Episode 140.
          Rodney is indicted. 
Clerk:    The court will rise.  Court is now in session. 

WA:       In the case of the people vs Rodney Harrington, the child, Kim 
          Schuster, has testified that she saw Rodney throw a fisherman's 
          gaffing hook at Joe Chernak.  Now, District Attorney John 
          Fowler is ready to call another witness, the witness he hopes 
          will secure his case.  

Intro:    Square.  Courthouse.  Courtroom.  John Fowler calls Stella 
          Chernak to the stand.

Written by Lionel E. Siegel and Sonya Roberts
Directed by Walter Doniger 

Scene 1:  Fowler says, "Stella Chernak to the stand."  Stella Chernak 
          gets up from her seat by Ada Jacks, and is sworn in.  Fowler 
          asks Stella to state her relationship with the deceased.  She 
          says that she was his sister.  She is asked if she knows 
          Rodney.  She says they met.  She says that Rodney came to her 
          house and asked where Joe was.  She says that Rodney threatened 
          to kill Joe.  The actual statement was, "Tell your brother I'm 
          going to get him.  Tell him that when I catch up with him, I'm 
          going to get him, I'm going to kill him."  Steven 
          cross-examines her.  Rodney jumps to his feet and repeats, 
          "That's a lie, that's a lie."  The judge asks if the defense 
          wants a recess.  Steven says, "No, your honor."  After Stella 
          has finished her court testimony, and cross-examination, the 
          prosecution rests.  Rodney demands of Steven, to testify.  He 
          is refused.  The defense rests.  The audience gets up and goes 
          out in the corridor. 

Scene 2:  Steven says that he couldn't force the prosecution to release 
          the list of witnesses in this state.  Outside in the corridor 
          Leslie, Steven, and Rodney talk.  Norman leaves.  Steven asks 
          Rodney to take a ride with him to the wharf.  Leslie asks 
          Dowell what Martin Peyton said.  Leslie says he wants answers 
          from Dowell.  He asks if Martin told Dowell to lose the case.  
          Dowell says that he wouldn't consider it for a moment.  Leslie 
          says that it was unethical to take Peyton and Harrington as 
          clients at the same time.  

Scene 3:  Doctors Hospital.  Inside Rossi is giving a prescription to a 
          nurse.  Constance comes in and talks with Dr. Rossi.  Marian 
          Fowler comes in and talks briefly with Rossi and Constance.  
          Betty comes in and asks tells Dr. Rossi about Stella's 
          testimony.  That Stella testified that Rodney threatened to 
          kill Joe.  

Scene 4:  At the mansion, Doris asks Kim if she is all right.  Kim nods.  
          Doris says, "Good."  She says that when David comes back that 
          they will do something fun.  Anna Chernak asks if they want the 
          milk in the living room.  Doris asks if there is some coffee.  
          Alma says, "Yes."  Kim says, "Joe is dead."  Kim, backs away, 
          then slowly goes upstairs.  Doris goes in the livingroom and 
          sits.  Anna Chernak brings the coffee.  Doris says that she is 
          sorry.  Anna asks if it would be better if she stayed away for 
          a few days.  Doris says they will talk about it later.  Kim 
          drops her doll off the balcony and comes back down stairs to 
          retrieve it.  Doris says they will have the doll fixed.  Kim 
          says the doll is dead.  David comes in and picks up Kim.  David 
          asks what is going on.  Doris says that they have to go back to 
          New York and put Kim in the institute, where somebody can help 
          her.  David is holding Kim in his arms as the scene ends. 

Preview:  Stella talks with Dr. Rossi.  Ada talks with Rita and Norman.  
          Leslie talks to Constance. 

          SC:  Well, come off it.  Like since when do you fall for 
          MR:  You sound like an echo.  Was your father whispering in 
               your ear?

          AJ:  Honey, You don't know lawyers.  In a case like this, they 
               don't leave stones unturned.  And you're a big stone. 
          RJ:  What do you think I ought to do?
          NH:  I think you ought to decide for yourself.
          LH:  And who are they going to be trying?  Rod or Me?  After 
               all I've done to you, who would you be trying? 

Court clerk-Owen Bush