Episode 148.
          Stella is confronted with her past.
WA:       Betty Anderson could never believe that Rodney Harrington 
          is guilty of murder.  Now, Betty has decided to back up her 
          belief at great personal risk.  She has committed herself 
          to secure background information on Stella Chernak that 
          lies in a file marked "Confidential." 

Intro:    The street on the south side of the square.  The jewelry 
          store.  A nurse coming out of Doctors Hospital.  A nurse 
          and a doctor are walking near the reception desk. 

Written by Carol Sobieski and Michael Gleason
Directed by Ted Post

Scene 1:  In the hospital hallway, a perky blond-headed nurse asks 
          Betty to lunch, but Betty says that she is counting calories.  
          She accuses Betty of trying to avoid cafeteria food.  Miss 
          Choate tells the duty nurse that she is going to lunch and 
          reminds her htat Dr. Casey's vacation starts the next day.  
          She says that Dr. Stone will be taking his calls.  Betty 
          sneaks in Miss Esther Choate's office to get Stella's file.  
          Dr. Rossi speaks briefly to Russ Gehring about Allison.  
          Choate tells Russ Gehring there has been a change.  She tells 
          him that Marian Fowler is going on vacation.  Dr. Morton 
          is told to pick up on extension 23.  Betty takes the file. 

Scene 2:  The Peyton Mill smokestack.
          Schuster is in his office looking at photographs.  The 
          phone rings and Julie answers.  Howard Cable is in town.  
          His firm specializes in automation.  Schuster and Julie 
          briefly discuss the plan for automation.  Schuster tells 
          her that Doris has taken Kim back to the Wade school in New 
          York.  Julie offers to help in any way while Mrs. Schuster 
          is out of town.  He thanks her and says that he may take 
          her up on it. 

Scene 3:  Russ Gehring tells a nurse that he needs to see Marian 
          Fowler.  Betty drops a file and he picks it up for her.  He 
          talks then with Betty.  Betty says that Marian has left and 
          won't be coming back for a while.  Betty telephones Steven.  
          Stella speaks to Betty asking for the keys to the library.  
          Betty says she doesn.t have them.  

Scene 4:  Stella goes in Rossi's office and makes a joke about the weather.  
          He asks Stella if she ever met Professor Tobin.  This disturbs
          Stella.  He asks her to write Professor Tobin for information.  
          She declines saying it is personal.  She asks, when Rossi writes 
          Professor Tobin, not to mention her at all.  She asks Dr. Rossi 
          for the keys to the library.  Rossi places a call to miss Choate 
          to ask for personnel records.  Choate isn't there.  He says 
          that he will call back.  

Scene 4:  Still at the hospital.  Russ Gehring goes in to see Allison.  
          He exercises her hand and arm.  She opens her eyes briefly.  
          He passes his hand across her face and her eyes follow.  She 
          slowly closes her eyes.  Gehring speaks to her but gets no 
          response. [Special effects show a blurred image 0f Russ Gehring, 
          of what Allison is seeing.] 

Scene 5:  Mr. Howard Cable comes in the bar area at the Colonial Post 
          Inn and speaks to the bartender.  He is soon followed by 
          Leslie Harrington.  Schuster comes in and the three men talk 
          shop.  Harrington asks for the phone and places a call to 
          Philadelphia.  JAckson 9-9989 person-to-person for Kenneth 
          Markham.  And that he will take the call in his room.   

Scene 6:  Steven talks with Rodney about the trial.  Betty comes in 
          and gives Steven the personnel folder on Stella Chernak.  
          Rodney asks what is going on.  Steven tells Rodney what 
          Betty brought him.  Steven tells Betty and Rodney that he 
          needed the information in the file.  He needs the information 
          to discredit Stella.  Steven leaves his office to make a 
          photocopy.  Rodney asks Betty why she did it.  Rodney leaves.  
          Steven kisses Betty.

Preview:  Dr. Rossi talks to Stella.  Steven talks to Betty.  Dr. Rossi 
          speaks to miss Choate. 
          MR.  Are you suggesting that I'm inclined to take people at 
               their face value? 
          SC:  Only some people.  Bad habit, doctor.  It could be 

          SC:  You know if Rodney were drowning and somebody tried to 
               pull him out, he'd ask to see his lifesaving badge.  
          BA:  Your impression. 

          MR.  You have always insisted, and quite rightly, that the 
               people we hire to work at the hospital be of good 
               character.  Circumstances are a luxury, we can not 
               afford to consider.   

Howard Cable-Automation and efficiency expert-uncredited.