Episode 138.
          The Rodney Harrington murder hearing begins. 

WA:       During the past year, Elliot Carson has accomplished a rare 
          adjustment to the world around him.  His return from prison to 
          re-enter the day-to-day life of a small town.  But today, he 
          has been pulled back to a time more than 18 years ago when a 
          preliminary hearing was held in Peyton Place.  The defendant, 
          Elliot Carson, was bound over and tried on a charge of murder.  
          He was convicted and sent to prison although he was innocent.  
          Today, Rodney Harrington must take the first step in what could 
          be the same ordeal. 

Intro:    Elliot Carson walks into the Town Hall and into the courtroom. 

Written by Michael Gleason and Carol Sobieski
Directed by Ted Post

Scene 1:  Mr. Edwards, a courtroom worker, and Elliot enter the 
          courtroom.  Mr. Edwards tells Elliot that the press has to sit 
          behind the railing.  Edwards tells Elliot that he is going for 
          coffee.  Gus Chernak comes in the courtroom and greets Elliot.  
          The two men talk.  Elliot emphasizes to Gus that Leslie 
          Harrington is not on trial.  Gus talks how his 16-year-old son, 
          Joey, was sent to the honor farm because he stole a car. 

Scene 2:  David comes in the foyer as Kim and Doris run down the stairs.  
          Doris calls Mrs. Chernak.  Mrs. Chernak has brought the freshly 
          ironed dress for Kim.  She opines how Joe, even dead, still 
          makes trouble.  The chimes ring.  Julie has come with good 
          news.  Martin Peyton called for her to tell Schuster to proceed 
          with the plans.  Julie has typed up letters to set things in 
          motion.  David tells Doris for her and Kim to wait in the car 
          for him.  Schuster thanks Julie and she leaves.  David puts on 
          his coat and goes out to the car. 

Scene 3:  In Boston, Peyton is dictating a letter to Hannah concerning 
          the new mill equipment.  Peyton asks Hannah what her best guess 
          is at the length of the hearing.  Peyton asks for his "sticks."  
          Peyton tells Hannah that he is going to live and that he is 
          going to put his affairs in order.  Peyton says he is going to 
          spend his time on his family.  Hannah asks why he furnished 
          bail.  Peyton orders Hannah to get him some whiskey. 

Scene 4:  Inside the courthouse, Rodney Harrington is standing and 
          waiting.  Leslie walks up and talks with Rodney.  Leslie asks 
          Rodney why he got there so early.  Steven and Dowell show up 
          and the four go in the courtroom.  The courtroom is already 
          about half full.  Ada Jacks comes in and sits behind Kim.  
          Stella comes in and sits by Gus.  There is no chair by Gus so 
          Stella sits elsewhere.  Norman comes in and sits by Betty.  
          Steven talks with Norman.  Court opens with Judge Charles E. 
          Webber, presiding.  Norman is called first.  He slowly goes 
          forward.  He is sworn in by the clerk, Mr. Edwards.  Fowler 
          begins interrogation.  Norman talks about Kim running off from 
          Allison and him.  They eventually found Kim by the wharf.  
          Norman testifies that Kim was frightened and was crying.  
          Steven cross-examines Norman.  He asks Norman why she ran away.  
          Norman explains.  Norman is excused.  After Norman is finished, 
          Sgt. Goddard is called to the stand.  Goddard is not seen.  Gus 
          gets up and speaks to Stella.  Stella suggests to her father 
          that he Shut up. 

Preview:  Russ Gehring talks with Marian Fowler.  Steven asks Kim a 
          question and is interrupted by the judge.  John Fowler 
          examines Kim. 

          RG:  We have to decide to do.
          MF:  I don't know what you are capable of doing or not doing. 
          RG:  Do you want to take the trouble to find out? 

          SC:  Did Rodney say, "I just want to talk to you."?
          J:   Mr. Cord.
          SC:  Your Honor, I'm trying to establish...
          J:   I'm well aware of what you are trying to establish, Mr. 
               Cord but there is a an objection before the bench. 

          JF:  Can you point that person out?  
          KS:  Yes.  Him. [pointing at Rodney].

Kim Schuster-Kimberly Beck.
Mr. Edwards, court clerk-uncredited.
Judge Charles E. Webber-Gene O-Donnell.
Sgt. Edward Goddard-Garry Walberg.