Episode 147.
          Steven investigates Stella. 
WA:       It is Monday morning in Peyton Place.  On Saturday, random 
          movement was first observed in Allison's eyes.  A small 
          thing in itself, but to those who have watched and waited 
          at Allison's bedside, a milestone, and a new reason to 

MEL:      Doris Schuster is not quite sure she wants to leave Peyton 

Intro:    An FTD, Florist Telegraph Delivery truck, from Robinson and 
          Gaynes, arrives in front of the main entrance to Doctors 
          Hospital and parks.  Elliot drives up and parks beside the 
          truck.  He gets out and walks up the steps to the entrance. 

Written by Sonya Roberts and John Wilder & Jerry Ziegman
Directed by John Newland

Scene 1:  Elliot goes in the hospital and stops briefly at the 
          Information Desk.  He then goes behind the counter and 
          speaks to Betty in the file room.  He asks if she knows 
          where Dr. Rossi is.  She tells him that Rossi is in 
          Allison's room.  He asks if anything has happened.  Betty 
          tells him that Russ Gehring came out of her room and had 
          Dr. Rossi paged.  Elliot walks past a wheelchair and a fire 
          extinguisher and goes through a door to an inner corridor.  

          He goes on to Allison's room and finds Dr. Rossi making 
          notes on a clipboard.  Russ Gehring tells Rossi that it 
          wasn't muscle spasms.  That Allison moved her hand.  
          Gehring demonstrates with Allison's right hand just how she 
          moved.  Elliot notices that Allison's eyes are partially 
          open.  He tells Rossi that her eyes are following him.  
          Rossi examines Allison's eyes using a small flashlight.  
          Elliot predicts that one day Allison will see and hear him.  

Scene 2:  Steven Cord walks up to the Information Desk and begins 
          talking with Betty.  Steven asks her about Stella Chernak.  
          She suggests that he talk with Dr. Rossi.  He asks her if 
          she had looked at Stella's personnel records.  She says 
          that he wants her to take a second look.  Rossi walks up 
          and asks for his schedule.  Betty had not given it to him 

Scene 3:  Main gates to the Peyton mansion.  the number70 or 76 is
          almost clear.  In side the mansion Doris Schuster is talking 
          to David in their bedroom.  They are getting ready to take 
          Kim to the institute.  Doris says that they could visit her 
          on the weekends.  He says he will visit every weekend that 
          he can.  Doris says that she will miss him.  He says that 
          he will miss her, too. 

Scene 4:  At the apartment, Rodney hears Elliot at the door and 
          invites him in.  Elliot gives him the news about Allison.  
          Elliot wants to talk about Rodney's confrontation with 
          Stella in the parking lot the other day.  Elliot says that 
          Rodney was lucky that he broke up the situation.  Elliot 
          explains that this sort of thing could put him back in 
          jail.  Elliot says that he is not proud of the rash things 
          he used to do.  Elliot tells Rodney to be careful.  He 

Scene 5:  Gus comes in the hospital and speaks a moment with Russ 
          Gehring.  He has come to see Stella.  She is reading a 
          medical journal.  She asks him to keep away when she is 
          working.  He tells her to go see John Fowler to report the 
          incident with Rodney.  Gus shouts at Stella.  She doesn't 
          want to do it.  He says that if she doesn't then he will.  
          She agrees to go see Fowler.  Gus leaves saying he will see 
          her at home.  Gus stops by the Information Desk and tells 
          Betty that if she wants to see Rodney while he is out on 
          that phony bail, that she had better hurry. 

Scene 6:  Rodney comes down the stairs from the apartment and almost 
          gets hit by a kid on roller skates.  He crosses the street 
          and pauses to look at the Pillory.  He turns and sees Eli 
          Carson on his way to the bank.  They walk together toward 
          the bank.  Rodney asks Eli if he can work for him until the 
          trial starts.  He wants to start today.  Eli agrees.  Eli 
          talks about how nervous Elliot was before his trial.  Eli 
          hands Rodney the keys. 

Scene 7:  Rita goes to see Steven Cord.  Steven has a tape recorder 
          on his desk.  She talks about Joe and the honor farm.  She 
          was his steady girl.  She was just starting high school.  
          Steven says he wants to know about Joe and Stella.  Steven 
          says it must have been difficult for him.  Stella has been 
          away for 7 years.  [This is good dialog].  Steven is 
          interrupted by a phone call from Betty Anderson at the 
          hospital.  Betty asks if it is important.  Steven says it 
          is very important.  Betty tells him that she can "help" 
Scene 8:  Betty starts toward miss Choate's office.  Dr. Morton is 
          paged for an emergency.  Betty is spoken to by an 
          attractive blonde-headed nurse.  The nurse asks Betty if 
          she is going to lunch.  Betty says that she is counting 
          calories to lose weight.  The nurse jokingly accuses Betty 
          of avoiding [hospital] cafeteria food.  She walks on.  
          Choate reminds the nurse that Dr. Sloan is taking Dr. 
          Clayton's calls while Dr, Clayton is on vacation.  Betty 
          proceeds to the Nursing director's office door which has 
          the following sign: 

                      MISS ESTHER CHOATE

          Miss Choate tells the duty nurse that she is going to 
          lunch.  Betty goes on in miss Choate's office, opens a file 
          cabinet, and begins rifling through the personnel files. 

Preview:  Stella Chernak talks to Rossi.  Leslie talks with Howard 
          Cable.  Steven Cord talks to Rodney. 
          SC:  I wouldn't want your relationship to get off on the wrong 
               foot.  When certain elements don't blend, they separate. 

          LH:  And what, if I may ask, a facetious question, brings an 
               efficiency expert to Peyton Place? 
          HC:  Free lunch.  
          LH:  On David Schuster's expense account?

          RH:  I don't like it.
          SC:  Do you like the prospect of facing her testimony you 
               nothing more than your passionate and self-incriminating 
               plea of innocence?

Howard Cable-uncredited.
Miss Choate's given name is "Esther" with an "h".  Some cultures 
  omit the "h".  Ester.