Episode 139.
          Kim Schuster and Stella Chernak testify. 
WA:       As Rodney Harrington faces a charge of murder in the death of 
          Joe Chernak, Rita Jacks waits.  Now she fears further 
          involvement in his death. 
MEL:      Kim had been previously deposed. 

Intro:    Courthouse.  Pillory in foreground. 

Written by Carol Sobieski and Peggy Shaw
Directed by Walter Doniger

Scene 1:  In the Pharmacy, Eli tells Rita that he is glad she is there.  
          Rita asks why it is taking them so long.  Norman comes in and 
          says that he got a subpoena for breakfast.  He asks Eli if he 
          ever got a subpoena.  Eli says, "once."  Norman leaves.  Eli 
          says that Norman is shaping up well.  Rita gets Eli a cup of 

Scene 2:  Norman enters the courtroom.  Fowler calls Kim Schuster to the 
          stand.  Doris tells Kim that she will talk to Mr. Fowler, now.  
          Doris escorts Kim to the stand.  The clerk tells Kim to raise 
          her right hand.  The judge says they will dispense with the 
          oath.  The judge tells Kim to tell the truth.  

Scene 3:  The courtroom scene continues.  Fowler talks with Kim about the 
          time she was deposed in his office.  He asks about the night 
          when she ran away.  He asks where she went.  She says, "the 
          wharf."  John asks how many men were there.  John asks Kim to 
          touch the man she saw on the wharf.  Lawyer Theodore Dowell 
          stipulates that Rodney was on the wharf.  When John is through, 
          Steven cross-examines.  John re-examines asking only one 
          question concerning Rodney throwing the gaffing hook. 

Scene 4:  In the hallway of Doctors Hospital, Russ Gehring is pacing.  He 
          goes in Allison's room and stares at her.  He leaves.  In the 
          hall, Rossi calls to him.  Rossi says he wants to set up a 
          therapy program for Allison.  Marian was with Rossi.  Rossi 
          insists that he doesn't want atrophy to occur in Allison.  
          Marian looks at Russ Gehring. 

Scene 5:  Theodore Dowell and Steven Cord go in chambers to talk to John 
          Fowler.  Steven threatens to call in psychiatrists to testify 
          that Kim was disturbed. 

Scene 6:  Judge Charles E. Webber, Theodore Dowell, and Steven Cord go 
          back in the courtroom.  D.A. Fowler is allowed to continue.  
          He calls Stella Chernak.  She slowly goes forward and is sworn 
          in.  Stella is wearing black.  She is allowed to sit in the 
          witness chair. 

Preview:  Kim talks to Doris.  Dr. Rossi talks with Betty Anderson.  
          Leslie talks to Theodore Dowell. 

          KS:  It's dead.  It's dead.  It's dead.  [Kim stomps.]
          DS:  Now, Kim, don't say that.
          KS:  It's dead.

          MR:  Tell me what happened.
          BA:  Stella Chernak happened.  She said that Rodney said that 
               he was going to kill her brother. 

          LH:  You represent me and my sons.  You also represent Martin 
               Peyton.  Martin Peyton would do anything to destroy and 
               punish me and my sons.  And you know it.  You've always 
               known that. 

Marian Fowler-Joan Blackman
Marian had been spelled incorrectly Marion in the credits.
Judge Charles E. Webber-Gene O'Donnell.
Mr. Edwards, Court Clerk-uncredited.
Kim Schuster-Kimberly Beck. 
Kimberly Beck went on to have a lengthy movie and TV career.