Episode 149.
          Betty gets caught replacing the stolen personnel file on Stella 
          Chernak.  John Fowler attempts to call Marian.  

Intro:    Two men walking on the north side of the square.  A young 
          couple walk across the square headed to the bank. 

WA:       The employment record of a miss Stella Chernak.  A routine form 
          filled out and processed through the administrative channels of 
          Doctors Hospital.  A routine form, removed secretly from the 
          hospital by Betty Anderson and given to Steven Cord in the name 
          of the defense of Rodney Harrington. 

Intro:    In his law office, Steven is making a photocopy of a personnel 

Written by Jerry Ziegman & John Wilder and Sonya Roberts
Directed by Ted Post

Scene 1:  Betty comes in to see Steven.  They talk about Rodney.  Russ 
          Gehring told her that Stella was going to have Rodney thrown 
          back in jail.  Steven says that if Rodney were drowning, and 
          someone were to offer to pull him out, he'd ask to see their 
          lifesaving badge.  

Scene 2:  Dr. Rossi comes in miss Choate's office and finds her 
          tending carnations.  She said she heard he was trying to 
          reach her.  He sees some carnations and Choate tells him 
          that Mrs. Adams sent them to show her appreciation after 
          she was discharged.  Rossi says that carnations always 
          remind him of Dr. Zeitner in New York.  He was in his 70's 
          and his wife would send him to work with a carnation in his 

          Rossi asks for Stella's personnel file.  Choate picks up 
          the phone and requests that they ask Evelyn if the board 
          had requisitioned Stella's career history.  

Scene 3:  Choate asks Betty to track down Stella's personnel file as 
          soon as possible.  

          Russ Gehring walks up asks Choate if a replacement has been 
          found for Marian Fowler.  Choate says no, that Mrs. 
          Townsend is busy, but she says that she will be glad to 
          fill in at 4:00.  Miss Choate leaves.  

          Gehring talks with Betty.  He says [sarcastically] that the 
          children will be in for a treat at 4:00.  An hour of ice 
          without the cream. 

Scene 4:  Elliot and Eli are visiting Allison in her hospital room as 
          Russ Gehring comes in.  He exercises Allison's arm.  
          Gehring asks Elliot if he has had any response to his open 
          letter.  Elliot asks about helping exercise Allison.  
          Gehring pretends to mis-understand the question.  Gehring 
          says he is not qualified to teach Elliot to do therapy.  

          Eli suggests that they leave.  Eli and Elliot leave.  

          Elliot says that he doesn't want Gehring "handling" 
          Allison.  Eli reminds Elliot that Gehring is a trained 

Scene 5:  Dr. Rossi walks up to the information Desk and asks Betty 
          if the files have been found yet.  She hasn't. 

          Betty reminds Choate that she is due in therapy.  

          Choate thanks her and leaves, ostensibly to go to therapy.  
          A nurse relieves Betty at the Information Desk. 

          Dr. Morton is paged for line 2.  

          Betty goes into miss Choate's office and opens the file 
          cabinet.  Miss Choate comes in her office and catches Betty 
          replacing Stella's personnel file.  Choate accuses Betty 
          of taking the file.  Betty readily admits it.  Choate says 
          she realizes she did it for Rodney.  She says it may cost
          Betty her job.  Miss Choate tells a heart-wrenching story 
          about her three dogs named Brandy. 

Scene 6:  In the law office, Steven Cord is working.  He calls his 
          secretary, miss Ann Nolan into his inner office.  The phone 
          rings.  It is Detective Lawrence.  Steven wants to send the 
          precis [abstract] about Stella Chernak to Detective 
          Lawrence in Los Angeles.  They talk. 

Scene 7:  Dr. Rossi comes in his office to talk with Stella.  Dr. Rossi 
          says, "You think I am inclined to take people at their value.  
          She says that she didn't include Professor Tobin's name.  

          Miss Esther Choate knocks and then goes in Dr. Rossi's 
          office.  She asks Stella to excuse them for a moment so she 
          can talk privately with the doctor.  Stella leaves.  Miss 
          Choate tells Rossi that she caught Betty replacing the 
          missing personnel file.  She says that she has never 
          defended Betty before.  Rossi talks about how important it 
          is to hire people of good character. 

Scene 8:  Russ Gehring drives up in his convertible and introduces 
          himself to John Fowler outside the courthouse.  John tells 
          Gehring that Marian is in Boston, visiting her sister, 
          Phyllis.  He says that the children have written some 
          letters and he would like to send them to her.  Fowler 
          gives him the address, No. 11 Greentree Road, Boston, care 
          of Sloan.  Gehring says he doesn't want to lose her, for 
          the children's sake.  Fowler goes in his office and asks 
          his secretary if there have been any calls from Boston.  He 
          doesn't call his secretary by name. 

          John Fowler picks up his phone and dials the operator.  He 
          asks the operator to call Boston station-to-station HAncock 
          6-7788.  Phyllis Sloan answers and John asks to speak with 
          Marian.  Phyllis says she hasn't seen Marian in weeks.  
          John says that he thought she might be there.  John tries 
          to leave the impression that Marian might be shopping and 
          hadn't dropped by to see Phyllis yet.  John abruptly says 
          goodbye and hangs up. 

Preview:  Steven talks with Theodore Dowell.  John Fowler talks to 
          Stella.  Dr. Rossi talks to Betty. 
          SC:  I have never hesitated to involve anyone who I thought 
               might be able to help me get what I wanted. 
          TD:  You're defending a boy who's on trial for murder.

          SC:  Getting to feel like a conspiracy against me.
          JF:  Is there anything on your personnel records that I 
               should know about? 

          MR:  And the next time extenuating circumstances come along 
               what will that force you to do?  Falsify someone's 
               records or take a supply of narcotics? 

Mrs. Townsend-only mentioned.
Phyllis Sloan, Marian Fowler's sister-Bek Nelson.