Episode 151.
          Martin Peyton returns to Peyton Place for the trial of his 

          Elliot is standing in front of the Clarion as a pickup truck 
          loads bundles of newspapers.  Eli comes around the corner 
          and walks up to Elliot.

          The dialog starts before the narration. 

Eli:      Look here I've got a couple of donuts for us.
Elliot:   Great.  Put the coffee on.  I'll be right in.
Eli:      Right.

WA:       Despite the tensions of a trial the Boston press predicts 
          will be quote "sensational," Peyton Place goes on.  Its 
          residents opening for business at the same time of day, 
          conducting their lives in the same way.  But there is one 
          man who has suddenly broken his daily routine.  A man, who 
          has always kept himself aloof and removed from Peyton 
          Place.  This morning, after many, many years, he has come 
          back.  This man is Martin Peyton. 

Intro:    The fire station seen in the background.  View of the 
          north-south street west of the Town Hall.  Martin Peyton 
          and Hannah Cord riding is the limo.

Written by Sonya Roberts and Rita Lakin
Directed by Walter Doniger

Scene 1:  In the limousine, Peyton tells Thomas, his driver, to go 
          around again.  Hannah Cord says, "I think everyone has seen 
          the car by now."  Peyton replies, "Then they will see it 
          again."  He tells Thomas to pull over.  Thomas parks in front 
          of the drug store.  Hannah says, "I thought you were going 
          to the cemetary."  Peyton says, "The bandstand needs painting."  
          Hannah says, "Time has a way of telescoping things."  Hannah 
          tells Peyton that the new doctor's name is Michael Rossi.  
          He says he wants to meet Rossi.  Peyton says, "The town 
          is ageing."  Hannah says, "Aren't we all?"  Peyton notes 
          that Constance has not changed the name on her store from 

          Rodney and Norman come down the stairs and are surprised 
          to see Peyton.  Peyton sees his grandsons but doesn't 
          acknowledge them.  Peyton and Hannah are assisted back in 
          the limousine by Thomas.  Rodney and Norman go back up to 
          the apartment. 

Scene 2:  Rodney dials 5 digits calling the Inn and asks for room 
          208 for his father.  Rodney mentions the name of Peyton's 
          previous chauffeur, Gorby.  He is told Leslie left town 
          late last night. 

Scene 3:  Allison opens her eyes.  Allison speaks in her mind.  [1964 
          special effects].  Rossi uses a penlight [2 AAA cells with 
          a PR2 bulb] to look into Allison's eyes.  She sees Russ 
          Gehring.  Rossi drops his penlight and Gehring notices that 
          Allison responded to the sound.  Allison tries to speak.  
          She says, "Dr. Rossi, Dr. Rossi."  Rossi says, "Allison, 

Scene 4:  The limousine arrives at the cemetary and Thomas assists 
          Peyton and Hannah out the driver's side.  Peyton uses both
          canes to walk.  He looks at the plot and says, "Disgraceful."  
          Hannah says, "It's what Leslie Harrington wanted for her."  
          Peyton says, "That pathetic sliver of granite.  The final 
          insult to my daughter's memory.  Hannah, call up the Gordon 
          Monument Company.  White Vermont Marble, Substancial good 
          proportion.  With the family crest.  They are to submit 
          several designs for my selection."  hannah says, "Yes, Mr. 
          Peyton."  They return to the limousine to head to the 

Scene 5:  Clarion Headline: 


          In the Clarion, D.A. John Fowler tries to get some 
          information from Elliot.  They argue.  The phone rings.  
          Constance has called to tell him that Allison is coming out 
          of her coma.  They decide to go visit her that evening.  
          Elliot tells Fowler that Allison is coming out of her coma.  
          And that she spoke to Dr. Rossi.  Fowler says, "I'm very 
          happy for you." Fowler leaves. 

Scene 6:  In Steven's office, Elliot talks with Steven.  Elliot asks 
          Steven what he guesses Fowler's next move will be.  Looking 
          out his window, Steven sees Martin Peyton's limousine.  
          Steven says, "Now it begins.  He's an awsome figure to have 
          hanging over you."  Elliot asserts that Peyton wants 
          something to rule.  He is a 19th century New England 

Scene 7:  In the mansion, Schuster is talking on the telephone as Anna 
          Chernak, the housekeeper, brings coffee.  The chimes ring and 
          Mrs. Chernak admits Hannah.  Schuster tells Hannah that Anna 
          is Joe Chernak's mother.  Hannah asks if it would be convenient 
          for Schuster to see Mr. Peyton at this time.  Peyton asks if he
          is intruding.  Schuster welcomes Peyton.  Peyton tells Thomas 
          to wait in the car.  He talks with Schuster.  Peyton asks what 
          happened to his grandfather's portrait [which had previously 
          hung over the fireplace].  Schuster says he had it taken down.  
          He tells Peyton that it is stored in the basement.

          Schuster asks if Peyton would like to take a few of his 
          things back to Boston with him.  Peyton says that he will 
          take over the east wing, inferring that Schuster can continue 
          to live in the mansion.  Hannah allows that Schuster can use 
          the remainder of the residence.  Schuster graciously volunteers 
          to move back into the Inn.  Peyton assures Schuster that he 
          has no intention of evicting him from the mansion.  

          Schuster informs Peyton that Doris and Kim have moved back to 
          New York for Kim's sake and that he doesn't really need the 
          house.  Schuster excuses himself to make a telephone call.  

          Hannah asks Peyton what he thinks of his Mr. Schuster.  Peyton 
          looks around.  He says, "Hannah, get this rubbish out of here 
          immediately.  Have the family things brought up from the 
          basement.  I want to restore to my house some semblance of 
          dignity."  Hannah says, "Yes, Mr. Peyton."  Peyton continues 
          to look around. 

Scene 8:  In Allison's hospital room, physical therapist Russ Gehring 
          talks with Dr. Rossi.  

Preview:  David Schuster talks with Peyton.  Steven talks with Rodney.  
          Julie Anderson talks to Schuster.  Steven talks with Peyton. 

          SC:  If it weren't for Martin Peyton, you'd still be playing 
               tic-tac-toe on a cell wall. 
          RH:  Is that an invitation or a threat?
          SC:  Read it any way you want, Rod.  But read it.

          JA:  You don't sound a bit like that gold-plated migratory 
               worker that hired me. 
          JA:  I think you'd be a lot safer on that fast freight to New 

          SC:  The game if called ethics.  
          MP:  Whatever you choose to call it.  I want an acquittal 
               for my grandson.  I won't settle for less. 

Anna Chernak-Anna Karen.
Chauffeur Thomas-James Doohan [Engineer Scott from Star Trek].
The limousine appears to be a Rolls Royce.