Episode 134.    
          Marian Fowler tries to cover up the hit-and-run.
WA:       A news item in today's Peyton Place Clarion:  Allison 
          Mackenzie, 18, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Carson of 
          651 Seaberry Lane was struck by an automobile Monday night 
          on the old Beach Road near Brighton Point.  She was taken 
          to Doctors Hospital where her condition is listed as 
          critical.  Dr. Michael Rossi of the hospital staff, said 
          that miss Mackenzie suffered a severe sub-arachnoid 
          hemorrhage and has not regained consciousness.  End of news 
          item.  And the beginning of fear for Marian Fowler. 

Intro.    Residential area.  Marian Fowler goes out to her car.  She 
          gets in and starts the engine.

Written by Carol Sobieski and Michael Gleason
Directed by Walter Doniger

Scene 1:  Marian Fowler deliberately rams her car into a garage post 
          to cover up the damage done when she hit Allison.  John 
          comes out and tells her he will drive her car to the garage 
          and she can take his car. 

Scene 2:  In Rodney's jail cell, Dr. Rossi is talking to Rodney about 
          Allison.  When Rossi leaves, Leslie arrives.  Leslie tells 
          Rodney that he has been to see Peyton to get the bail to 
          release Rodney. 

Scene 3:  Leslie comes out of the courthouse and meets up with Julie.  
          They talk about Rodney and Betty.  In the foreground is 
          Marian Fowler's car with the bent bumper and the damaged 
          headlight.  He invites her to dinner. 

Scene 4:  In the hospital Betty, in her hospital garb, talks with 
          Stella Chernak.  Rev. Jerry Bedford walks up and speaks 
          with Stella.  They had been in school together.  Betty 
          watches.  Stella moves on.  Jerry goes over and talks with 

Scene 5:  Marian comes in the Doctors Hospital and is greeted by 
          Doris Schuster.  They chat briefly.  Doris says she, also, 
          will be working in the hospital.  Miss Choate greets Doris.  
          Choate begins organizing the volunteers.  Including the 
          wife of the coroner.  Marian and Doris chat some more.  
          Marian tells Doris that she will hear about a lot of 
          problems.  Dr. Morton comes out and speaks with Marian.  He 
          asks her to escort Constance Mackenzie around the hospital 
          and into the therapy room.  Marian agrees.  Morton says 
          that a young person can take a great deal. 

Scene 6:  In the therapy room, Russ Gehring is carrying a boy 
          piggy-back [pick-a-back].  He is working with some children 
          who are debilitated or have been injured.  Gehring talks 
          about how some of the children have improved.  Marian comes 
          in and says, "Hello."  Constance comes in and Marian 
          mentions that she has previously been in the Book Gallery.  
          Marian introduces Constance to therapist Russ Gehring. 

Scene 7:  Steven talks with Leslie Harrington.  Leslie says that 
          Peyton refused.  Leslie allows that they are talking about 
          a great deal of money.  Leslie says that he doesn't know 
          what to do.  The phone rings.  It is Martin Peyton calling 
          for Steven Cord.  Steven tells Peyton that the bail may be 
          as much as 6 figures.  Peyton gives the okay and is told to 
          proceed.  Leslie says that Peyton did it to insult him. 

Scene 8:  John Fowler comes out of the courthouse as Steven and 
          Leslie walk up.  Fowler says they are lucky because Judge 
          Clark will decide on bail.  Fowler also allows that Rodney 
          is fortunate to have a father who can put up that kind of 
          bail money. 
Scene 9:  Marian Fowler pulls up by the NO PARKING sign in 
          front of the courthouse and her husband, D.A. John Fowler 
          comes over.  She is driving his car.  He had driven to the 
          courthouse in her damaged car.  She wants him to take her 
          car to the garage right away.  She says she will follow him 
          there.  They make lovey-dovey gestures to each other before 
          driving off west and then north toward Al's body shop. 

Preview:  Ada Jacks talks with Leslie.  John Fowler talks to Marian.  
          Stella talks to Leslie Harrington. 

          AJ:  Elizabeth Carson was my friend.
          LH:  That's past.
          AJ:  Yes, but let's sweep it under the rug.  You must be 
               getting good at that.  You've had a lot of practice. 

          JF:  All they'll remember is Rodney Harrington, Martin 
               Peyton's grandson, the boy whose father bought his way 
               out of jail.  If they don't remember, I'll remind them. 

          SC:  Maybe you can change the laws so that your son can get 
               out of jail.  But you can't change my father.

Stella Chernak-Lee Grant.
Marian Fowler-Joan Blackman.
Jerome Jerry Bedford-Ted Hartley.
Al Pearson, mechanic-Jack Dodson.  [Howard Sprague of Andy Griffith]