Episode 146.
          John Fowler tells Marian to leave. 
WA:       Marian Fowler is home.  She has been forced to ask some 
          questions of herself.  And she has found some vague but 
          frightening answers.  

            [door slam] 

          Answers that are driving her to a conclusion she has spent 
          her entire life avoiding.  But the house isn't as empty or 
          as safe as she expected. 

Intro:    Marian is driving home. 

Written by Carol Sobieski and Michael Gleason
Directed by John Newland

Scene 1:  In the livingroom, John greets Marian as she comes home.  
          He says it is good to be home.  He offers her a drink.  She 
          says yes.  He speaks of 15 foot waves.  John decided to 
          come home to read.  He asks Marian what she has been doing 
          with herself.  He asks if she is taking anything for her 
          cold.  He suggests that she lie down.  Marian says they 
          talk in circles and don't go anywhere.  She asks if he 
          remembers the night when his cousin, Lowell, introduced 
          them.  She says that that night has been their whole life.  
          John says they can have children.  There is nothing wrong 
          with her.  Marian says that she needed something.  She 
          tells him about Russ Gehring.  He says, "Get out.  Right 
          now.  Go to Boston.  We'll talk later about who files for 
          divorce.  When I get back, I want you out of here." 

Scene 2:  Elliot is at the police station trying to get information 
          on the hit-and-run.  The police sergeant explains about the 
          accident reports.  He mentions Hennings and Britain county.  
          Fowler comes in and the officer talks about the report from 
          Al Pearson on Marian's fender.  Fowler asks Elliot to come 
          into his office.  

Scene 3:  Julie comes in the livingroom as Betty comes down the 
          stairs.  Julie asks where Steven is taking her.  Betty says 
          the Inn probably.  Betty starts talking about Rodney.  
          Betty mentions that Julie is visiting George the next day.  
          She asks why.  There is a knock at the door.  

          It is Leslie Harrington.  Julie invites him in.  Betty goes 
          upstairs.  She asks why he is there.  He wants to take her 
          out to dinner.  Leslie says he has to know where he stands.  
          The phone rings.  It is David Schuster.  He talks about 
          automating the mill.  Howard Cable, Bates, and Davis.  
          Leslie mentions Bates and Davis from Chicago, specialists 
          in automation.  He says she must be a great asset to the 
          mild mannered Mr. Schuster.  Leslie says that Peyton 
          accused him of being stupid.  They clink and drink. 

Scene 4:  Constance is in Allison's hospital room as Dr. Rossi comes in 
          and joins them.  Michael says that Allison is going to improve 
          whether she is there or not.  He tells her to go home and get 
          some rest.  She says that she can't leave.  Rossi says there 
          is a definite movement in Allison's eyes.  He says that these 
          things take time.  Rossi says to tell Elliot that this is the 
          first step.  There is hope. 

Scene 5:  John Fowler returns to his house.  He sits in the darkened 
          livingroom.  Marian is gone.  He realizes that he misses her. 

Scene 6:  Betty and Steven go into his office.  He begins putting 
          things away.  She says she has never seen his office 
          before.  She asks if she should wait outside.  Steven says 
          she can do anything she wants.  Steven tells her to get out 
          before he spanks her.  Steven mentions going to Harvard.  
          Steven kisses Betty.  Steven shouts at Betty.  He doesn't 
          like being called a liar. 

Preview:  Rodney talks to Elliot.  Steven talks to Betty.  Stella 
          Chernak talks with her father, Gus. 

          RH:  Stella Chernak lied.  And if she continues to lie, I 
               could be found guilty, unless I can get her to admit 
               she lied. 

          SC:  Stella's personnel records.  Have you looked at them?  
               Betty, as long as Stella's background remains in a file 
               drawer, Rodney's in trouble. 
          SC:  I am not going to do it.  
          GC:  Then I will.  If you don't, I'm going to Fowler, and I'll 
               tell him. 

Howard Cable, of "Cable Report" fame.
Bates and Davis.
Steven kisses Betty.