Episode 144.
          Theodore Dowell retreats.

WA:       Doctors Hospital, a new arena for the Rodney Harrington 
          case.  Today, Rodney is determined to confront Stella 
          Chernak employed at the hospital, who testified he 
          threatened the life of her late brother, Joe.  In Rodney's 
          mind, that confrontation will come quickly, for the car 
          that used to be driven by Joe is now in the parking lot.  
          The new driver must be Stella. 

MEL:      Peyton decides it is time for Theodore Dowell to retire.  
          He had already been taken off Rodney's case. 

Intro:    Rodney drives up to the hospital and notices that Joe's car 
          is there.  Walks over and looks in and walks to the steps 
          of the main entrance to the hospital. 

Written by Sonya Roberts and Rita Lakin
Directed by Walter Doniger

Scene 1:  Rodney walks up the steps and goes to the information Desk.  
          He speaks to miss Choate and asks if Stella is in her 
          office.  Choate says she is.  She asks if he wants her to 
          tell Stella that he is there.  Dr. Morton is paged for an 

Scene 2:  Rodney looks in Rossi's office and asks the doctor about 
          Allison.  Rossi says there is no change.  He glares at 
          Stella, then closes the door.  Stella asks about breaking 
          down a list.  Rossi says that she will have to get used to 
          seeing Rodney since he will be visiting Allison.  Rossi 

Scene 3:  Rodney sees Betty.  She asks him if he is all right.  Betty 
          is paged to go to x-ray.  Rodney goes back to Rossi's 
          office and almost runs into Stella.  Stella tells a nurse 
          that she will be in the lab all afternoon with Dr. Randall. 

Scene 4:  Theodore Dowell knocks on Leslie Harrington's door at the Inn
          and asks permission to resign from the case.  Leslie talks 
          about the time when Peyton locked him out of his office.  
          He had the carpenters build him a new slightly larger office.  
          Dowell says he is not the man for the job.  They chat about 
          a number of things and Dowell says he has a green thumb for 

Scene 5:  Steven has a meeting with Theodore Dowell in the dining 
          room of the Inn.  Dowell tells Steven not to lose what he 
          has.  Dowell leaves.  Steven meets up with Rossi and they 
          talk.  Steven asks if Rossi had a pleasant conversation 
          with Betty the other night.  Steven talks about Stella 
          Chernak.  Steven asks Rossi, "Whose side are you on?"  
          Rossi says that he doesn't know what Rodney said to Stella.  
          The waitress brings their meals.  Rossi says that Stella 
          has been reliable.  Steven asks if Stella talked about
          California.  Stella will assist him as a bio-chemist.  
          Steven says, "You don't like these questions, do you?"  
          Rossi thanks Steven for the sandwich and then leaves.  
          Steven says that he is trying to save a man's life.  Steven 
          asks Rossi to give him the benefit of the doubt. 

Scene 6:  Rodney is sitting on the top step of the hospital as Rita 
          calls to him.  Rita asks Rodney for a favor.  She wants him
          to take a necklace to Alliseon.  Rodney escorts Rita to her 
          car.  Rita says she is sorry for the way things went.  They 
          spot Joe's car and talk about it.  He says Stella drives the 
          car to remind people about Joe.  Rita asks if she said something 
          to him the other day that upset him.  Rodney says that Stella 
          lied.  Rita says that everyone will believe him.  Rodney walks 

Scene 7:  Constance and Eli come in to the reception area and then go 
          into Allison's room.  There are lots of flowers decorating 
          the room.  Eli says that Allison has moved.  Constance says 
          that the nurses move her.  Allison is still in a coma.  
          Constance tells Eli that she is going to have a baby.  Eli 
          is absolutely delighted.  He says it is simply wonderful.  
          She tells Eli that Elliot is delighted.  Eli says it will 
          be quite an experience.  Eli says that Allison will be just 
          as happy as the rest of them.  They leave the room and talk 
          with Rodney.  Stella comes out of the office and speaks to 
          a nurse.  Eli says that the waiting is hard.  Rodney says 
          he will come back later.  Eli asks Rodney if he will give 
          him a hand in the Chandlery.  

Scene 8:  Stella leaves the hospital and is followed by Rodney.  
          Rodney runs and blocks her access to her car.  Elliot 
          Carson comes up to rescue Stella from Rodney, and Rodney 
          from himself. 

          The 20th Century Fox building is in the background.

Preview:  Elliot talks to Steven.  Rodney talks with Stella.  Leslie 
          talks to Steven. 

          EC:  Your theory would hold water, if you had nothing to 
               lose.  But Chernak.  She's risking everything that she 
               fought so hard to achieve. 

          RH:  I've never met anyone like you. 
          SC:  Why don't you try throwing something over my head?  
               Anything.  A rock, a stick, a gaffing hook.

          LH:  I've got to consider bringing in a well seasoned 
               criminal lawyer.  I hope you realize my position. 

Betty is paged to go to x-ray.
Dr. Randall.