Episode 141.
          Steven Cord reconstructs the tragedy. 

WA:       Stella Chernak has testified, in a preliminary hearing, that 
          Rodney Harrington threatened the life of her late brother, 
          Joe.  Now her testimony completed, she returns to work at 
          Doctors Hospital. 

MEL:      Betty volunteers to steal the personnel file on Stella Chernak 
          to help Steven defend Rodney against the charge of murder.  It 
          is hoped that information in the file may help discredit her.  
          Later in the series she steals Martin Peyton's will from his 
          safe.  Lee Webber sees her do it.  [Betty gets caught both 

Intro:    A man walks out of Doctors Hospital main entrance.  Betty 
          walks into the reception area and is met by Stella Chernak 
          coming in the entrance.

Written by Rita Lakin and Jerry Ziegman & John Wilder
Directed by John Newland 

Scene 1:  In the reception area, Betty talks with Stella.  Betty says 
          that Stella's testimony was just a performance.  That she 
          should have been an actress. 
Scene 2:  Stella comes into Dr. Rossi's office.  Rossi allows that he 
          thought that she had taken the remainder of the day off.  He 
          says that he doesn't understand her.  Rossi stands up and 
          reminds her that he was there that at her house when Rodney 
          came over.  He says that Rodney didn't look like was out of 
          control.  Rossi says that she sounds like an echo.  He asks if 
          her father had whispered in her ear.  Stella says that she 
          didn't mean to make trouble for him.  She offers to resign.  
          Rossi says that he doesn't have time to go around interviewing 
          personal assistants. 
Scene 3:  Constance drives over to the Book Gallery.  Leslie opens the 
          car door for her and helps her with some of her packages.  He 
          takes off his hat and asks how Allison is.  Constance has 
          dedided to open the Book Gallery for a few hours each day.  
          Leslie asks who she would be trying.  Norman brings in a 
          carton of books.  He asks Constance if she would like for him 
          to open it for her.  She says that he is thoughtful.  Leslie 
          says that is a very good idea.  Leslie and Norman leave.  The 
          phone rings.  It is Dr. Robert Morton calling to give her the 
          results of the test. 

Scene 4:  Meanwhile back in the courthouse.  Jim Fogarty of the Hastings 
          Sun is walking with Elliot.  Jim says that he would have 
          perferred to rested his case with the little girl.  Jim talks 
          about Paul Hanley, a ten year old boy that sounds like a army.  
          Marian shows up and John introduces her to Elliot and Jim.   
          Jim says that the winner is innocent because he is the winner.  
          Elliot wonders why they didn't allow Rodney to testify.
Scene 5:  John talks with Marian in his office.  She things she is 
          getting the flu, she feels awful.  She says she is sorry, that 
          she knows that he needs a rest. 
Scene 6:  Steven Cord has taken Rodney to the wharf and Rodney points 
          out where things happened the night Joe died.  Rodney said he 
          had turned and started to leave when Joe Chernak came at him 
          and collapsed.  Rodney said that he knelt down beside Joe to 
          see if he could help.  Rodney says that Joe got the gaffing 
          hook off a boat.  Steven wants to retrace every step, just as 
          John Fowler did. 
Scene 7:  Rita goes home to the apartment behind the Tavern.  Norman is 
          with her.  Rita asks Ada if she wants her to set the table.  
          Ada says, no, that she wants to talk to both of them.  Ada 
          wants to leave.  Ada wants to take Rita with her and leave.  
          Ada wants to leave now.  Ada says lawyers don't leave stones 
Scene 8:  Back outside on the wharf Steven and Rodney are still talking 
          about the fight.  Rodney says he should have known that Joe 
          wouldn't want to talk.  Rodney describes the fight in detail.  
          He said it must have been low tide.  Steven and Rodney are 
          still talking as Stella is seen walking by the Peyton Hardware 
          sign on the side of Ada Jacks' Tavern.  She and Rodney glare 
          at each other.  Stella looks at the spot in front of the 
          Tavern where Joe died. 
Preview:  Elliot Carson talks with Eli.  Betty talks with Dr. Rossi.  
          Martin Peyton talks to Steven. 

          EC:  Look, Stella Chernak gave this testimony under oath, dad. 
          Eli: Some people remember things the way they need them to be. 

          BA:  Thank you, doctor.
          MR:  Now, Betty, wait a minute, listen to me.  Rodney is a 
               good friend of mine. 
          BA:  Only, you think your friend is a murderer.

          MP:  Stella Chernak.  I want Stella Chernak destroyed. 

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