Episode 150.
          Constance is pregnant.  Stella has a conscience.

WA:       Michael Rossi has willingly experienced all the emotional 
          ups and downs his profession has to offer.  All that is, 
          but one.  The day-to-day tedium and frustration of hospital 

Intro:    A nurse hands Rossi a clipboard.
Written by Michael Gleason and Lionel E. Siegel
Directed by Jeffrey Hayden 

Scene 1:  Betty knocks and goes in to see Dr. Rossi and is fired for 
          stealing Stella Chernak's personnel record.  Rossi asks her 
          to explain why she took Stella's file.  She says that she 
          thought it might help Rodney's case.  Rossi asks if someone 
          forced her to take the file.  Rossi says that can fully  
          understand why she took the file.  She did it to help 
          Rodney in his murder trial.  Officially she is allowed to 
          resign and Dr. Rossi will not put it on her record.  Betty 
          says, "Chalk one up to Stella Chernak."  Rossi says that he 
          is sorry. 

Scene 2:  Betty goes out to the information desk and turns in her 
          keys.  As she is leaving, Rodney and Norman come in and 
          speak to her.  Norman asks her what is the rush.  She 
          continues out of the reception area into the hall without 

Scene 3:  Rodney and Norman go in to visit Allison.  She is still 
          in a coma.  Norman asks Rodney if he wants him to leave.  
          [We were informed that the girl in the bed is a double for 
          Mia Farrow.]  Norman suggests to Rodney that Rodney, 
          Allison, Rita, and himself go to New York and get married.  
          Rodney says, "I have to get that house back."  The Harrington 
          brothers leave. 

Scene 4:  Elliot talks with Jerry, the composer, about a headline.  
          Elliot and Eli argue about building a sleeping porch as an 
          add-on to the Carson house.  Eli mentions that Connie's 
          folks built the house that the Carsons now live in.  Eli 
          reminds Elliot that he built a tree house for him when he 
          was young.  They come to an agreement and shake hands. 

Scene 5:  Betty arrives home and the phone rings.  Betty decides not 
          to answer.  Instead, she starts upstairs to her room. 

Scene 6:  Later, In the Anderson livingroom, Steven asks Betty why 
          she didn't call him.  He tells her not to be noble.

Scene 7:  Steven goes in Theodore Dowell's office and is told that
          he has ordered an expensive leather chair for Steven.  
          Steven offers to buy Dowell a drink.  Steven tells him about 
          Stella's file and that Betty has been fired.  Dowell tells 
          Steven to find Betty another job.

Scene 8:  Stella goes over to John Fowler's house.  He invites her in 
          the house and offers her a drink.  John tells Stella that 
          Marian is in Boston visiting her family.  Stella tells Fowler 
          that Rodney confronted her in the hospital parking lot.  
          Fowler asked if he threatened her. 

Preview:  Russ Gehring talks with Dr. Rossi.  David Schuster talks with 
          Martin Peyton.  John Fowler talks with Elliot Carson. 

          RG:  She's trying to say something.
          MR:  Allison. 

          DS:  Would you like to take some of your things back to 
          MP:  Oh, but I won't be going home.  You see, my plans are 
               to move back into this house.  

          JF:  You're looking at me but you're talking to my father.  
               It's 18 years ago and you're on trial. 
          EC:  You'd really like to believe that, wouldn't you?