Episode 145.
          Rodney confronts Stella. 
WA:       Stella Chernak and Rodney Harrington were both born and raised 
          in Peyton Place.  Now their lives have come together.  And each 
          is the destiny of the other. 

Intro:    Doctors Hospital.  Main Entrance.  Sign: Doctors Parking Only. 

Written by Rita Lakin and Jerry Ziegman & John Wilder
Directed by Walter Doniger

Scene 1:  Rodney follows Stella out of the main entrance of the 
          hospital.  He talks to Stella accusing her of lying in 
          court.  She says that she put her hand on the bible and 
          told the truth.  They argue about her testimony.  Elliot 
          tries to intercede.  He asks Rodney if he has been up to 
          see Allison.  Rodney says no and leaves.  Elliot tries to 
          talk with Stella.  Stella excuses herself and leaves.  

          [At the end of this scene the "Twentieth Century Fox" sign 
          is visible on the Doctors Hospital east entrance.] 

Scene 2:  Marian Fowler goes in her house.  She starts to place a call to 
          XL4327 via the marine operator, then cancels.  Instead she then 
          calls Doctors Hospital extention 162.  She speaks with Russ 
          Gehring.  They agree to meet at the playground in half an hour.  
Scene 3:  Steven Cord is listening to a tape recording of Stella 
          Chernak's statement to the police.  Steven then adds a tag to 
          the recording.  Leslie shows up and mentions that Steven's 
          secretary was not in the office.  Steven says that she doesn't 
          work Saturday.  Leslie suggests bringing in a well seasoned 
          lawyer.  Steven allows that Ashley is the most celebrated but 
          Foster would probably be the best course.  Leslie mentions 
          Farrow.  Steven tells Leslie that he wants very much to handle 
          the case.  He explains to Leslie that the first thing that the 
          new lawyer would is to ask for a postponement.  That would 
          delay things even further.  

          Rodney comes in and tells Steven and Leslie about his run-in 
          [encounter] with Stella Chernak.  Steven asks if anyone saw 
          them.  Rodney tells hem that Elliot Carson saw them.  Steven 
          and Leslie tell Rodney that he took a very foolish risk.  
          Leslie returns the list of high profile lawyers to Steven. 
Scene 4:  Elliot goes in to see Allison who is still in a coma.  He sits 
          down and reads to his daughter.  As Elliot leaves, Allison's 
          right arm moves just a whit but he doesn't notice it.  
Scene 5:  Marian Fowler and Russ Gehring meet on the playground in Peyton 
          Place and talk.  He suggests to her that she should possibly 
          tell John that she was the one who hit Allison. 
Scene 6:  Steven goes in to see Elliot.  Eli comes in to tell Elliot that 
          he has ordered a new camera with more geegaws than a 
          walrus has whiskers.  He breaks the news that there are triplets 
          in the family.  Eli leaves.  Steven is there to look at archival 
          newspapers.  He is investigating Stella Chernak.  Stella was two
          years ahead of Steven in school.  Stella's father is named 
          Gustav.  Steven Cord went to Carver High in Boston.  Matthew 
          Swain spelled his name with a ph. 

Preview:  Julie talks with Leslie.  Steven talks with Betty.  Marian 
          Fowler talks with John. 
          JA:  You never really trusted anybody.
          LH:  I can't change.  Perhaps we'd both be better off if we 
               accept that.

          BA:  Oh, come on Steven.  I know you better than that.  Mr. 
               Dowell deserves to be the lead. 
          SC:  He's not a criminal lawyer. 
          BA:  He's not an ambitious man.

          MF:  You asked me to explain...
          JF:  Get out.  When I come back, I want you out of here. 

Lawyer Ashley.
Lawyer Foster.
Lawyer Farrow.
Marian Fowler-Joan Blackman
Fowler's wife's name is spelled Marian in the credits.
Your reviewer believes that a geegaw is what we would call a feature.
One of the lawyers mentioned by Leslie in scene 3 is named Farrow.  
  Probably an inside joke.