Episode 136.
          Steven outlines his defense strategy.
WA:       This morning, bail was set in the Joe Chernak murder case.  And 
          for the moment, Rodney Harrington has been given his freedom.  
          Freedom to visit a darkened room in Doctors Hospital where 
          Allison Mackenzie lies in a coma. 

Intro:    Outside main entrance to Doctors Hospital.

Written by Peggy Shaw and Rita Lakin
Directed by John Newland

Scene 1:  Rodney goes into Allison's hospital room and bends over the bed 
          to kiss her.  Allison is still in a coma and Rodney looks 
          longingly and lovingly at her before leaving the room.  Out in 
          the hall, Rodney is offered a cup of coffee by Betty Anderson.  
          Rodney talks to Betty about the milk and juice given him as a 
          child by his mother.  Betty assures Rodney that people do come 
          out of these things.  Betty talks to Rodney about Russ Gehring, 
          the physical therapist.  Betty talks briefly to Russ Gehring 
          about Allison.  Gehring leaves.  Betty and Rodney talk some 
          more.  [Later in the series, Russ Gehring leaves the hospital, 
          then Ann Howard is hired as physical therapist.] 

Scene 2:  Russ Gehring meets up with Marian Fowler in the hall.  They 
          begin to argue.  Russ wants to talk with Marian and they agree 
          to meet in the therapy room.  

Scene 3:  Elliot and Constance return to the Carson house after visiting 
          Allison.  A letter from Matthew Swain has come from India.  
          Constance says that they should write him.  Elliot says that it 
          would only make him worry.  The telephone phone rings.  Charlie 
          tells Constance that they need to meet with John Fowler. 

Scene 4:  Theodore Dowell is talking with Rodney, Leslie, and Steven Cord 
          in preparation for the hearing.  Dowell explains why he doesn't 
          want Rodney to testify.  Rodney says he is sick of all the 
          explanations.  Rodney insists on testifying about what happened 
          on the wharf.  Steven agrees with Theodore Dowell that Rodney 
          should not testify.  Rodney asks Leslie if he goes along with 

Scene 5:  John Fowler is meeting with Elliot Carson and other members of 
          the press in his office.  Mitch asks why Rodney was released on 
          bond in a capital case.  Bail in a capital case is 
          unprecedented.  The bail was six figures.  Randy, the 
          photographer takes a picture of Fowler.  Jim Fogerty [of the 
          Hastings Sun] tells Elliot that he covered Elliot's murder 
          trial 18 years ago.  The press, with the exception of Elliot, 
          leave.  Elliot talks with Fowler.  Fowler tells Elliot that 
          they both live in glass houses. 

Scene 6:  Gehring is tidying up the therapy room as Marian Fowler comes 
          in to talk.  He thanks her for coming.  He says that children 
          take him for what he is.  And that women don't.  He says that 
          Marian was different.  That she didn't run.  He didn't know how 
          to act when Marian showed up at his place.  Marian says that 
          she always had herself under control.  He realizes that it was 
          Marian who had hit Allison.  He accuses her of being the driver 
          who committed the hit-and-run. 

Preview:  In the reception area, Dr. Rossi talks with Rodney.  John 
          Fowler talks with Marian Fowler.  Stella talks with Dr. Rossi. 
          MR:  I've already seen Allison.  Rodney, I think you're looking 
               for some kind of an omen.  Don't.  If there's any small 
               improvement, I'll let you know.  

          JF:  Marian, I know what you're saying.  But you have to try 
               to understand.  I've had to learn to be suspicious of 
               everything that Rodney Harrington stands for. 

          SC:  You mean you think he should forgive and forget? 
          MR:  At least forgive. 
          SC:  I wonder if you could do that, Doctor, if you were in 
               his place. 

Opening credits:
Writen by Peggy Shaw & Rita Lakin
Directed by John Newland

Closing credits:

Marian Fowler-Joan Blackman.
John Fowler-John Kerr.
Russ Gehring-David Canary.
Theodore Dowell-Patrick Whyte.

Closing credits:
Produced by Everett Chambers.
Executive Producer-Paul Monash
Executive script consultant- Richard DeRoy.

Music-Arthur Morton.
Conducted by Lionel Newman.
Director of Photography-Dale Deverman.
Art Directors-Jack Martin Smith & Stan Johnson

Production Manager-Gaston Glass.
Post Production Supervisor-Dan Nathan.
Film Editor-Chuck McClelland.
Set decorators-Walter M. Scott & Robert de Vestel.
Supervising Music Editor-Leonard Engel.
Music Editor-Kenneth Hall.
Sound Effects Editor-Jack Kirschner.
Assistant to Executive Producer-Ceil Armanda.
Post Production Coordinator-Robert Mintz.
Assistant Director-William F. Sheehan.
Men's wardrobe furnished by Michaels-Stern.

Associate Producers-Wm. J. Hole. & Wm. Allyn.
Associate Producer-Del Reisman.
Story Editor-Nina Laemmle.
Peyton Place Theme Music by Franz Waxman.
William Self in charge of production.
Filmed at the Hollywood studios of
  Twentieth Century-Fox
  Television, Inc.