 wanted to know why you went to see him the other 
                 day, if it was routine.  

          HC:    Mr. Peyton is a very sick man.  Call me tomorrow.  
                 I'll see what can be done. 
          LH:    Not tomorrow.  Now. 
          David: I don't want to prove anything to you or Martin 
                 Peyton.  I just want to be the kind of man I want to 
                 be.  The kind of man I thought you wanted me to be. 

Officer Frank-Greg Morris.  [sometimes Gregg Morris]
Timothy Banks-James O'Rear, the man who discovered Allison. 
Wallace "Wally" Wimple, character on old radio show Fibber McGee and Molly.