Episode 142.
          The Harringtons unite.

WA:       Peyton Place bears a proud name.  Yet, this small new 
          England town has not had a resident named Peyton in many 
          years.  The only person living, to carry the name Peyton, 
          lives in Boston, a two-hour drive from the town.  Today, 
          Martin Peyton has summoned the attorney, Steven Cord, the 
          defense counsel for his grandson, Rodney Harrington.  It is 
          a command appearance. 

MEL:      Steven interrogates Stella Chernak. 

Intro:    Square.  Courthouse.  Pharmacy.  Boston. 

Written by Michael Gleason and Lionel E. Siegel
Directed by John Newland

Scene 1:  Peyton berates Steven for his court performance.  Peyton 
          wears black, horn rimmed glasses.  Peyton says, "I want 
          Stella Chernak destroyed."  Peyton wheels over to the 
          portrait of Catherine and gazes upon it.  Hannah comes in, 
          then leaves. 

Scene 2:  Rodney comes into the reception area of the hospital 
          carrying flowers and asks Betty if he can go put the 
          flowers in Allison's room.  Rodney goes in with the flowers 
          and is soon joined by Russ Gehring.  Gehring says that he 
          will come back later.  Rodney says he is just leaving.  
          Rodney asks Gehring if he ever gets used to the hospital.  
          Gehring talks about the maniac who taught him his trade, 
          Otto Yuvotich.  Otto never left the hospital.  Otto was the 
          only person who he met who wasn't afraid of death.  Gehring 
          says that he could stay four or five rounds with him before 
          he would turn out his lights.  Gehring allows that being in 
          a coma is like being knocked out.  Gehring wants to know 
          about Allison.  Rodney says that Allison had one of her 
          poems published in the newspaper. 

Scene 3:  Norman goes home to find Leslie tidying up.  Leslie says 
          that he can't find the dry mustard.  Norman suggests that 
          Leslie set the table.  Rodney shows.  Norman promises 
          spaghetti.  He has just come from the hospital and there is 
          no change.  Norman asks where Steven took him.  Rodney says 
          the wharf. 

Scene 4:  Meanwhile back at the Inn, Norman and Betty arrive just as 
          Frances gets a phone call.  Rossi shows up.  Betty says 
          that Steven thinks that Betty will embarass him.  Betty 
          says that she wants to know why Stella did it. 

Scene 5:  In the Clarion, Eli is helping Elliot.  Jerry comes out for 
          a moment.  Eli talks about having to testify in Elliot's 
          trial for the murder of Elizabeth Hanley Carson. 

Scene 6:  In the Carson kitchen, Constance tells Elliot that she is 
          with child.  Elliot is delighted.  The 5 pots are still 
          hanging on the wall. 

Preview:  Rodney talks with Theodore Dowell.  Ada talks with Steven.  
          Leslie talks to Martin Peyton on the phone. 

          RH:  What are you trying to tell me, Sir?
          TD:  I'd like you to accept my resignation.
          RH:  I'm a lost cause?  Or is it a sinking ship?

          AJ:  Anything you want to know about Stella.  I'd appreciate 
               that you ask her. 
          SC:  Ada, the boy died just outside your door. 
          AJ:  Outside.

          LH:  I don't work for you and I don't owe you anything.  I'll 
               let you know what I decide.

Frances, hostess at the Inn-uncredited also appeared in episode 83.
Jerry, Linotype® operator at the Clarion-uncredited.
Otto Yuvotich, therapist who trained Gehring.
A small sign is seen outside the double doors to the reception room.  
Later in the series it is replaced by a large building directory.