Episode 135.
          Leslie pays a visit to Ada Jacks at the Tavern.
WA:       District Attorney Fowler is bringing his wife's car to have the 
          fender straightened.  Mrs. Fowler has urgent reason for wanting 
          this done, immediately.  

Intro:    John is driving Marian Fowler's car to Al Pearson's garage and 
          body shop near the wharf.  She is following in his car.

Written by Rita Lakin and Sonya Roberts
Directed by John Newland

Scene 1:  John gets out of her car.  Still in his car, Marian says, to 
          John "Don't tell me they're closed."  Marian says she remembers 
          seeing lights on the other night.  She reads the sign "Be back 
          in 20 minutes."  She asks John if they can wait.  He reluctantly 
          accedes to her wishes. 

Scene 2:  Leslie is talking to Norman near the wharf.  He invites Norman 
          and Rita to dinner. 

Scene 3:  Leslie goes into Ada Jacks Tavern and talks with Ada.  She says 
          that it has been 18 years.  He is there to pick up Rita for 
          Dinner.  Ada says that Elizabeth Carson was her friend.  Rita 
          comes in and is introduced to Leslie.  Leslie says that he is 
          there to take her to dinner.  The are going to the Lobster Pot 
          on the wharf. 

Scene 4:  Al Pearson is looking at the damage on Marian Fowler's car.  He 
          says he will need the car until the end of the week.  Marian is 
          having trouble with the beverage machine [coke machine].  Al 
          comes over and helps her.  Al says that he won't need to make a 
          report for the police.  John says he doesn't want any special 
          treatment because of his position as District Attorney. 

Scene 5:  Leslie Harrington is treating Norman and Rita at the lobster 
          market on the wharf.  Charlie's father was also named Charlie.  
          Leslie catches sight of Stella Chernak.  He excuses himself 
          briefly and goes over and introduces himself to Stella.  Leslie 
          tries to make pleasant conversation about Stella's father who 
          works at the mill.  Gus had been a mill operator but is now a 
          nightwatchman.  Stella is rather cold to Leslie. 

Scene 6:  John Fowler goes in the livingroom of the Fowler home where 
          Marian is.  He kisses his wife.  They sit at the table and 
          talk.  John reads an open letter in the Clarion which is 
          quite critical of him.  

Scene 7:  Steven visits Rodney in his jail cell.  Steven announces that 
          bail has been granted and Rodney will be set free.  Rodney 
          collects his belongings, signs some papers, and is released 
          from jail.  

Scene 8:  Dr. Rossi returns to his office where Stella is working behind 
          her desk.  She is deep in thought.  His entrance startles her.  
          They chat.  He tells her that miss Choate wants Stella's 
          personnel file.  

Scene 9:  Stella Chernak takes her personnel file folder out to the 
          Information Desk in the reception area and gives it to Betty 
          who is on duty.  Rodney walks up and encounters Stella but 
          neither speaks to the other. 

Pewview:  Elliot Carson talks with John Fowler.  Rodney talks with Steven 

          EC:  You are also very nice about letting other people voice 
               your opinions for you.  
          JF:  And as a newspaper man, you object to that? 
          ED:  As a man, I object to it.
          MF:  I never felt that way before.
          RG:  Why did you run away.
          MF:  I was scared.

          RH:  Look, I want to get up there and explain what happened, 
          SC:  The next time you stand, it may be in front of a judge 
               for your sentence. 

Marian Fowler-Joan Blackman. [Sometimes incorrectly spelled Blackmon].
Marian is sometimes incorrectly spelled Marion.
John Fowler-John Kerr. 
Al Pearson, the mechanic-Jack Dodson.
The following had brushes with the law in Peyton Place:  Joe Chernak, 
  Rodney Harrington, Marian Fowler, Richard Jensen, Stella Chernak, Lee 
  Webber, Elliot Carson, Jack Chandler, Eddie Jacks, Rachel Welles, Lew 
  Miles, and Dr. Michael Rossi.  Also Allison and Norman put frogs in the 
  school bass drum. 

Sometimes "Mr. Charlie" sounds like "Mr. Jolly."