Episode 137.
          Theodore Dowell has an angry confrontation. 
WA:       For most young people, summer is a season when time passes all 
          too quickly.  But for Rodney Harrington the days have passed 
          with agonizing slowness.  Since the night of Joe Chernak's 
          death he has lived in limbo, awaiting the day when he could 
          publicly clear his name.  And that day has come at last.  And 
          he must steel himself for a preliminary hearing on a charge of 

Intro:    Pharmacy.  Stairs up to the Harrington apartment over the 

Written by Sonya Roberts and Lionel E. Siegel
Directed by Ted Post

Scene 1:  Rodney is shaving with a double edged razor and getting 
          dressed for the day.  He looks for his black and red tie.  
          Norman admits that he wore it last week.  Norman apologizes 
          to Rodney for getting him in "this mess".  Rodney leaves.  
          Moments later, there is a knock on the door.  Police 
          officer Frank [Greg Morris] gives Norman a subpoena. 

Scene 2:  At the Fowler home, Marian is standing in the livingroom as 
          John comes in.  He asks if she is going to the hospital.  
          They talk about the fact that she didn't come to bed until 
          she had read for some time from a mystery novel.  [This is 
          to tell the viewers that the Fowlers are having marital 
          difficulties.]  John tells Marian that he has planned a 
          week-end trip with her.  He talks about the fact that they 
          had a planned a nursery instead of a study.  [We infer from 
          this that Marian is barren.] 

Scene 3:  Stella Chernak is working in Dr. Rossi's office at 7:44 as 
          Gus comes in to visit.  Gus wants to take her to eat.  Gus 
          says that he is going to court.  Dr. Rossi comes in and 
          suggests that Stella have breakfast with Gus.  Rossi asks 
          Gus if he is eating correctly.  Gus assures him that he is.  
          Rossi observes that Stella has the carbon paper in 
          backwards.  [Young readers of this summary should consult 
          their encyclopædia or their grandmother for the 
          meaning of the archaic term carbon paper.  Klutzes, 
          and people under stress, would occasionally put the carbon 
          paper in backwards in the typewriter.] 

Scene 4:  Rodney comes to the hospital to see Allison and visits a 
          moment with Dr. Rossi.  Rodney asks permission to see 
          Allison and is told that he may. 

Scene 5:  Dr. Rossi knocks on Dr. Morton's office door and comes in 
          to tell him that Allison has developed paralysis in her 
          left side.  

Scene 6:  In Allison's room, Constance is standing by Allison's side 
          as Rodney comes in.  Rodney leaves.  Constance leaves and 
          talks to Rodney in the hall.  Constance is optimistic. 

Scene 7:  Rossi talks with Constance.  He asks what her preference 
          is, a boy or a girl.  Constance says, "a baby." 

Scene 8:  Elliot is working in the Clarion office as Eli comes in to 
          talk before the hearing.  Eli asks Elliot how he is.  He 
          opines that Elliot might not want to step into a courtroom 
          for the rest of his life.  Eli makes a reference to 
          Portales Bay.  Elliot talks about a man whose ten-year-old 
          son was accidentally killed.  The father looked for 20 
          years and finally killed the man who was responsible for 
          the death of his son.  Eli talks about how it was a waste 
          of a man's life.  Elliot says that he is not so sure. 

Preview:  Rodney Harrington talks with Leslie.  In the courtroom, 
          Steven talks to Norman.  Gus Gustav Chernak talks 
          with Stella.   

          RH:  When I saw Elliot Carson in that courtroom . . . 
          LH:  What has Carson got to do with it?
          RH:  He was convicted in a courtroom just like that.

          SC:  No more games.  No more practice warm ups.  This is the 
               real thing.  Now you stick to the truth and not one 
               word out of you.  

          GC:  You could put a rope around his neck.
          SC:  Papa.
          GC:  A rope around his neck, Stella.
          SC:  Shut up.

Police officer Frank-Greg Morris.  [Sometimes spelled Gregg.]
The officer did not identify himself to Norman.