Episode 143.
          Peyton gives Leslie an ultimatum. 
WA:       In Peyton Place, Saturday is a day for relaxing, taking stock, 
          for knocking about in old clothes.  This particular Saturday, 
          Steven Cord wears a business suit. 

Intro:    Theodore Dowell's garden.

Written by John Wilder & Jerry Ziegman and Carol Sobieski
Directed by Ted Post

Scene 1:  Steven says, "Well done, Mr. Dowell."  Stamp collecting, 
          Astronomy.  Steven says that he is just back from Boston.  
          Steven says they need to investigate Stella Chernak. 

Scene 2:  Elliot Carson comes in the waiting room of Doctors Hospital.  
          He goes past the information Desk and knocks on Dr. Rossi's 
          door.  He goes in and asks Stella when Dr. Rossi will be back.  
          Stella talks about the Clarion obituary for Joe Chernak.  Dr. 
          Rossi comes in and Elliot tells him that he has decided to read 
          to Allison.  Rossi comments to Elliot that miracles sometimes 
          do happen. 
Scene 3:  Elliot goes in to see Allison.  He is carrying a book.  He sits 
          down and begins to read.  Great expectations.  Gehring comes in 
          and tells Elliot that he read his open letter.  

Scene 4:  Norman is in the Book Gallery with Constance as John Fowler 
          comes in.  Constance has found the book for which she was 
          looking. Rita comes in and leaves with Norman.  Fowler speaks 
          to Rita. 

Scene 5:  At the Inn, Leslie accepts a phone call to Boston.  Peyton 
          tells him that he wants Dowell taken off the case.  Peyton says 
          that contrary to popular opinion, a good man is not hard 
          to find.  Leslie tells Peyton that he will let him know what he 

Scene 6:  Rodney comes in the apartment to find Dowell there.  Dowell 
          says that they have to reach a decision.  He asks Rodney to 
          accept his resignation.  Dowell says that he is not equipped to 
          handle a trial like this.  He says Rodney needs a tough lawyer.  
          Norman arrives and Dowell leaves.  

Scene 7:  Steven comes in the Tavern and talks with Ada.  A couple is 
          talking.  Business looks good.  She fixes him a bourbon.  He 
          asks Ada about Stella.  Steven reminds her that Joe died right 
          outside her door.  Stella mentions that Stella worked in White 
          River at Jackson Packing.  She tells a customer that Charlie's 
          Lobster Pot is next door.  [It is actually two doors west, the 
          other side of Ham's Arcade.]  Steven asks Ada if Stella 
          mentioned Rodney the night Joe died.  Steven tells Ada that he 
          needs to talk with Rita. 

Scene 8:  Outside on the wharf, John Fowler is carrying a styrofoam 
          cooler.  He loads the cooler into a sloop.  John tells Steven 
          that he is about to go sailing.  Steven notes that John won the 
          Walton Cup boat race last year.  Steven allows that Marian must 
          be a good mate, if he will pardon the pun.  John tells 
          Steven to have a nice day.  In the background is seen Ham's
          Shorline Arcade is seen.  Steven puts a piece of adhesive tape 
          around the perimeter of the block and tackle.  Steven is on the 
          wharf swinging the block and tackle as the scene and episode end. 

Preview:  Leslie talks to Theodore Dowell.  Rodney talks with Choate.  
          Steven talks with Michael Rossi. 

          LH:  If you mean Steven Cord, well, I'll still have to give 
               that some thought.  I don't want Peyton to get the idea 
               he can push me around.

          RH:  Is Stella Chernak in her office?
          MC:  Yes, she is.  Would you like for me to tell her that 
               you're here? 
          RH:  No.  That won't be necessary.

          SC:  Law of the jungle.
          MR:  I thought you were looking for justice.
          SC:  I'm trying to save a man's life.

Charlie's Lobster Pot is two doors west of Ada Jack's Tavern partially 
   under the stairs to the boarding house.  [Ada Jacks comments to a 
   patron that it is next door.]  Ham's Shoreline Arcade is next door to
Ada Jack tavern.  
Tommy Magnuson, lobsterologist seems to be the manager.  
Jackson Packing in White River.